Brown Edallath

Impressee: V'nia (Veniamin)

Name: Edallath

Colour: Brown
Hatching: Early Winter T5, 8th Pass
Description: So dark brown he's almost black, Edallath is oddly slender for a brown and one of the more quiet and thoughtful browns.

Hatching/Impression Message: The Fractal Depth egg trembled in its little basin, subtly enough to escape much notice from the onlookers. Suddenly a crack appeared, running right through several of the square spirals on its surface, and then the egg cracked right in two to reveal a dark brown dragonet, his hide barely lightening in color as he dried. He lifted his head slowly, blinking at the sudden influx of light, and let out a confused chirp before he noticed the candidates nearby. Slowly getting to his feet, he made his way towards the line of boys, pacing in front of them before plopping right down in front of Veniamin. The orange-haired youth slowly reached out to touch the brown's head, a grin spreading across his face as he breathed the name, "Edallath…"

Egg Name: The Fractal Depth egg
Egg Description: A base of a deep matt grey covers this egg. Slightly wrinkled looking, it almost looks like someone has heated it and left it to cool, leaving a thin skin forming on the top of whatever the egg is made of. This grey is broken here and there with strangly geometric designs however. These square spirals, which shine with every colour of the rainbow in an irridescent sheen, seem to both protrude from and descend into the egg, leaving you with the real risk of dizziness if you stare too long at it. The square spiralled sections start off randomly dotted about, but nearer the top half the the egg they cluster together, turning the top third of it into one mass of this crystallised looking structure which is both eye catching and interesting, seeming to drag your gaze down into the egg and leaves you wondering what mysterious occupant will emerge from it.
Egg Inspiration: Bismuth, which when heated and left to cool forms a deep grey skin of oxidisation. When this is removed, and the molten metal is left to cool slowly, square spirals are left which through oxidisation take on a beautiful irridescent sheen.
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Ternath (N'sig)

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