Gold Tylaith x Bronze Cioruath Egg List T2

These are the eggs of gold Tylaith's 1st clutch, sired by bronze Cioruath.

Total: 21 eggs

Name: Snowy Boughs Egg
Description: Gentle speckles of white and icy blue fall upon the top of this egg, each dot seamlessly blending together when viewed from afar. This deposit of snow rests precariously on top of the egg and it seems that even the softest breath would send it tumbling to the sand. The snowy mottles, in colors so cool they could send a shiver up your spine, drift downwards, contrasting with the rich, dark green that encompasses this egg’s lower half. Hues from evergreen to juniper blend quietly under the snow, with brief flashes of brown visible from underneath the verdant streaks.
Inspiration: When the winter sun rises after a long night of snow, the trees stand amongst themselves stoically. The boughs of the noble evergreens are loaded with their snowy burden, waiting for springtime to come and melt it away.
Credit: Cassie

Name: The Coldheart Egg
Description: To the naked eye the egg looks pure white, glistening and pure on the hatching sands. Even from only a few feet away it still looks pure white. Once you’re close enough to touch it though you can actually see that the top and bottom of the egg are flecked with spots of grey, like it’s been covered in glitter at the top and bottom. The rest of the shell is also covered in these small flecks of grey though you can’t tell.
Inspiration: Nursery snow cards - we’ve all made those card covered in silver glitter and cotton wool, right?
Credit: Lark

Name: Peppermint Bark Egg
Description: This is a very nicely shaped egg, a good oval shape with a nice creamy white color. The shell is a bit uneven all across, almost like melted white chocolate that didn’t re-harden flat. As a matter of fact, the shell is that perfect white chocolate color that just begs for a tongue to taste it. Streaks of faint pink and red crisscross the egg as if someone dropped food dye on it before it was done. If you get close to this egg you can almost smell the minty sugar smell of peppermint.
Inspiration: I love chocolate peppermint bark.
Credit: Stolenhart

Name: Shiny Tinsel Baubles Egg
Description: Oh how this egg sparkles and shines! This egg is so decorative, it just forces you to look at it. All over this egg are round spots of different colors, but how bright and shiny they are! As if this weren't enough, what appears to be strands of tinsel squiggle and wind and wrap all around this egg, shining and shimmering in the light. There are so many colors on this egg it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins! Yes, this small egg is definitely shouting out for you to look at how truly decorative it really is.
Inspiration: What is any tree without its decorations? This egg is inspired by all the bright and shiny baubles and the colourful and sometimes-eaten-by-cats tinsel! Watch your cats this season, everyone!
Credit: Kat

Name: All In White Egg
Description:This egg is small, almost small enough some think it could be a dud. It's shell is a pristine white, untouched by any other color. It reminds some of a fresh snowfall, before the snow has been walked on.
Inspiration: A Snow Flake
Credit: Velcro

Name: Roasting Chestnuts Egg
Description: This medium sized egg has a warm and inviting aura to attract anyone to it. The underlying color is a rustic soft brown and red mix. The base color colors the bottom of the egg and lightens and changes gradually for a two inches into a warm glowing redish orange color. Looking to be like the start of a fire as it moves up into the dark golden color of flames licking up the side of the egg, as if the egg was what was on fire. There is a graying smoke that lifts up from the flames to gently waft around the top of the egg. Creating a gray ring. The rest of the egg is a creamy soft white.
Inspiration: This egg is inspired by the image of a roasting fire.
Credit: Wingrider

Name: The Big Red Fellow Egg
Description: This large egg is very round looking, even for a egg. It shell is a mainly a bright crimson red, with a band around the middle of black first, with what looks like a gold adornment of some type on the band. Under the band, is another band, but this one is an off white, and looks like it should be fluffy to the touch.
Inspiration: Santa Claus
Credit: Velcro

Name: Sugary Sweet Egg
Description: This medium sized egg looks a little bit rounder and fatter than the others. The shell is a pale cream color with white sprinkled throughout, almost like powdered sugar. The tip of the shell is a bright red, like a cherry perched on top of the egg.
Inspiration: Sufganiyot, a round, fruit-filled doughnut traditionally eaten on Hanukkah.
Credit: Dragonfire

Name: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Egg
Description: After the litter of countless other presents lay to the way side - their crumpled forms taking on speckled patterns, and skewed along arbitrarily on the egg - only one remains: the long box hardly seen amongst the evergreen that dominates the egg. In it's bow-tied form one can only imagine the gift of their dreams, the one that was denied over and over but now seems just only outside of your grasp. Is it that slingshot? Or toy bow and arrow set? Or is it another pair of socks that will only be tossed aside like the blue and red wrappings scattered around?
Inspiration: The Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle. In 'A Christmas Story', Ralphie wants nothing more than the Red Ryder BB Gun despite being told "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out".
Credit: Vandelay

Name: Shimmering Delight Egg
Description: Pointier than normal, this egg is an almost translucent creamy white that at first doesn't catch the eye. After you have walked around the clutch however, you notice something strange. From one side it is creamy white, from the next pale red, from another green and from yet another, blue! They light catches and mesmerises with each turn of your head and you are hard pressed to look away. You realise it has the sheen that some of the shells found on the beach and can't help but wonder what beauty it hides, and if it will be as shiny as the egg it was hatched from.
Inspiration: An absolutely stunning set of opalescent icicles that I want so badly but they are solid glass and my kids would break em if they ended up on my tree
Credit: Mayhem

Name: The Shining Star Egg
Description: This medium egg is rather pointed at it's tip, with it's base being a tad bit wider than usual for a an egg. It's shell is a blinding yellow-white, like the sun's light, with a distinctive golden sheen. If you stare at his egg long enough, it may begin to look like it is emitting light.
Inspiration: The Christmas Tree Star
Credit: Velcro

Name: The Milk and Cookies Egg
Description: How do you think Sandy Claws got so pleasantly plump? That's right! All those milk and cookies left out by the boys and girls. Maybe this is why this particular egg got so big! One of the largest in the bunch, the Milk and Cookies egg just begs you to nom some of your own. It has a creamy white shell, but throughout it it has ginger colored spots, and there are black spots inside of those, and at random places on the egg-they are small and blockish-is that a chocolate chip you see? You better run to the cupboards before you get tempted to taste this egg and see if it really is!
Inspiration: This egg was inspired by the age old tradition of leaving Milk and Cookies out for Santa, in return for all those nice presents he gives you. Personally? He should cut back, but hey, who are we to comaplain? Cookies and Milk for presents? Sounds like we got the good end of this deal!
Credit: Kat

Name: The Blueheart Egg
Description: The base colour of the egg is a blue; starts off as a darker royal shade towards the top and gets lighter as you go up until it hits a watery, ice blue. The top part of the shell is white, glistening and pure without a single blemish! It almost looks like someone washed away the blue in streaks as the white drips down the sides, never going further then the middle. It’s one of the smaller eggs and looks very dainty standing there slightly tilted to the side.
Inspiration: Icicles! Can’t have snow without ice, no winter should be without it.
Credit: Lark

Name: Give Us a Kiss Egg
Description: This smaller egg is a bright medium green, verdant and festive. This colour forms the base coat of the egg, touches of yellow adding depth to the shell's hue. Perfectly circular spots of pearly white are arranged in bunches here and there on the shell, giving the impression of plump roundness.
Inspiration: Mistletoe! Tradition says that if you're under it with someone else you have to kiss. Awww.
Credit: Emma

Name: Christmas Tree Egg
Description: A large egg with very little physical flaws in its shell, a rather festive shade of bright green with, on closer look, billions of darker green lines cutting across it, making it almost look like an evergreen tree from a distance. Tiny specks of white shell are visible at points, like wisps of snow on tree branches. But that is not all. Splashes of red, white and gold can be seen hanging from its’ ‘boughs’ almost as if this egg is indeed a Christmas Tree. It almost makes you want to go and put presents under it.
Inspiration The Christmas trees from the claymation Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
Credit: Stolenhart

Name: Symbols Egg
Description: This egg's background is a light brown. There are grainy markings in the shell, making it look almost like it was carved out of a block of wood. All across the egg are strange, blue markings. Some candidates swear that the markings look almost like letters, but if they are, they are certainly not in our language.
Inspiration: A dreidel.
Credit: Dragonfire

Name: Yummy Peppermint Treat Egg
Description: This egg looks so yummy that you just might want to gobble it up! Bright red, green and white stripes run in a diagonal patter of a continual swirl all up and down this egg. It looks smaller in stature and sits in the sands at a rather jaunty angle-is it whispering 'eat me…?'. Must be your imagination! There seems to be a shine to it that looks like it has been polished to perfection, and you could swear that there's an almost minty smell coming from it!
Inspiration: This egg is inspired by none other than a candy cane, everyone's favorite yummy and minty holiday season treat!
Credit: Kat

Name: The Evergreen Egg
Description: What a pretty green egg! It looks like it is made up of pine needles, bluish green in color and all interlapping one another. Sometimes they are lighter blue-green, other times they are darker. In spots there are whiteish yellow little spaces, just like the sunlight filtering through the needles in the trees outside! It looks so realistic, you have to poke it just to remind yourself that the needles aren't real-they're on a lovely smooth eggshell to the smallish yet almost medium sized egg you're admiring.
Inspiration: In honor of the Evergreen trees that are used to become trees in which we decorate in our homes. Remember everyone, take a tree, plant a tree. So the cycle can be continued!
Credit: Kat

Name: A Gift of an Egg
Description: Red is the theme of this egg, wrapping around the shell and encompassing it wholly. It's a rich colour, one you wouldn't expect to find in nature, with a healthy, inviting gleam. Ribbons of silver encircle the egg, one horizontally around its fattest part, and one vertically. Squiggles of silver that could almost be described as decorative bows are placed carefully at each of the two points where the bands cross.
Inspiration: A stereotypical wrapped present, like you might find under a Christmas tree.
Credit: Emma

Name: Sparkly Frosted Flakes Egg
Description: What would this time of year be without snow? This egg seems to know the importance of the sparkling snow that falls down on everything, painting the ground and trees sparkling white. Just like the snowflakes that fall from the sky, this egg seems to have the faint pattern of snowflakes all over, each one unique and different. The whole of the egg sparkles and shimmers as if sunlight on freshly fallen snow, and it's almost hard to look at it for too long without becoming mesmerized-or going blind! The egg is medium sized, giving no clue as to what might be inside.
Inspiration: Named for the snow that falls from the sky, each snowflake different from one another, this egg also reminds one of a certain cereal-it's greeeat!
Credit: Kat

Name: ‘Twas The Night Before Egg
Description: Inky midnight blue casts its shade across this egg. Though deep, definite jewel blue tones shine through the night sky, its color is primarily a uniform dark blue with shimmers here and there. Soft, snow laden clouds of silvery white hang loftily around the egg’s apex, calmly waiting for the hatchling inside to part. Hiding behind the clouds, haphazardly scattered across the sky, bronzey-gold speckles shine through. These stars possess no luminosity of their own, but when the light hits this egg just right you could almost see them twinkle. And there- towards the top of the egg –a conspicuous silhouette, looking like a sleigh being driven by tiny figures, weaves in between the clouds. This small detail would be easily lost against the dark night sky if not for a glowing speck of cherry red leading the way.
Inspiration: After a night of delivering presents to all the good little girls and boys, Santa packs up his sleigh and lifts off into the night, proclaiming “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” This egg is based off of Clement C. Moore’s famous poem.
Credit: Cassie

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