Impressed to Blue Hauteth

Name: E'li (Elisha)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T188
Former Rank: Journeyman Smith

Born to a mother that desperately wanted a girl but, due to the difficult nature of his birth, was told she would never have another child, Elisha was saddled with a feminine name and, until he was old enough to dress himself, girly clothes. This has left him with an extremely misogynistic lookout on life. Women are stupid, selfish, irresponsible creatures who ought to stay in the kitchen where they belong. No one knows why the Searchdragon picked him out of the crowd, though there is a bit of speculation as to whether his honorific will be more manly or remain about as girly as his name is now…after all, E'li sounds vaguely like a girls' name, but E'sha sounds like a dragonrider.

Mini-Biography Credit: Rainewolf


Availability: Not available. Adopted by Notomys (Profile).

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