The Beautiful Simpleton Blue Dezooth

Impressee: F'yario (Firyario)

Name: Dezooth
Pronounciation: deh - zoo -th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 3866db
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 33' length of 55' wingspan


Dezooth is a really, really ridiculously good looking dragon. His shape is a perfect model of what a blue dragon should be, with muscles that are chiselled without being bulky. His hide is a stunning medium blue, patterned in a way that almost looks like the patterning on wild felines. He's gorgeous, and he knows it. Whenever Dezooth moves, he moves like someone is watching. He has a tendency to strike poses, and even when he's working he'll be sure to always do so in a way that makes him look good.

Dezooth doesn't like doing anything that might involve getting dirty - he insists on frequent bathing and oiling. This includes fighting Thread, which he feels is better left to other dragons. In his attempts to avoid his duties, he'll put on a show of being unwell, coughing and complaining that the firestone is in his lungs. When he does fight Thread, he's barely adequate - and oddly, he's completely incapable of flaming anything to his left.

Generally, he's prefer to do nothing more than lay around with his friends - or better yet, his admirers. He loves being admired and doesn't like when the attention is focused on someone else; he's prone to sulking if he feels like he's slipping from the spotlight. At these times he'll become all introspective and decide there's more to life. He'll throw his efforts (unsuccessfully) into something he's not good at until someone compliments him again.

Overall, Dezooth is a simple dragon. He likes to think he's intelligent, and he often tries to correct others when he feels they are wrong - and he has a habit of using phrases like, Uh, Pern to Aquarith, I know what wings are for. But all too frequently, Dezooth misunderstands or misses the point completely - everyone but him can see that he's not the most intelligent dragon. This makes him highly suggestible, and if some of his clutchmates are looking to cause trouble, they can be sure that it won't be hard to convince Dezooth to come along.

It's not unexpected that Dezooth only chases greens that he percieves beautiful - he is vain and doesn't want to lower his standards. He's a frequent chaser, but he'll put in more effort if the green in question has noticed or complimented his looks. His preferred method of chasing is flying right where the green can see him, and giving her his 'looks'. These looks are intended to make her instantly adore him, and he'll practice them in privacy with his rider until he's happy that they're perfect.

Inspiration: Zoolander
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Hatching Message:
There was no missing the Clingy and Chewy Egg as it twisted and danced on the Sands. The frantic wriggling reached a crescendo of activity, guaranteeing that all eyes would be on the egg when it hatched. Pieces of the eggshell flew in all directions as the dragon within exploded free, dropping immediately into a pose - where he froze for a moment, so everyone could see.

Pleased to have everyone's attention, The Beautiful Simpleton Blue strutted across the sands, right in front of the Stands. Instead of looking at the candidates, he was looking at the watching weyrfolk, causing a stir of dismay - was another dragon about to Impress out of the Stands? But no, The Beautiful Simpleton Blue was just showing off, walking back and forth and striking poses every so often.

Finally he decided to turn around, looking over the candidates. He strutted over towards Firyario, stopping before the boy. "What? What's wrong with my hairstyle?" Firyario asked in confusion, even as The Beautiful Simpleton Blue's eyes were spinning with glorious rainbows. The new rider started leading his dragon from the sands, though their conversation could be heard as they were leaving. "Pern to… what? I don't know what that means, Dezooth. Yes, I'm sure everyone noticed how good looking you are."

Egg Name:
Clingy and Chewy Egg
Egg Description:
Looking at this egg at first it might make you a bit confused…are those octopus imprints?  It seriously looks like someone painted the night sky with glowing octopus suckers.  Should you be intimidated?  Why no way!  just walk up and touch this egg and feel the funny dimples and bumps.  Upon touching the egg there is at first nothing but slowly one gets the feeling of something wrapping around you and suctioning to you.  It feels like the baby inside is attempting to merge with you from the inside out.  The clear need to be loved and one with someone is there.  For the more independent of nature this could be over whelming and fill them with the urge to run as the mind inside can almost be heard keening to come back.  For those with a nurturing nature this precious feeling is like a child looking for a hug.  
Egg Inspiration: Grilled octopus -
Egg Credit: Sickwater

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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