Let It All Bleed Out Green Devrath

Impressee: Syaira

Name: Devrath
Pronounciation: Dehv-wrath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: aabaaa
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 27' wingspan of 48.5'


The The Let it All Bleed Out Green is a nice medium sized hatchling, not too big, and not too small. While it's hard to tell as a hatchling, that won't largely change as this green grows. The Let it All Bleed Out Green is thinly built, long and lean, but with visible muscle. Lithe and athletic, this green will have no problems in the air, or on the ground. The Let it All Bleed Out Green has a nice conformity, her legs are appropriate for her body length, and so on; until you reach her wings. Her wings are long and wide, almost big enough for The Let it All Bleed Out Green to hide behind if she so chose. Her head is even fairly uniform, and a snarl-like expression is the first thing people tend to notice from her.

The Let it All Bleed Out Green will be particularly graceful in the air, looking completely in her element once she starts flying. Her long and wide wings look faded and perhaps a bit tattered, like a hide left out in the sun for too long. The Let it All Bleed Out Green's lithe tail only helps with agile turns, and her control of all aspects of movement will astound people after the first few sevendays of hatchling clumsiness fades. The one thing that The Let it All Bleed Out Green will have issues with is a very sharp and jerky movement of her head when startled or even just looking around. Every other movement is smooth, practiced, but this one little tick will never go away.

The hide on The Let it All Bleed Out Green is the color of silver-grey pine needles, fairly uniform all over. Even though her build is lithe and not overly muscled, her coloration darkens to a more obvious green that focuses attention along her muscle lines, along her neck ridge down to her tail, and topping off her wing bones for a pretty highlight effect. An even darker green-grey presents itself around her toes, and fades in upward arcs into the silvery-grey of the rest of her body by the middle point of knee and ankle. While the coloration helps bring attention to her form in flattering ways, it helps her look much more delicate than she actually is in a very disarming way.

As a Weyrling, Devrath is going to drive her clutchmates up a wall. It will be extremely daunting at first, because it seems like this green cannot say a single nice things about anyone. Ysiroth, why don't you go shard off instead of pestering me about chewing my food? I know what I'm doing. This will apply to anyone and everyone around her, regardless of age or gender, but she will particularly rail against authority. Gavorenth, go away, I don't need you looking over my sharding shoulder. Faranth knows that everyone does that enough already. She will generally disregard anyone besides her own rider, and even then it's still pretty iffy as to whether or not she'll listen or just do her own thing for the first several months of training. However, as time goes on, Syaira will be able to pick up on a visible tell of when Devrath is about to say something. A slight cock of her head, a playful look upon her face that makes her seem rather innocent until she opens her mouth. Syairia will have to learn to pay attention to this if she wants to get through Weyrling Training. I think you are no sharding fun, Vetianth. How does your rider put up with that?

Devrath will be the bane of several Weyrlingmasters as well. She will delight in cruelty, blood, and gore. She seems to be drawn to the smell of blood, and has an extremely keen sense of smell, and can be easily distracted if lessons are held around the feeding grounds. She loves to smear blood on her hide, and will develop cute names like warpaint, makeup, rouge, etc, to justify it. Syaria may be left wondering just where she picked up those words. Even with all that, Devrath is really quite vain when she's not playing in blood. She does tend to keep fastidiously clean unless it's feeding time, and then she just cuts loose, blood everywhere. Devrath has no kind heart for beasts, they are there for her entertainment and food, and she will never willingly make a quick clean kill; justifying it by saying that she loves the sounds they make while dying. And the blood spray when she hits an artery, but mostly the sounds.

However, Devrath has a rather soft spot for her chosen person. Syaira will still be subject to insults and goadings, but also driving statements. Devrath will constantly push her to do better, both physically and mentally. C'mon, you can't handle a little ol' insult? How long do you expect to last in the wings then? You know those men won't pull punches, sweet little Mine. It wasn't even that good a burn, sweetling. While the words don't drastically change, the tone of her voice will soften the insults she hurls at Syaira constantly. Shards, that wall isn't even that tall, sweetling. I bet you'll never make it up my shoulder when I'm full grown! Eventually, with a lot of work, Devrath and Syaira will settle into a relationship that not many will understand, but then again, most of them don't need to - though it may particularly worry clutchmates and Weyrlingmasters, since Devrath is not private nor quiet about goading her rider.

As she ages, Devrath will mature and grow wiser. While not a particularly analytical dragon, she does do some observations of those around her. With time, she will admit that the things she likes are not normal things for most dragons, but she will accept it and relish each opportunity to be different. Perhaps one of the most important things is that she won't expect others to take pleasure in what she does. Though she may use her passions as teasing insults to those who she knows would not enjoy such things. Oh, come one Aquarith, just try and listen to the music of the dying herdbeast! It's really quite wonderful!

While Devrath will rarely listen to another dragon, unless forced, she also does not try to garner a following. She much rather prefers solitude or the company of those few dragons that can put up with her personality quirks and not run away crying. Devrath will delight in verbal sparring with dragons or humans, and a witty dragon will quickly worm their way into her small inner circle of friends. This inner circle will be her snarky sounding board more often than not, privy to her insults before she says them to the target.

With all her attitude problems taken into account, Devrath will not change her 'tude for anybody. She's generally not willing to change at all, even though she does acknowledge her own short comings, she's quite content to be herself. There are some things that Devrath really does lay down her life for, and one of those is most definitely her rider. Even with all the insults, there is a undercurrent of unwavering loyalty present if anyone else where to speak badly of Syaria they would face an extreme tongue-lashing, and perhaps even suffer a swipe from a forelimb. Devrath is the only one allowed to talk to Syaira like that, thank you very much.

Thread is one thing a dragon must universally hate, and Devrath takes this hate to a whole new level. The first Threadfall that the young dragons experience may be traumatic for Syaira. The burning hatred coming off of her dragon may not be a surprise exactly, but the intensity is nothing to be laughed at. The emotion seems to roll off of Devrath, a low-pitched growling will begin in her chest and vibrate outwards, starting when she sees the leading edge of Thread. Syaira will be the one in charge of tactics and general directions if they have to switch wing positions. Devrath is a only-barely-functional mess of pure instincts to fight Thread, which lends to a surprisingly good reaction time for going between, searing smaller fragments of Thread, and keeping up a high energy level. The downside is that Devrath can wear out fast if she is not paced, and she can have a hard time searing full stands of Thread.

Devrath is a very different creature when it comes to flights. Almost in total contrast to fighting Thread, she prefers to remain in control of her flights, and tends to gravitate towards powerful political figures' dragons or the dragons of people who could keep her Syaira out of trouble. In her view, flights are a powerful tool to be used, as is sex, and they should be offered sparingly to garner favor. These things are painfully obvious when Devrath gets proddy, which will tend to happen almost a full sevenday in advance of her flight; not to mention the subtle glow that grows in intensity throughout the entire sevenday. She loves to cuddle during this time, though her tongue is no less sharp, and she often finds herself attracted to bronze and brown over blue. With her snuggles comes a violent bloodthirsty mood swing that happens at least once a day if her cuddle buddy does not compliment her enough. Devrath will lash out, awarding her suitors with light scratches or a smack of her tail if they do not dote on her enough. The violence will only increase until she rises, and then she'll be back to just her plain old snarky self afterwards, though her flight winner may be granted a reprieve from her blunt insults.


Inspiration: The Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses; Cult films directed by Rob Zombie. The Devil's Rejects is the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses. The movies are both laden with horror movie tropes, tons of crude language and a wonderful amount of blood and gore while exploring the darker side of humanity and humanizing the murderers.
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Devrath's voice is quite high pitched and somewhat childish sounding, often at a complete opposition of what she is actually saying. While over time her voice may deepen naturally, but she will often return to the higher octave just because she likes it. Devrath can't go more that two sentences without adding in some sort of swear-emphasis on what she's saying. This is much more prevalent when a dragon or person is up for speaking with her, as she grows more comfortable around them and lets herself out more. Even when not emphasizing her sentences with swears, she tends to just say things very bluntly, with little regard for how the receiving party may feel about it. Even with all this, Devrath prefers to communicate via words rather than images, and can point out complex details via speaking rather than showing.

Hatching Message:
A wobble here, a firm rocking there, The Dieter's Lament Egg seemed in no hurry to hatch. It was simply letting it be known that it was going to do so. It took it's sweet time, small cracks running down from the tip of the egg. When it was finally time, several large chunks of shell fell down into the sands; a gangly mess of green limbs sprawled out, and the rest of the egg shells fell off of The Let it All Bleed Out Green.
With a hiss, the hatchling found her feet, and staggered towards the candidates. She was not particularly graceful, and didn't seem to care that she bumped into another egg on the way to the candidates. The closest to her was Brie, and the green stumbled towards her. The stumble concealed a flash of a green forelimb towards Brie's legs, and The Let it All Bleed Out Green looked pleased when her claws came back dipped in red. Even for one so young, the green's movements calmed, and her tail lashed back and forth, like a feline on the hunt as she moved away.
None too far away, Niazlar caught her attention, and she delicately pranced towards him. The Let it All Bleed Out Green paused, as if in consideration, and then her opposite forelimb lashed out towards Niazlar, and she danced away with two sets of claws dipped in red. The movement was still clumsy, but obviously joyful. Her little dance lead her over to Resha, and this time The Let it All Bleed Out Green rubbed against her legs like a feline before the whip-crack of her tail was noticed across her backside. A laughing warble followed as the green skittered across the sands once more. She was simply having too much fun to care about who was hers just yet.

Public Impression Message:
In her journey back and forth across the sea of candidates, yet another unfortunate soul caught her attention. Talora was standing among the crowd, but many of the candidates moved out of The Let it All Bleed Out Green's way as she darted towards the girl. She circled Talora, a stumble here and there, almost like a fake-out of what she had done with Brie previously. The green crouched down, preparing to lunge at Talora, but stopped several inches short of actually clamping down on her arm. The Let it All Bleed Out Green froze, eyeing Talora speculatively for several seconds. The she skittered off, seemingly on her previous mission.
The next candidate to garner her attention was a dark haired girl, and The Let it All Bleed Out Green paused in front of her with her head cocked in thought. She slowly reached out a sand-covered forelimb, and then quickly tagged the side of the girl's leg. The green's eyes whirled as her tongue darted out to taste the red substance on her claws, and The Let it All Bleed Out Green looked to the girl again. Something about her seemed to settle, as the rainbow of Impression filtered through her eyes. This one would be fun.

Personal Impression Message:
Perhaps you've noticed her, perhaps you haven't. She was hard not to notice, with the carnage she left around the sands though. It was mostly with worry that you watched her as she walked by, only to feel a shiver of fear as you caught her attention. The green looked like trouble, even with that innocent tilt of her head. When she lifted her front leg, it was no surprise when you felt a blossom of pain on your leg.
What the young green does next it shocking. She tasted your blood, and her starring at you is starting to feel a little strange. Suddenly, something else is in your head too, a high-pitched and immature sounding voice comforts you. Don't worry Sweetling; I had to make sure you were the one for me. Syairamine, let's go get food before I eat one of these other candidates.

Egg Name: The Dieter's Lament Egg
Egg Description: This small but rotund egg is surely in the running for the most bland egg ever laid. Off white, taupe, and beige drift together on its shell to form a very faint, pebble-like texture visible only by those close enough to lay fingers on its shell. An essence of profound emptiness emanates from this particular egg and there are sure to be mutterings of ‘dud’ bandied about because of it.
Egg Inspiration: Rice Cakes
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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