Femaith's 4th Clutch - Egg list

Theme: Snack foods

Egg Name: ** The Vegan's Delight Egg
Egg Description:** Many will overlook the creamy tan color at the base of this moderately-sized egg. It’s easy to do, especially with the crisp, bright orange stripes that haphazardly cover the rest of it. They lean every which way and at differing angles, though the consistency between them is that they all dip away as they reach that duller color at the bottom, the sunny stripes disappearing altogether. This egg will be one of the first to harden, giving off a sense of being hale and hearty, but those who touch it will find the texture to be smooth and velvety, especially down where it’s nestled in the sand.
Egg Inspiration: Carrots and hummus
Egg Credit: Corgimampm.png
Egg Name: M&Egg
Egg Description: This egg is one of the smallest in the clutch, but with it's cheerful yellow colour, it stands out. It's not quite perfect in shape; though generally oval, there are some imperfections in the shell. The bright yellow of it's shell is unmarked apart from one white 'm' shaped marking at the thicker end - though what that means, nobody knows. The shell, when touched, feels crisp; this egg hardened up earlier than it's fellows. It's a little egg that is trying very hard to be liked, but while some candidates may prefer it, the vast majority favour it's siblings. It's not that there's anything wrong with it - it's a nice friendly egg - it's just that, well, the others are better.
Egg Inspiration: Peanut M&Ms
Egg Credit: Kitya21jc0zs.jpg
Egg Name: Dirty Fingers Egg
Egg Description:
This dusty orange mess is not a huge egg and not a small one either.  Oh NO!  He sits happily in the middle of coolsville dreaming of yummy things to come.  The texture of the shell is at some points almost sand, like you have crumbs on your fingers, and at other times smooth or stone like.  All things considered it looks like a child had been eating and spilled the crumbs and then wiped their hands on this poor shell.  Upon touching the egg though candidates won't be shocked to find a very laid back mind.  It's almost too laid back to even pay you much attention.  To those who stay and just relax with this little one they feel at peace and maybe a bit hungry.  Wouldn't some roast wherry and fresh bread be just lovely right now?  To the rare few the little creature inside may even give the impression that it knows exactly who it will pick and all will be well man.  No worries just chill, get a bite to eat and be ready to love.
Egg Inspiration:
Cheeto fingers -pic
Egg Credit: Sickwaterherseyskissegg_by_ldypayne-d9rxj37.png
Egg Name: Kissing Egg
Egg Description: Compared to many of its small colourful companions this egg seems rather colourless. This isn’t to say this egg isn’t striking in its own way for it shines quite nicely when light strikes it. Overall it looks rather like twisted silvery metal formed into a wide bottomed egg shape. Coiling around the top third of the egg is a white band. Light blue shapes on this band, upon close inspection seem to spell out the word ‘Kisses’. When touched this egg has a slightly bumpy texture but also rather smooth depending on where one touches. Even though some texture can be felt it feels soft, almost fuzzy. There is a faint odour from this egg, definitely not an unpleasant one, in fact it smells rather sweet and produces a rather warm feeling. Oddly enough this odour seems to appeal more to women than men.
Egg Inspiration: Hersey’s Kisses
Egg Credit: LdyPaynecccegg_by_ldypayne-d9srwhl.png
Egg Name: Creme Caramel Custard Egg
Egg Description: The edges of this egg are slightly squared off, causing it to sit rather solidly in precisely the spot it was originally laid. Neither too big nor too small, this egg is staunchly in the middle of the road in terms of size. The majority of this egg is a bright, slightly off-white color, with a precise ring of a caramel-brown around the top. Although there is a clear distinction between the brown and the white, there is a subtle sheen of the same caramel color that seems to almost drip down the sides of this egg. The entire surface of this egg is unusually shiny, which combines with the markings on the egg to give the impression of that a sticky sauce was poured over its surface. Fortunately, touching its surface will reveal that it is just as smooth - perhaps even a touch smoother - than most other eggs. Unlike its siblings, who may begin to shake and crack as hatching time draws closer, this particular egg will move with a curious wobbling motion.
Egg Inspiration: Purin
Egg Credit: Noto20r5oig.jpg
[s]Egg Name:
Poprocks Your Socks Off
Egg Description:
This rock is so rough and sharp that one has to be careful putting their hands on it.  Tiny crystal like structures cover it like armor, bright splashed armor.  From a distance it looks like someone got it in their head to abstractly paint the egg to make it look cheerful.  Don't be fooled though this little egg has a pop and a bite.  While it is the second smallest egg in the batch it has one of the largest personalities.  When touching it candidates said that it felt so hyper and happy at first but that if you continued to touch it or came back that it would suddenly pounce your mind and show a forceful, almost gleefully sadistic joy in causing you to flinch.  Surprise seems to be the name of the game with this bundle of crazy and Faranth help the person who comes under it's reign of ups and downs.
Egg Inspiration:
Poprocks cause they are a party in your mouth :P
- pic
Egg Credit: Sickwaterpickleegg_by_ldypayne-d9ss1iq.png
Egg Name:
Kosher Dill Egg
Egg Description:
The short, yet fat, egg is rather ugly. It's green all over with darker green strips. There are obvious bumps on the egg that look like warts and are a bit unpleasant to touch. The egg has an odd, vinegar smell to it that's rather strong. Anyone who touches the egg seems to get this smell on their hands. 
Egg Inspiration:
Kosher Dill Pickle
Egg Credit:
Egg Name: Fish Waffle Egg
Egg Description: In terms of shape and size this egg is rather unremarkable in the most pleasant way possible. There is something initially pleasant and familiar about the way it looks, this is exactly what one would expect from a dragon egg - no more and no less. Like many dragon eggs, it’s smooth surface is patterned: palm-sized tan splotches seem to swim across an iron colored background. These splotches criss-crossed with delicious golden-brown color. The interesting divide amongst those that approach this egg will be what exactly these markings remind them of. For some, the hatched markings and toasty coloration will conjure images of waffles, while for others, the shape of the markings will bring to mind images of fish. Whether a member of the waffle camp, or a firm supporter of camp fish, this unobtrusively curious egg is certain to spark plenty of debate in the Candidate barracks.
Egg Inspiration: Taiyaki
Egg Credit: Notodevilledegg_by_ldypayne-d9sw54k.png
Egg Name:
Deviled Egg
Egg Description:
This egg is round and almost completely white except for some red speckles up top.  This egg is medium sized and pretty unforgettable, yet somehow people seem to just like it, though some will disagree and call it the worst egg out there. The egg smells well…exactly like an egg. If anyone touches this egg they will find that it feels rubbery somehow, and is sort of soft, almost like the egg doesn't actually have a shell.
Egg Inspiration:
Deviled Eggs
Egg Credit:
Egg Name: The Baconator
Egg Description: This multicolour banded egg is a good robust egg a fair bit bigger than most of the eggs of this clutch. The darker areas look like well-cooked bovine meat, a nice delicious rusty brown broken by a lighter shade of the same brown. Lastly broken bands of off white work its way among the other two shades. Overall this egg looks quite delicious at least on the outside. There seems to be a savoury scent to this large egg and for those few who dare the Dam’s wrath by licking this egg there is definitely a salty taste to it.
Egg Inspiration: bacon
Egg Credit:LdyPayneoavdlf.jpg
Egg Name: The Meaning of Life Egg
Egg Description: This egg – about average in size and very ovoid – has a slightly scratchy pebbled texture when touched. It isn’t rough enough to cause pain, just a slight twinge of discomfort that makes the unsuspecting jerk their hand back in surprise before reaching forward to confirm whether the feeling was real or imagined. Some people will spend quite a while putting their hand out, pulling it back, reaching it in again, and then shifting it all over the surface of the egg. This egg inspires curiosity in many – causing them to examine deeply held beliefs and to ponder the greatest mysteries of life. Some conclude nothing greater than that they really enjoy dancing with friends and loved ones. Others come to much more serious conclusions.
Egg Inspiration: Hokey Pokey Ice Cream
Egg Credit: Michellealltheyaki_by_ldypayne-d9set1m.png
Egg Name: All the Yaki Egg
Egg Description: While this egg begins life with a fairly normal shape, it will become curiously more and more spherical as hatching time goes on. While its overall shape suggests that it might not be fully hardened, something about the speckled brown surface looks strangely crispy. In addition to the golden-brown base color, the top of this egg seems slathered in swirls of rich mahogany and pale off-white, which have a subtly smoother texture than the rest of the egg. This egg seems to need turning far more regularly than its siblings, which some may speculate that this is the reason behind its curious shape - it will be impossible to say for certain. Those who intend to touch this egg are advised to be careful, while it does not exude any feelings of malice, the surface of its shell is unexpectedly hot to the touch.
Egg Inspiration: Takoyaki
Egg Credit: NotogkbjlZq.png
Egg Name:  The Cheesy Addiction Egg
Egg Description: The yellow of this large egg is not a natural color. Yet there’s something about it that’s enticing, inviting anyone over for a bit of a look-see. Just a little touch couldn’t hurt. Staring at this egg can become addicting, however, so candidates beware. Delightful hints of tomato red and bright pepper green can be found lurking among the yellow, and once you’ve found one you feel driven to find more and more and more.
Egg Inspiration: Queso
Egg Credit: Corgiwi5zjd.jpg
Egg Name: The Local Explorer Egg
Egg Description: This egg is about average in size – perhaps a little smaller than normal but not so much as to be remarkable. The shell is covered in swirling ripples and people often wish to trace the patterns they form. The egg is a study in contradictions. Some people find themselves longing for home when they touch it, others feel a perfect contentment in having already found the place they belong. It feels like it’s come from far away, and yet it’s definitely always been sitting on these sands. Always. It’s hard to imagine looking at these sands and not seeing this egg. Perhaps one set of feelings refers to what currently is and the other predicts what may yet come.
Egg Inspiration: Pineapple Lumps
Egg Credit: Michelle14bi45w.jpg
Egg Name: The Shallow Waters Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this small egg might seem quite plain. The thick shell feels fairly smooth to the touch but with a slight grittiness that prevents a calloused hand from sliding perfectly smoothly along the surface. There almost seems to a faint ridge separating the stripe of bright green from the rest of the shell. Close examination of this egg reveals many mysteries – including a faint salty smell like sea-water or a good clean sweat. Those who touch this egg often remark that it seems to be much bigger than it looks, and while perhaps it’s the thickness of the shell, it’s almost like it’s rooted in the sands.
Egg Inspiration: Pistachios
Egg Credit: Michellewsnrz7.jpg
Egg Name: Green Tea Bubble
Egg Description:
This smaller egg is probably not anyone's first choice for touching as it looks strange and kinda gross. The top is smooth almost like liquid and the bottom is bumpy and bulbous like something settled at the bottom. While it may be ugly to look once touched the sweet nature of the baby inside is almost like honey on your tongue. The sweetness is offset with an herbal goodness type quality. The baby promises to be a wize and well rounded individual mixed with enough kindness to be liked by most all. For the few who are rough by nature you swear you can feel the dragon inside pull as far away from your touch and almost chide you to let go.
Egg Inspiration: Bubble TEA!!! -
Egg Credit:Sickwaterow6K7Oh.png
Egg Name: The Childhood Treat Egg
Egg Description: While certainly not the smallest in the clutch, this egg won’t draw any looks because of its size. Its color stands out, however; it has none of the bright, flashing colors of its clutchmates, instead a near-uniform brown color, so dark that from afar it blends right in with the black sands that cradle it. The dense, chocolaty color is broken by only one marking – a single white line of curlicue loops that arches up over the blunted top of the egg and down onto the other side. Those who come upon it will feel they’ve found a rare treat, the egg emanating a sense of childish wonder and joy.
Egg Inspiration: Hostess Cupcakes
Egg Credit: Corgimb47t2.jpg
Egg Name:
Clingy and Chewy Egg
Egg Description:
Looking at this egg at first it might make you a bit confused…are those octopus imprints?  It seriously looks like someone painted the night sky with glowing octopus suckers.  Should you be intimidated?  Why no way!  just walk up and touch this egg and feel the funny dimples and bumps.  Upon touching the egg there is at first nothing but slowly one gets the feeling of something wrapping around you and suctioning to you.  It feels like the baby inside is attempting to merge with you from the inside out.  The clear need to be loved and one with someone is there.  For the more independent of nature this could be over whelming and fill them with the urge to run as the mind inside can almost be heard keening to come back.  For those with a nurturing nature this precious feeling is like a child looking for a hug.  
Egg Inspiration: Grilled octopus -
Egg Credit: SickwaterGum.jpg
Egg Name: The Cheerful Exuberance Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a little larger than average with a shell that feels incredibly smooth to the touch. Up close the odd splotches of colour swirl across the surface in a far more orderly pattern than might be expected from afar. When touched the egg gives off a feeling rather like a toddler gorged on bubbly pies. Right now it’s resting quietly but at any moment it might begin bouncing off the walls and asking incessant questions. Some find this egg gives them a faintly aching skull but others can’t help but smile.
Egg Inspiration: Mini Pavlova
Egg Credit: MichelleCorn%20Dog.jpg
Egg Name: Hot Dog Egg
Egg Description: This egg is average, average size, average color, average feel, average all the way around. The only really distinguishing thing about the egg is that the pores of the egg, though invisible to touch, look as if they are filled with just a lighter shade of brown than the base of the egg.
There is no special feeling of this egg, no special warmth, nothing to distinguish it from an absolutely normal egg. There might even be speculation, next to his gaudy neighbors that this egg is not going to be anything special, or maybe a dud egg (the sire was a brown after all).
Egg Inspiration: Corn Dog
Egg Credit: WunderingMindCroissant.jpg
Egg Name: Cross Egg
Egg Description: This is a large egg, definitely in the group for largest of the clutch. When touched this egg seems to have a crusty surface, just like some of the bread that the bakers turn out in the morning. Just like that bread there is a gentle warmth that radiates from the egg creating a very homey feeling, especially for those used to being in or around the kitchens.
This egg is a variety of brown shades swirled together as if the shell had been layered and folded over on itself before being rolled out and into an egg shape. The swirls don't follow the shape of the egg though, they just swirl over the surface in varying shades of brown.
Egg Inspiration: Croissant
Egg Credit: WunderingMindd5kFwQm.png
Egg Name: The Dieter's Lament Egg
Egg Description: This small but rotund egg is surely in the running for the most bland egg ever laid. Off white, taupe, and beige drift together on its shell to form a very faint, pebble-like texture visible only by those close enough to lay fingers on its shell. An essence of profound emptiness emanates from this particular egg and there are sure to be mutterings of ‘dud’ bandied about because of it.
Egg Inspiration: Rice Cakes
Egg Credit: Corgi
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