Impressed to Brown Uneth

Name: E'vy
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T159
Rank: Wingrider

Weyrmate to Riamla and father of their whole brood, which includes R'vy, L'vy, and the rest. He's definitely the side that the blond hair comes from, though the shortness and freckles seem to have come from his mate, as he's a reasonable tall man. He has a rather odd sense of humor, much to the chagrin of most of his sons. ("Son, you have a sister now. You can stop looking like a girl for your mother. Congratulations.")
Like Riamla, he wanted a little girl, though he was happy enough to spend a bit of time with his sons as they came along. He'll admit that Uneth did the daddy thing a bit more often, though. He also shares his mate's fondness for drinking, and holds his booze a good deal better than her.

Mini-Biography Credit: Anahira

Weyrmate: Riamla

Ecriam (I7 T181)
Larec (I7 T183)
Ricvy (I7 T184)
Vyril (I7 T186) — (Tina)
Vylarec (I7 T186)
Lavyrec (I7 T188)
R'mec (I7 T190) of green Iaskheth
Ri'vy (I7 T191) of blue Tneserth
R'vy (I7 T193) of green Venmilth — (Anahira)
Emila (P8 T8)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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