Dragon Records
Female Male Flight Clutching Hatching Clutch Page
Ilayth Vroleith Off-camera Early Spring, P8 T1 Late Spring, P8 T1 Here
Tylaith Cioruath Late Autumn, P8 T1 Early Spring, P8 T2 Mid Spring, P8 T2 Here
Bacapth Cioruath Mid Autumn, P8 T2 Mid Winter, P8 T2 Late Winter, P8 T2 Here
Tylaith Cioruath Early Autumn, P8 T3 Late Autumn, P8 T3 Mid Winter, P8 T3 Here
Siheth Hrementh Early Autumn, P8 T4 Mid Autumn, P8 T4 Mid Winter, P8 T4 Here
Tylaith Ternath Mid Summer, P8 T5 Mid Autumn, P8 T5 Early Winter, P8 T5 Here
Siheth Chaeroth Mid Winter, P8 T5 Mid Spring, P8 T5 Mid Spring, P8 T5 NPC
Tylaith Ternath Mid Spring, P8 T5 Early Summer, P8 T6 Mid Summer, P8 T6 NPC
Iridith Midath Mid Summer, P8 T6 Early Autumn, P8 T6 Late Autumn, P8 T6 Here
Siheth Chaeroth Early Winter, P8 T6 Late Winter, P8 T6 Early Spring, P8 T6 NPC
Iridith Narrath Mid Spring, P8 T6 Mid Summer, P8 T7 Late Summer, P8 T7 NPC
Tylaith Cioruath Mid Summer, P8 T7 Mid Autumn, P8 T7 Early Winter, P8 T7 Here
Iridith Fienth Late Spring, P8 T7 Late Summer, P8 T8 Early Autumn, P8 T8 Here
Tylaith Cioruath Early Winter, P8 T8 Early Spring, P8 T8 Mid Spring, P8 T8 NPC
Iridith Vesuvath Late Spring, P8 T8 Late Summer, P8 T9 Early Autumn, P8 T9 NPC
Ceocayath Poerath Mid Summer, P8 T9 Late Autumn, P8 T9 Early Winter, P8 T9 Here
Iridith Tauchisath Early Summer, P8 T10 Late Summer, P8 T10 Mid Autumn, P8 T10 Here
Ceocayath Fienth Mid Autumn, P8 T10 Mid Winter, P8 T10 Late Winter, P8 T10 NPC
Iridith Escamilloth Late Winter, P8 T10 Late Spring, P8 T10 Early Summer, P8 T11 NPC
Euliath Vesuvath Mid Summer, P8 T11 Early Autumn, P8 T11 Early Winter, P8 T11 Here
Ceocayath Tauchisath Mid Winter, P8 T11 Mid Spring, P8 T11 Late Spring, P8 T11 NPC
Femaith Shakeruth Early Summer, P8 T12 Late Summer, P8 T12 Mid Autumn, P8 T12 Here
Iridith Shakeruth Early Winter, P8 T12 Late Winter, P8 T12 Early Spring, P8 T12 NPC
Euliath Cygneth Early Spring, P8 T12 Late Spring, P8 T12 Early Summer, P8 T13 NPC
Ceocayath Tauchisath Early Summer, P8 T13 Early Autumn, P8 T13 Late Autumn, P8 T13 Here
Femaith Ruisearth Late Autumn, P8 T13 Late Winter, P8 T13 Mid Spring, P8 T13 NPC
Ceocayath Vesuvath Early Spring, P8 T13 Late Spring, P8 T13 Mid Summer, P8 T14 NPC
Euliath Ultioth Early Summer, P8 T14 Late Summer, P8 T14 Late Autumn, P8 T14 Here
Femaith Ruisearth Early Winter, P8 T14 Late Winter, P8 T14 Early Spring, P8 T14 NPC
Ceocayath Vesuvath Early Spring, P8 T14 Early Summer, P8 T15 Mid Summer, P8 T15 NPC
Parivyth Cygneth Early Summer, P8 T15 Late Summer, P8 T15 Early Autumn, P8 T15 Here
Euliath Aquarith Mid Winter, P8 T15 Early Spring, P8 T15 Late Spring, P8 T15 NPC
Femaith Neovith Early Summer, P8 T16 Late Summer, P8 T16 Late Autumn, P8 T16 Here
Ceocayath Escamilloth Early Winter, P8 T16 Early Spring, P8 T16 Late Spring, P8 T16 NPC
Parivyth Cygneth Mid Spring, P8 T16 Mid Summer, P8 T17 Late Summer, P8 T17 NPC
Euliath Aquarith Early Summer, P8 T17 Early Autumn, P8 T17 Late Autumn, P8 T17 Here
Femaith Cacurnynth Late Winter, P8 T17 Early Spring, P8 T17 Early Summer, P8 T18 NPC
Ceocayath Escamilloth Mid Summer, P8 T18 Mid Autumn, P8 T18 Early Winter, P8 T18 Here
Parivyth Kharvaath Late Autumn, P8 T18 Late Winter, P8 T18 Early Summer, P8 T19 NPC
Femaith Aurikoth Late Spring, P8 T18 Late Summer, P8 T19 Early Autumn, P8 T19 NPC
Audalath Cygneth Late Summer, P8 T19 Mid Autumn, P8 T19 Early Winter, P8 T19 Here
Ceocayath Androuth Late Winter, P8 T19 Late Spring, P8 T19 Early Summer, P8 T20 NPC
Femaith Efiemth Off-camera Early Autumn, P8 T20 Late Autumn, P8 T20 Here
Audalath Aurikoth Mid Spring, P8 T20 Mid Summer, P8 T21 Late Summer, P8 T21 NPC
Ceocayath Cacurnynth Mid Summer, P8 T21 Mid Autumn, P8 T21 Late Autumn, P8 T21 Here
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