Euliath's 5th Clutch - Egg list

Theme: Insects

Egg Name: The Plodding Potential Egg
Egg Description: Striking stripes cover this elongated, moderately-sized egg, wrapping around width-wise. They might seem haphazard at first, slashes of yellow and black and white all crowding together, but on closer inspection the stripes follow a definite, alternating pattern. This banded egg will be a sluggish one when the time comes, its movements subdued and plodding, but it holds such allure, such a promise of fantastic things to come that it will surely draw much attention.
Egg Inspiration: The Monarch Caterpillar
Egg Credit: Corgi-
Egg Name: Every 17 Turns Egg
Egg Description: If the Hatching Grounds are exceptionally quiet, you might hear a faint buzzing a series of strong clicking sounds. Strange when all you might see before you is a clutch of dragon eggs not known for making any sounds at all. Tracking down the source of the sound will bring you this relatively small egg. It is darkly colored in black and dark browns with veining of orange and yellow across the surface of the shell. The egg itself doesn’t move, but when you place your hand on the stippled shell, you can feel the slight vibrations coming from the infant dragon within. It gives off a very exciting feeling to be so close to the soft sounds and feel the vibrations coming from inside the egg.
Egg Inspiration: popular insect Cicada Magicicada spp.
Egg Credit: Shouriko-
Egg Name: Sleek and Deadly
Egg Description: A giant egg that easily could be the largest or second largest of the group. The egg is oddly smooth and reflective, with a sweet smell that attracts anyone who gets too close. If another egg is laid close to it, it will seem to lean towards it, almost as if it wants to knock the other egg over and take it's spot. The egg is yellow on the top, solid dark brown in the middle, and dark brown and yellow branded on the bottom. There are three, small black spots on the top, almost looking like simple eyes. Whenever a person touches the egg, their hand starts to feel oddly numb, a feeling that will get worse and worse the longer one's hand remains.
Egg Inspiration: Japanese Giant Hornet
Egg Credit: Kati-
Egg Name: Life of Pi Egg
Egg Description: Another small egg in comparison to many other eggs in the clutch, this one is relatively oval but not severely so. It is a sleek looking egg, gleaming even in the dim light of the cavern. It stands out from the black sands with its dominantly silvery white coloring. There is a pattern of black markings on one half of the egg with some bronze spots hidden in the black. Although this egg looks like the shell is perfectly smooth to the touch, there are lines hidden in the coloring where it feels like prickly little hairs are sticking out. It can be a little unsettling even with the prettiness of this little egg dazzling you.
Egg Inspiration: endangered insect Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis
Egg Credit: Shouriko-
Egg Name: The River the Woods
Egg Description: This egg is quite large and bold in its wallow, colored a bright yellow with black strips running over in a particular pattern. Near the base are some blue markings which complement the yellow and black. Unfortunately the black sands cover most of the blue as the egg is well settled in its wallow. Though the pattern may look a little messy there is an odd sort of symmetry with it. The soft edges of the black and blue markings give the egg an overall velvety look but when touched the shell is smooth with a very slight roughness. There is a sweet smell around this egg and a sense of fluttering flight and sunny days.
Egg Inspiration: Yellow Swallowtail
Egg Credit: LdyPayne-
Egg Name: The Uncomfortably Harmless Egg
Egg Description: Everything about this egg is just disconcerting to see – it’s disturbingly large and ovular, looking for all the world like it will tip over at any moment and skitter away. Despite this, it sits sturdy and strong in the sand and will become increasingly difficult to move as its shell hardens. Mottled dark brown covers the top in what looks like large, hard scales and eventually gives way to vibrant yellow slashes around the base that just seem to scream ‘danger!’ to anyone who gets too close. From a distance, it looks angular and sharp but those candidates who can ignore its ominous appearance long enough to touch it will find the most peculiar thing; the shell is remarkably smooth and warm and comes with the sensation of gentle and curious feelers.
Egg Inspiration: Horntail Wasps This Horrible Thing!
Egg Credit: Shelacula-
Egg Name: Atlas Strong Egg
Egg Description: This egg sinks deeply into the black sand. If one isn't careful you might even mistake it for a stone instead of an egg due it's color. Glossy blue-black, the Atlas Strong Egg takes hold of its territory and seems to fend off it's fellows with it's presence. Massive in size, it may end up casting a shadow over any other nearby eggs. Slick and cool to the touch, this dark egg challenges any who might touch or look upon it. The Atlas Strong Egg gives off an even more agressive feeling to any men to get near. If someone looks at it close enough, the Atlas Strong Egg seems to grow a set of long, broad horns only for them to dissapear once you blink. Optical illusion for sure….
Egg Inspiration: Atlas Beetle
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom-
Egg Name: Light of the Sky Egg
Egg Description: This large egg is very rounded in shape, all too easy for Euliath to roll across the sands. The colours are vibrant; the bottom half of the egg is the colour of golden sand at sunrise, with shades of gold, yellow and red. The top is the pale blue of the morning sky as it encroaches on the night. Towards the back half the egg is shades of deep blue and purple, spotted with twinkling points that look almost like stars. In the light blue section, a golden-yellow orb as bright as Rukbat takes pride of place, and beside it, a small black shape almost seems to be pushing. As the egg hardens, the dark colours seem to fade and the orb seems to advance - or maybe you're imagining that, and it's just the way Euliath changes it's position? The candidates who touch this egg will find themselves entranced by the play of colours on it's surface, and humbled by the sense of ancient wisdom that it imparts.
Egg Inspiration: The Dung Beetle, Scarabaeus sacer, and the ancient Egyptian legend of the scarab god Khepri pushing the sun across the sky
Egg Credit: Kitya-
Egg Name: Fly Away Home Egg
Egg Description: An egg of middling size and fairly round in shape, it sits contentedly in its little pre-dug hovel. It has a nice and shiny sheen to its smooth shell, glossy and glimmering from afar. This egg has a base color of deep red with a smattering of spots, most of them gathering towards what might be perceived to the top tip of the egg. Near its base is a black splotch and two white splotches within it, almost like it is supposed to be a kind of face. This egg has a friendly feeling to it when touched and is pleasant to be near to.
Egg Inspiration: popular insect Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis
Egg Credit: Shouriko-
Egg Name: Delicate Blue Egg
Egg Description: A large egg, but certainty not the largest of the lot. The egg is mostly black with blue on two sides, right in the center. The egg feels silky and soft, and leaves a powdery substance on one's hands. The egg seems fragile, almost as if just touching it will cause it to collapse in on itself, but this egg is sturdy and resilient.
Egg Inspiration: Papilio Ulysses
Egg Credit: Kati-
Egg Name: Iridescent Beauty Egg
Egg Description: A beautiful, medium sized egg. The egg is an iridescent, rainbow colour that seems to move as people walk about the egg. There are two, thin black lines going down one side of the eggs, almost looking like antennae. The egg is smooth and cool to the touch. The egg seems to invite people to look at it for hours and hours.
Egg Inspiration: Jeweled Beetle
Egg Credit: Kati-
Egg Name: From the Water to the Sky Egg
Egg Description: This egg is remarkably large and yet despite that size it has a dainty essence about it. The large size could be eye-catching all on its own, but the color of the egg is what usually calls attention to it. With a golden yellow base color and a light brown smattering of markings, it stands out against the black sands of the Hatching Grounds. Some of these darker markings look like veining in a wing pattern and they feel raised from the surface of the egg shell, but these are found only from one vantage point. In just the right kind of light, this big egg could look almost metallic because of its mostly smooth surface. When touched, this egg feels cool as if it had been sitting in a pool of water or small stream and there is a feeling of eagerness to transform from egg to dragon.
Egg Inspiration: aquatic insect Golden Stonefly Hesperoperla pacifica
Egg Credit: Shouriko-
Egg Name: Pour Some Sugar On Me Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg looks like something sweet and delicious, a bright coloured flower against the black sands of the Hatching Grounds. The top is a bright golden yellow with markings that gives it a furry look. Forming rough triangular shapes are bright pink markings which, upon closer inspection also look soft and with faint lines reminiscent of a Flutterby’s wings. As soft and furry as the egg looks it doesn’t feel furry at all. There is a texture but so smoothed down it feels closer to leather than egg shell. Touching and being near this egg does bring out a sort of warmth associated with a warm fire on a cold night with something sweet being baked nearby.
Egg Inspiration: Rosy Maple Moth
Egg Credit: LdyPayne-
Egg Name: Splat! Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks quite plain - a roughly-textured off white, and small enough to be easily dismissed. It's only when you get closer that you notice a violent red splash, the colour of fresh blood, across the front of the egg. Within the red a twisted black shape is splayed out, as though something had been crushed against the egg's surface. Those candidates who bother to touch this egg will find little response, and will walk away feeling oddly flattened by the experience. As the Hatching approaches, the twitches from this egg seem more… desperate, compared to the lively rocking of it's siblings.
Egg Inspiration: The only good mosquito is a dead one
Egg Credit: Kitya-
Egg Name: The Gentle Giant Egg
Egg Description: Were it not for the stark coloring of this egg, one would assume it to contain the gold; it is gigantic, looming over the rest of the clutch and dominating attention wherever it might be nestled. It looks much like the ink blot a mindhealer might use to assess a patient, the black markings spread across the stark white shell amorphous but ultimately symmetric. Despite its hulking, intimidating appearance, anyone venturing closer will find a gentle and friendly feeling emanating from it.
Egg Inspiration: The Goliath Beetle
Egg Credit: Corgi-
Egg Name: On a Wing and a Prayer Egg
Egg Description: A tiny egg by comparison to the larger eggs, but no less eye-catching or fierce. Its shell is a bright and vibrant green that creates a stark contrast with the black of the hatching sands. A small sort of hook-like marking in pale green varying to black interrupts the even coloring of the green. This marking makes you hesitate to get too close, but that color is so inviting. Upon touching the shell of this egg, you would find it be soft and smooth with only a roughness over the darker marking. There is nothing particularly scary about this little egg, just a little healthy dose of wariness about what might hatch out of it.
Egg Inspiration: popular insect Praying Mantis Mantis religiosa
Egg Credit: Shouriko-
Egg Name: Vogue
Egg Description: Not a typical egg shape but not overly unusual, this egg is quite round but on the smaller side than average. What it lacks in size however it makes up in color, mostly a deep royal blue there are bright red markings forming along its surface in a semi-symmetrical pattern. Outlining most of the red markings and forming a pattern of its own are dark blue splotches. This egg’s bold patterns give it a daring air, very much a ‘look at me, look at what I can do’ mentality. Whether this impression will pass on to the egg’s rapidly developing inhabitant only time will tell.
Egg Inspiration: Blue/Red Harlequin Beetle
Egg Credit: LdyPayne-
Egg Name: Beautiful Damsel Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is a joy to look at. The surface is a shiny blue green and patterned like the wing of a flying insect. It sits lightly on the sands, as though it's barely touching. The surface, when touched, is lightly textured and feels delicately fragile. Candidates had best take care when touching this lovely egg! Those who do will find themselves filled with a sense of energy, invigorating and encouraging.
Egg Inspiration: The Beautiful Demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo
Egg Credit: Kitya-
Egg Name: The Spotted Wonder Egg
Egg Description: This larger egg is covered with a delicate, powdery white, and dotted here and there with roughly circular spots, each a velveteen gray rimmed with coal black. Its shell will retain a soft, fluttery feel even as it hardens, like the pillowy down of a new gosling. The pattern parts like a curtain along one side, however, revealing a strip of brighter color as if it were held secret underneath the wintry exterior. The blocks of orange and a vivid blue visible in that space will only brighten as time goes on.
Egg Inspiration: The Leopard Moth
Egg Credit: Corgi-
Egg Name: Little by Little Egg
Egg Description: This narrow egg is on the small side but its bright colored pattern certainly makes it stand out against its larger clutchmates. Roughly a third of this egg is yellow with a slight orange tint but it’s the rest of the egg that really makes it stand out. The other two thirds is a light blue with bold orange-red markings forming long curved stripes. A line of deep purplish black falls between the blue and yellow near the top making a nice break from the otherwise very bright colors. The surface of the egg is smooth to the touch yet there is no shine even when light hits the egg. Touching the egg produces a sensation as though it wants to spring away but it fades quickly when no harm comes to it.
Egg Inspiration: Red-Banded Leaf Hopper
Egg Credit: LdyPayne-
Egg Name: Check Your Spots Egg
Egg Description: Hardly a bright and cheery egg, this middling sized egg is still friendly in its own way. There is a soft, fuzzy feeling to the egg when touched that makes it a pleasant experience to interact with it. It is true to its egg shape albeit a little skinny as if it might be incredibly light to pick up and carry about. The base color of the egg is black, but it cannot hide amongst the sands thanks to smatterings of white and orange that cover a great deal of the shell surface. There is even a spot that is more gray than black and this spot is especially fuzzy to the touch moreso than any other spot on the entire egg.
Egg Inspiration: endangered insect Bay Checkerspot Butterfly Euphydryas editha bayensis
Egg Credit: Shouriko-
Egg Name: The Underground Industry Egg
Egg Description: From the moment this egg is laid it seems to already be cracked, slightly darker lines bisecting its tan shell into fragments. It will prove intact and quite sturdy, however, hardening swiftly alongside the rest of the clutch. Only those who see the egg up close will notice that those boring lines are more than they seem; tiny brown dots flow along them, like people traversing the narrow corridors of the inner caverns. Though on the smaller side, the egg carries a sense of intense industry, of a buzz of activity that goes beyond just a growing dragonet; you can fairly feel the vibrations of it when a hand is placed along the shell.
Egg Inspiration: Ants and their anthills
Egg Credit: Corgi-
Egg Name: Seeds of Love Egg
Egg Description: This shiny and yes it is shiny but not metallic shiny, shiny as though it was recently oiled, egg is of average size. This egg is mostly black with very bold and distinctive bright red marks which glisten like fresh blood. As shiny and wet as it looks when touched the egg is completely dry but does feel quite smooth in some areas but in others there is a rough texture. The more you touch the egg however the more a strange odor fills the air. Did one of your fellow Candidates let one go or did a dragon? If you sit quietly beside this egg and don’t touch it there is a feeling of quiet contemplation as though it is focused on whatever it’s doing inside that egg or perhaps it’s checking you out as you check it out.
Egg Inspiration: Twice Stabbed Stinkbug
Egg Credit: LdyPayne-
Egg Name: The Endless Itch Egg
Egg Description: Tiny and oblong this egg squats along the sand as if waiting to pounce. Reddish brown swirls with a lighter tawny hue on it's underside. Anyone who looks at this egg will constantly feel itchy with the occasional stinging prick as if a crawly as bitten them. Hunger, an all encompassing hunger overwhelms you. You feel parched along with this sudden hunger and it doesn't leave you until you've moved far from the Endless Itch Egg. Somehow this small egg feels warm and able to withstand great pressure. If someone or something wanted to destroy this egg (why though?!) the onlooker senses it would take massive amounts of force! Don't forget to scratch that itch. Itchy, itchy!
Egg Inspiration: Fleas
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom-
Egg Name: Bumbleegg
Egg Description: This egg is big and sort of… cute. It's black and gold stripes give it a cheerful look, and it reclines in the sands comfortably. It's slightly rounded around the middle, leaving it with a chubby appearance. Those who touch the soft surface will feel a buzzing vibration, deep in their bones. Some candidates will find it comforting, while others will find the sensation unpleasant or even frightening.
Egg Inspiration: The Western Honey Bee, Apis mellifera
Egg Credit: Kitya
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