Green Durgath

Impressee: Sh'dar (Shandar)

Name: Durgath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 659D32
Final Size:

The green of Durgath's hide is the colour of moss, though she lacks any particular body shading. Her large eyes are rimmed with darker green, almost as if she were wearing makeup. Her jaw and maw are a little lighter in contrast. A little gangly, it will take time for Durgath to grow into her body. Her head is well-proportioned despite this, and her wings are long enough to give her an advantage in speed and agility. With training and focus, she will gain the stamina required to last a full Fall, but will be determined to fly at any cost. She may overexert herself, and could be prone to exhaustion if not careful. Despite a lack of colour, she is very graceful both on the ground and in the air, and will surprise many with her sudden energetic yet elegant outbursts.

A spirited green with a compassionate, if fierce temperament, Durgath is a handful. She is fearless and courageous, throwing herself into the thick of battle for the betterment of others. While she would have made a good leader had her hide been coloured differently, Durgath makes a fantastic subordinate. Her loyalty to her kin and her passion for righteousness leads her down a war-torn path, but she often emerges victorious. Gifted with a sharp tongue and a never-ending sense of humour, this green is the type of dragon to go on ‘fantastical quests’, and will often lead her bonded astray, along with any dragon silly enough to follow her. One of her more memorable quotes is 'Let's go on an adventure!' which usually results in some kind of catastrophe. Durgath means well and is quite self-sacrificing, but can be aggressive and brooks no criticism from anyone. This green strives for nothing short of perfection. She is abrupt and abrasive- an unusual green who will accomplish anything should she put her mind to it. She is a little clueless when it comes to males and flirting, and will not really understand the dynamic of Flights. Thread, however, is another question entirely, and she is a relentless and vicious fighter- never ceasing even if injured. Injuries are for others, not her. She has a world to save.

Inspiration: Durga, the Hindu Goddess of Warrior and Victory

Hatching/Impression Message:
While it was difficult to notice one amongst many, Great Wind Egg in particular was shaking fervently. The dragonet within seemed methodical about its exit-plan: little holes were carved with sharp claws, right around the base of the Great Wind Egg. Cracks ran up and down as the captive applied pressure, straining against its prison. It poked more holes where it could reach, and before the crowd had time to register just what was going, Great Wing Egg exploded. Shards showered the nearest candidates, but the dragonet that was left standing was far more interesting. It gave a single, defiant creel and stretched out its wings, enjoying its newfound freedom. Pah- eggs! What chance did they stand against her?

There was no doubting the Green's sturdiness as she moved forwards, casting glances left, right and centre. No, not that one, he balked, and that one turned his head… Oh, there he was!

Sh'darMine, look over there! Come on, come on! It's a tunnel! Let's go have a look!

The once-sailor blinked at the moss-green dragon before him. "But, but Durgath… I need to feed you first. You're hungry."

Oh yes. So I am. Okay. Food first- and then let's go on an adventure!

Dragon Credit: Symmetry

Egg Name: Great Wind Egg
Egg Description: A larger egg than some of its clutchmates, this egg at first seems quite drab. It is entirely grey, the color spiraling around the shell and darkening towards the bottom. At the top, the color lightens almost to white, and various shades of white, grey, and black streak around the spiral. At the very tip of the egg, in the center of the spiral, there is one, single, clear circle, an eye within the storm of greyscale that shines a brilliant blue.
Egg Inspiration: Tropical cyclones, also known as hurricanes and typhoons. Typhoon is an anglicization of the Chinese and Japanese terms for the storm, which translate to "great(large) wind"
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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