I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze Efiemth

Impressee: T'than (Tathan)

Name: Efiemth
Pronunciation: ef-EE-muth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: DD855E
Final Size: 44' length with a wingspan of 70'

While on the large size in his length and wingspan the I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze is not as muscular as the average bronze, lacking much of the bulk that is typical for his colour, giving him more maneuverability but less stamina. If he ever wants to catch a gold it will require more tactical thinking on his part than most bronze's need to put in. The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze has longer legs than dragons usually do, and they're more even in height, causing him to mostly lack the gait that other dragons walk with. The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze has long and pointed head knobs, each having a series of bumps that makes it look as if they're twisted.

The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze has a rusty coloured hide with has the classic shimmer of a metallic, while his wing sails are a much darker tone with light specks. His wing membranes give the impression of a deep, starry sky, as if you wouldn't be able to truly touch them; that those stars are millions of miles away. Some will find his wings highly disconcerting, as if looking at them too long will have you falling into their darkness. Are his wings like the night sky, or are they more like the void that is between? Actually touching his wing sails won't really end the illusion either. It might take his Rider some time to get used to the effect.

There are only two marks that mar his perfect hide, and each is near identical and sit on opposite sides of his body. Below his hip, but just above the top of his back legs, are light bronze coloured blobs. When looked at closely they appear to be little more than misshapen patches, but from a distance they look oddly like runnerbeasts, rearing up on their hind legs.

Efiemth is a boy of deep feeling and intricate thought. He prides himself on his loyalty and his honesty, and expects as much from his peers and even more from his leaders. Though he has great capacity for forgiveness he won't be shy about taking a job away from someone who he feels isn't doing it right, even if that's the Weyrleader himself. He hates liars and those who would judge a book by it's cover.

Efiemth won't ever have trouble making friends, especially with other males. He'll laugh with merriment and happily have a game of mud wrestling with his friends. He won't worry if he doesn't win and generously hand a win over to someone else as he knows it's all in good fun. Beyond his friends, however, he'll be quite competitive, and may even push himself too far in order to win.

Efiemth is a dragon who is all about inclusivity and equality, believing everyone has the capacity to do anything, and you'll have to go out of your way to prove him wrong. When he first finds out that there is such bigotry in the world he'll become deeply saddened, but he won't let it break him. His bronze hide will shine through and fuel his desire to change the way things are. Women shouldn't ride fighting dragons? Prove it. Gold and bronzes are better than greens? Prove it. Someone born to a Lord is better than someone born to a farmer? Well, you get the idea. It won't be good enough for Efiemth if someone just claims something as a fact. He'll go so far as to believe that males should be able to lay eggs, until someone proves to him that it's not physically possible, until then he'll just ask 'why not?'.

As he gets older and begins to better understand the political situation of the Weyr, he'll desire more and more to become it's leader. Only by being it's leader can he really make the changes he deems necessary for the continued survival of the Weyr. His gaze will also turn to the other Weyrs of the world, and then to the Holds and Halls. Everywhere he will see inequality and his desire to change all that will put a heavy burden on him, one that his Rider will have to help alleviate in any way he can. Small steps and one thing at a time, that will be the key.

Desiring to gain political power, Efiemth will never be serious about chasing green's, instead, they will simply be practise for him, and in his younger Turns he will chase the often in order to improve his skills. As he gets older he'll realise that green's, being the polar opposite of golds in size and physical ability, won't be all that helpful in preparing him for gold flights. Instead he'll work on improving his stamina in his free time, and will rarely chase green's.

Should Efiemth ever sire a clutch he will do all he can to protect and nurture his young. If their mother dislikes him hanging around all the time he'll do whatever he can, including copious amounts of bribery, to spend as much time with his unborn hatchlings as he can. When they are still in their shell's he'll talk to them about equality in an attempt to educate them before the world can corrupt their minds, as he firmly believes that all children are born without judgement, and it's only society that causes anyone to grow up thinking some are inherently better than others.

Efiemth will make a very good Wingleader. He really does feel that every part of the Wing is vital and will strive for the greatest cohesion he can in his Wing. He'll actually have a hard time taking orders as he won't want to follow them if he feels they're wrong or ineffective, which will conflict heavily with his desire to work well with his Wing. It may stress him out so much that he'll make mistakes during drills or even Fall itself. He'll have to learn to balance out his desire for everyone to work well together with his need to obey orders.

He understands that everyone sees the world in their own way, and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that won't stop him from telling people off. If his bronze brothers degrade any greens in front of him he will reprimand them. If any blues claim that golds are just drama queens then he'll have them running laps around the barracks, and will even chase them to make sure they do. And if he and his Rider disagree, well, he'll forgive him and do his best to change his mind, and, over time, he'll learn when it's best to use gentle and kind encouragement, and when it's best to put his foot down.

Inspiration: Brony culture.
Though the Brony culture came about thanks to the show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' it has grown far beyond the cartoon and is part of the New Sincerity trend. Bronies do their best to tolerate the intolerable and strive for harmony. One of their motto's is 'I will love and tolerate the s**t out of you.” His wings are inspired by the manes and tails of 'princess' pony's on the show, specifically a character called Luna. His head knobs are styled like unicorn horns, and his name is from the letters that spell the name of the show 'MLP FIM', F=eff, I=ie, M=muth.

The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze's voice is deep, emotional, and generally kind. He can speak with a softness that would lull you to sleep or a booming harshness that dares you to disobey.

Hatching Message:
The King of Halloween egg's broad smile began to widen as a previously unseen crack stretched from either side of it's dark mouth, meeting on the other side of the egg. The top of the egg was neatly lifted up to reveal a rusty bronze hide. The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze lifted the top half of his shell over his head and dropped it in front of him, as if he had been taking off a sweater. Looking down and seeing he was still in the lower portion of the shell the I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze daintily stepped backwards, trailing egg goo with him. He then carefully picked his way around the remains of his egg, and those of his yet to be hatched siblings, and towards those waiting in white.

Public Impression Message:
The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze tilted his head this way and that as he walked the rows of Candidates, examining all of his choices. The girls' were practically invisible to him so he simply ignored them whenever he walked past one. Each boy was given a quick glance over before the I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze went onto the next boy.
No, not that one. Nope, this one wasn't right. This one was too afraid, and that one seemed positively grabby. No, only one would do, and he'd know when he found him.
That one? That boy standing over there? The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze moved around Candidates to get closer to the one he'd seen. Was he the one, the one he needed?
Finally, standing in front of the boy the I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze agreed that yes, this was the one, and the Impression was made.

Personal Impression Message:
The I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze sat in front of his new Rider, his T'than, and his rich voice came into T'than's mind. “Yes, yes you are the one I need. I feel it, feel that we will do great things together. I am Efiemth, and you will show me how wonderful the world is, I am sure of it. But first, I think perhaps you should show me food.DD855E|

Dragon Credit: Ierynetra
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora/Starr

Egg Name: King of Halloween
Egg Description: While this egg is strangely round, it is far from a perfect circle. It has two parallel bulges that rise from it’s surface almost like the eye-ridges of a dragon. Directly under these ridges are large dark splotches, which contrast sharply with the paler gray of the rest of the egg. A thinner line in this same color runs parallel to the splotches, curving upwards at the edges. This line is crossed with many smaller, perpendicular dark eggs - which may give observers the illusion that this egg is cracking far before it is due to hatch. Although this egg is slightly smaller than average, it seems to ooze a strange sense of charisma and charm. Boys hoping to impress one of the larger colors may find themselves curiously drawn to this egg’s crude smile, but would any self-respecting bronze emerge from such a silly looking egg?
Egg Inspiration: Jack Skelington
Egg Credit: Notomys

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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