Green Ecolith

Impressee: Jek'b (Jekhab)

Name: Ecolith
Pronunciation: ee-COLE-ith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 5DFC0A
Final Size: 26' length with a wingspan of 43'

You might have been hoping for an interesting mutant but this green is disappointingly perfect; if a little bit smaller than average. Ecolith's hide is beautifully even all over, maybe a shade darker on the main part of her body. In the bright sunshine the colour is nothing really remarkable, but in the dark she seems to have an almost glow. Her wing membranes seem particularly translucent.

Ecolith seems to have more than her fair share of academic smarts for a green. She'll grasp the ideas behind drills and tactics with surprising ease. Ecolith will have a fascination with whether a particular practise is effective compared to not doing it, she'll love to come up with ideas and controls on how to test the usefulness of the things they are taught during Weyrlinghood and later do in the Wings.  Ecolith will bristle if someone criticises one of her 'experiments', but will go away and consider what has been said seriously. She enjoys teamwork and collaboration and is willing to ask her clutch-, or later wing-, mates for help in things; she might even extend this outside of the Weyr if given the chance or exposure to someone who has expertise that she considers useful. Ecolith will rely on Jek'h to record the outcome of her 'experiments' and when reminded that she might have done something similar before will be curious about how it was done and what the outcome was; no matter how hard she tries Ecolith will never overcome her draconic memory and recall the results herself.

Ecolith is very good at putting on a friendly veneer, and to most people that is her true self. However with those she perceives as rivals outside of her current 'Wing' (most likely greens in other Wings with the same altitude or prestige as hers) a fierce competition shall be struck up under the surface. They might not even realise they're viewed as competitors but Jek'b will know, and Ecolith will constantly be seeking his advice on what the best way to beat them is. She will listen avidly for any gossip about about them or their Wing.

Those smarts are balance by a surprising lack of common sense and consideration. Ecolith can come across as lazy and inconsiderate. She'll gladly chase all the beasts around the pens to find the best one for herself and if she doesn't eat all of the beast the pieces will be left laying about without a care for whichever dragon might come next. Little acts like that which aren't malicious, just thoughtless. Her lack of common sense can lead to her asking questions about practicalities others might consider dumb or obvious.

Jek'b will first and foremost be Ecolith's guiding light. Whatever inspires him will inspire her, and she will yearn to learn more about his interests. However she will not let his dreamy attitude affect her strong work ethic and has no problems bumbling through his mind, or asking endless questions to get from him the information or techniques she needs for what she wants to achieve.

No two Flights from Ecolith will be the same. She'll want to use a trial and error approach to work out which method of flying gets her highest or the male that she most wants. As she gets proody Ecolith will become snappish and angry, raging that nothing works and nothing is worth it. During this time she'll also have an increased interest in the flights of other greens, trying to subtly work out what they do, and whether they were happy with the result.

Inspiration: Research Biologist

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Achievement Egg tipped towards the stands. It stood still. It tipped towards the entrance. It stood still. It tipped away from the entrance. It stood still. It tipped away from the stands, stopped from falling over by the ring of stones Iridith had carefully placed around it. It stood still. A crack appeared in the gold rectangle the base of the egg, followed by a green foot that looked like it was glowing against the black sand. Another pause and then another foot broke thought, and a forelimb, and a head, and a tail. With the glossy red shell in shards, the green sitting in the remnants looked pleased with her success. No time to rest though after gathering her strength the the green set off clumsily on her baby legs across the sands, totally heedless of the other newly hatched dragonets wandering around. "Really Ecolith? You know without trying anyone else that I'm the one for you?!" Jekabh gasped in delight as the green almost bowled into him.

Dragon Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: The Achievement Egg
Egg Description: It's a very nice egg, really. It is a rich red color and has a high-gloss surface. It is embellished with gold-tone markings: the tip of the smaller end is gold, there is a thin gold band encircling its middle, and, below that on one side, an elongated gold rectangle. An altogether elegant egg, but when you look at it you somehow just wish for something more.
Egg Inspiration: That presentation pen your boss gave you instead of a raise.
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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