Green Dicapth

Impressee: A'hon (Aughon)

Name: Green
Colour: Dicapth
Hex Colour Code:
Final Size:

Dicapth is a proud little green with a big sense of justice and dogged determination to see things to the right. While she might not seem like much, she is loud and can intimidate dragons larger than her. In a way, she is a lot like a bulldog because while she’s got a big bark, she also has a mean bite when it is used.

Dicapth is a stoutly built, squat little green. She is a pale green, almost yellow in coloring but for the much darker and truer greens at her joints, toes, and underside. The gradation of color from her main body to her underside is very pretty. Strong, despite being so small, Dicapth has the muscle to push her way through a flight more than most would figure and this is in good part to her large wings which seem to be oversized for her. 

Inspiration: Dick Tracy and Alphonse “Big Boy” Caprice from Dick Tracy

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Spike Egg lurches from its hollow in the sand from a fierce movement inside the shell. From the point of impact, cracks radiate out and the shell begins to chip apart. Another great heaving lurch and out stumbles a vibrant and bright yellow green. Not steady enough to keep herself from falling, the unsteady gait of the green sends her tumbling and she rolls into Belia, knocking her down and splaying out next to her. The green shakes her head and finds her wings stretched out over the girl. With a snort, one that sends egg goo, dragon snot, and sand all over Belia, the green pushes herself up. She is not a tall green and she looks pretty small, but her bulky mass does not belie her strength. She stalks down the line and bellows up at Aughon, the next person to be in her way. Instead of going around him, though, she decides to stay and changes her bellow to a gentle warble. “Ah, Dicapth, you really think so?” A’gon says and together the stout rider-dragon pair begin to leave the sands.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Spike Egg
Egg Description: Had this egg been smooth, a casual observer could have seen the cavities and indentions that mar the otherwise perfect surface of this rather large egg. Some of the indentions are quite deep, while the cavities have smooth, but ragged, edges. This egg is a dark, drab grayish brown in color, and from faraway looks as if it is covered in colored spots. But when you get up close, with a light in hand, the true beauty of this egg is revealed. In the colored spots, which are in the indentions and cavities of the egg, are tiny spikes of crystals. On this particular egg they are a dark blue that only sparkle when the light hits it. These tiny miniscule crystals, when hit with light, reflect all the darker colors of the spectrum. For an egg that is quite plain from a distance, being close up certainly brings out the sparkle!
Egg Inspiration: Drusy Gems
Egg Credit: Stolenhart

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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