Ketrin Hold Pod

Name Gender Birth Turn
Mila Female I7T190
Roki Male I7T199
Jeb Male P8T4
Ally Female P8T5
Herri Female P8T7
Bali Male P8T12
Penne Female P8T15

Solaria Cove Pod

Name Gender Birth Turn
Inda Female I7T192
Nor Female I7T198
Bitt Male P8T1
Carro Female P8T4
Tarr Male P8T7
Capi Female P8T9
Olly Male P8T14
Phee Female P8T15

Mathon Rivermouth Pod

Name Gender Birth Turn
Chi Female I7T187
Koro Female I7T197
Ban Male I7T200
Lanta Female P8T2
Solo Male P8T6
Flor Female P8T8
Mar Female P8T10
Roddi Male P8T14
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