Green Ebith

Impressee: Dro'vo (Drobolevo)

Name: Controlling Green Ebith
Pronounciation: eb-ith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00963c
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: ' wingspan of '

Description: The Controlling Green is a beautiful dragon to behold. She is a wonderful, soft, leaf green color that is accented with a turquoise in her markings. The markings are subtle, the turquoise almost blending with the green of her hide. Along her wing membranes the turquoise forms a hatched pattern, like a basket weave, and her spines are the same, but solid, color. The Controlling Green carries herself proudly and likes to show these marks off to others, though it may be hard to distinguish them if she hasn't been freshly oiled. As an average sized green there is nothing that particularly stands out about her build, but she doesn't mind that terribly at all.

For hygiene the Controlling Green is quite meticulous. She doesn't insist on being bathed and oiled every day, dirt and soot are part of doing her job, but a clean hide is a healthy hide. She will bask in the sun for periods of time, but afraid of fading her color she will not stay out for long periods of time. Preening will be part of her daily routine, so as not to overtax her rider with cleaning her all the time, and she can usually be found cleaning dirt of her claws and shaking herself so that the dirt that might have accumulated is gone. These activities to not present when the Controlling Green is working. She is on point and doesn't get distracted when she is in drills or flying Thread

Flying in drills, or when fighting Thread the Controlling Green likes to know what everyone is doing. She will also be found to 'whisper' comments to other dragons that may be getting out of line, slacking, or generally not keeping up. Yes, the Controlling Green does know she is not in a position as a wingrider to give these remarks, but she does it to help the overall performance of the wing itself. If given the opportunity to be a Wingsecond the Controlling Green will flourish. She likes to know that her wing is performing in top condition and will do what is necessary to keep it there.

Her approach to Thread is that the more it burns, the more flame applied, the better the results. As such, the Controlling Green will go through more firestone than an average green in a normal Threadfall. This may result in her being sick after Threadfall, but such petty things do not get in the way during the fight itself.

Mating flights bring out a side of the Controlling Green that no other time will. She will flirt for days on end before she actually rises. As her time approaches the glow of her hide will define the otherwise subtle markings, and she will flaunt them in front of the males attending her, and sometimes in front of other females to try and get them jealous. This may lead to words being exchanged, but the Controlling Green knows that fighting other females will prove nothing and stops at words alone, though it may frighten her rider the first few times this does happen.

During the flight itself the Controlling Green will spiral, spin, dip, dive, and produce any other maneuver she possibly can to show her chasers just how good she is. The flirting will continue into the Flight itself with the Controlling Green only showing preference to those who might have caught her before. Her strongest preference in partner is one who can keep cool, but keep up, during her flight. Brash words or loosing control of their flight because she might come just close enough they could catch her will turn the Controlling Green off the dragon and she will not choose them.

Inspiration: Statue of Ebih-Il
Dragon Credit: Wunderingmind

Hatching Message: The Golden Poison Egg was quite persistent in it's rocking, and the tapping coming from within. When the dragon inside finally decided that consistent work was not enough to free itself from the confines of it's home the egg began to shake violently and scrabbling could be heard from within. Finally a crack started near the bottom of the egg and climbed its way up to the crown. With a shatter a piece of the Golden Poison Egg fell off revealing a tiny hole into the egg. More scrabbling could be heard as the dragon inside found the hold it had created and worked to make it larger.

With another heave the side of the egg gave way and a small green hatchling fell from the broken Golden Poison Egg. The poor dragon, now covered in black sand, twisted around on the sands till it found it's feet. Covered in goo the poor thing couldn't quite shake it all off, but soon it was obvious that the sand covered dragon was a green.

Striding towards the candidates like the ordeal seconds before hadn't happened the Controlling Green blinked as she surveyed the crowd in front of her. Glancing to and fro the dragon tried to find the one she was bound for, but couldn't see to see the right one. She began to nose the candidates knees to get them to move out of her way, pushing a few to the sands leaving them at the mercy of her wings and tail. Specifically Awaihos was one of her targets. The poor boy was whacked with her tail, scraped with her wings, and was that flesh, or only cloth that her claw caught on her way past?

Then, she saw him, there standing on the side, not the back. Sprinting forward the Controlling Green leaped at the chest of her chosen, not noticing or caring that Sealy was nearby. Sealy was clouted with a wing tip that scraped it's way over her. Dro’vo (Drobolevo) caught the Controlling Green before she could do him more harm than she had done the poor candidates on the way to him. "Well, I was lucky I caught," was all Dro'vo got out before Impression took away his senses for a few seconds. "Alright, alright Ebith, it wasn't luck." He chuckled at the green he now sat in the sands holding. Even though there was a strange look on his face Dro'vo agreed with his new partner. "We'll just have to discuss the rest later. First food, then I can clean you off alright?" He smiled openly again at his dragon and stood, holding the darling green, to walk off the sands to her first meal.

Egg Name: Golden Poison Egg
Egg Description: Compared to many of its siblings, it is a very small and quite nearly tiny egg. It could easily go missing if not for the bright yellow coloring that is the primarily hue. While it is an overall yellow hue, it varies across the shell from a vibrant and glistening gold to a more homely and earthly yellow-green. There are a few black spots on one 'side' of the egg, lending a strong contrast by being both dark and matte. The shell itself is very smooth, albeit a little sticky, as if it were a bit moist.
Egg Inspiration: Panamanian Gold Frog
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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