Dolphin Plot
IC Start Date: P8 T7 Mid Spring
Organiser: Plot team
Dolphins (shipfish/doll-fins) rescue various characters, leading to the rediscovery of their intelligence, and purpose.
More Information
Dolphin pods and locations
Getting Involved
Please let the plot team know if you'd like to get involved in the dolphin plot. Eventually, this plot will lead to the establishment of a dolphin crafthall - so future dolphineer characters are encouraged! However, riders, crafters and holdfolk are also welcome to meet the dolphins and keep pushing the plot forward.

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T7 Mid Spring In the Teeth of the Sea A ship is wrecked in a storm, and the occupants are saved by dolphins.
P8 T7 Late Spring Not My Imagination Farunn talks to Carlan about being saved by "shipfish".
P8 T8 Mid Winter What's That? Boeshane, Balants, and Farunn encounter dolphins.
P8 T10 Mid Spring No White Flag Dolphins visit Farunn again, asking for his help in finding their bell.
P8 T11 Early Summer Do You hear What I Hear? Farunn recruits various people to help him look for the dolphins' bell.
P8 T11 Early Autumn Do You See What I See? Turns out Al'arin has the bell!
P8 T11 Late Spring Down With This Ship Al'arin meets the dolphins.
P8 T15 Early Autumn A Trip to the Beach Sealy and En'dor meet dolphins when they rescue a child from drowning.
P8 T15 Late Spring Just Float A While Zaeyla meets a dolphin while swimming at the cove - and is surprised to find out the dolphin knows she's pregnant.
P8 T15 Late Spring Stormy Seas Tavlia is thrown overboard during a storm, and is rescued by dolphins.
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