The Dragon Aides
IC Start Date: Date
Organiser: Rhee
Weyrwoman Reva is training a small group of people to become dragon healers.
Getting Involved
Your character can approach Reva (played by Rhee) about becoming a dragon aide.

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T11 Early Autumn Healing Wings Reva holds the first official lesson for the dragon aides.
P8 T11 Early Spring In Need of a Mentor Bertran goes to Morela to learn about dragons.
P8 T12 Mid Winter Healing Dragons, It's What I Want to Do! Bertran asks to be trained as a dragon aide.
P8 T13 Mid Summer I Want to Learn! Sevaron asks Reva if he can train as a dragon aide.
P8 T13 Mid Summer How to Heal a Dragon Morela teaches Cenara and Sevaron about dragon anatomy.
P8 T13 Mid Autumn All About Eggs Reva gives the dragon aides a chance to learn about eggs and get up close to Ceocayath's clutch.
P8 T13 Mid Winter How to do a Patch Up Reva gives the weyrlings a lecture on basic dragon healing.
P8 T13 Mid Spring Checking on a Lady Gold Malaya leads the dragon aides as they check how Femaith is healing.
P8 T14 Mid Summer Curiouser and Curiouser Isyre asks Sevaron about a controversial subject; dissection.
P8 T14 Mid Autumn Euliath's 3rd Clutch - Hatching Cenara and Malaya Impress, then Bertran Impresses accidentally while trying to help an injured hatchling.
P8 T14 Late Autumn Working Overtime Sevaron has to work extra hours after so many Dragon Aides Impressed.
P8 T15 Late Autumn Maybe I Wanna Work With Dragons Feyon and Tarmin hang around to watch a lecture from Reva, who asks if they want to join in.
P8 T15 Late Winter A Job to Do Lanissa finds out Feyon's now a Dragon Aide - she wants to be one too!
P8 T15 Early Spring Proving a Point Lanissa asks Reva if she can become a Dragon Aide.
P8 T15 Mid Spring PC Threadfall - Back at the Weyr The young Dragon Aides get to practice their skills.
P8 T15 Early Summer I Forgive You Feyon and Lanissa practice suturing.
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