Brown Dwaleth

Impressee: E'mer (Emmery)

Name: Dwaleth
Pronunciation: Dwah-leth
Colour: Brown
Hatching: Late Autumn, Turn 11, 8th Pass
Hex Colour Code: 704214
Final Size: 64' wingspan of 38' length

Dwaleth is a very fit, lean looking brown, built along wiry lines. He's undeniably a handsome specimen, with a noble line to his face and neck and bright, intelligent eyes. His hide is a dusty, warm sepia shade, except for a pale bib at the base of his neck, which is triangular and points down over his chest.

The overwhelming impression Dwaleth gives off is 'impatient'. Dwaleth is clever, but very unconventional - he constantly questions why things are one way and not another, particularly if they don't suit him. He'll wonder: 'why am I the leader of the group, and not a blue or a green?' even if the answer is patently obvious; not particularly because he supports the idea of more responsibility for lower colours, but rather because he has no inclination to be the leader that day. He can't help himself from speaking out. In Weyrlinghood, Dwaleth's attitude is an immature 'can I get away with it?', which may make him the perpetual headache of not only the Weyrlingmasters, but also his clutchmates; lessons will seem to go in one ear and out the other for Dwaleth. He'll mature into a very firm dragon, who will not be pushed into anything. He's not after leadership and has very little ambition, except for an overwhelming drive to be comfortable and not bossed around. Even so, Dwaleth is an engaging and friendly dragon, with an eye for the greens. He'll be a serial chaser, and like as not to charm any female he comes across in between flights. In turn, the pretty females will have a very good chance of turning Dwaleth's head, and wrapping him tightly around their claw.

Inspiration: King Edward VIII
Dragon Credit: Jey

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Ice Diamonds Egg began to creak and groan as the hatchling inside strained against its confines. The particles wreathing the middle of the egg flashed and glinted as the shell cracked and splintered around them. The hatchling punched a sturdy brown leg right through the side of the shell and the whole thing up-ended, leaving the leg waving comically in the air. Candidates close enough might have heard the hatchling squawk at the indignity. Three more legs shot up out of the top of the shell, sending glittering fragments cascading down onto the black sand. The hatchling rocked the egg until he could right himself, and shook off the remaining half of the shell. He turned to inspect it, nudging it along with his nose.
Quickly bored of that, the brown hatchling whipped his head around to eye the candidates. He knew exactly who he wanted, and ignored all the others beckoning and cooing at him. Well my E'mer - I'm dreadfully hungry, I want to eat this instant!
Emmery - E'mer - ran forward to meet him, practically dancing with joy. "The food's over there - let's go, Dwaleth!" Oh, we have to go over there? I'd much rather have it brought right here…oh well, if you insist, E'mer! the hatchling sighed as he followed his somewhat bemused rider.

Egg Name: Ice Diamonds
Egg Description: The Ice Diamonds' egg is a pale, creamy thing easily overlooked at first for the flashier eggs of the clutch but the subtle beauty of this egg is immediately apparent upon a closer look. Rings wrap their way around the Ice Diamonds' egg center but they are not solid as they at first might seem. There are actually a multitude of tiny particles clear as frozen water that spin there way around the egg making up the visible rings. When sunlight hits this egg it will shine as bright as diamonds in the sun.
Egg Inspiration: Saturn's Rings
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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