Gold Ilayth x Bronze Vroleith T1 Egglist

These are the eggs of gold Ilayth's 26th clutch, sired by bronze Vroleith. The eggs hatched on the 20th of September 2008 OOC; late spring of Turn 1, 8th Pass IC.

Total: 18 eggs

Name: All the Colours of the Rainbow Egg
Description: An explosion of colour makes this egg really stand out. The shell is covered in a multitude of tiny circles in various colours: purple, red, green, yellow, and orange. The colours are bright and glossy, and some of the circles have what looks like a small white 'S' in the middle of them.
Inspiration: Skittles are deliciously sugary sweets easily recognised by the 'S's on their hard shells. Filled with a soft, almost gum-like filling, their fruity flavours and bright colours make them popular. This egg uses the colours of the original Skittles.
Credit: Emma

Name: Fluffy Squishy Toasty Egg
Description: This egg looks almost puffy. While not particularly colourful to look at with its patches of pink, white and even pale blue, it looks pale and dull. It does have a somehow soft look to it though, covered in dots as though it has little air bubbles beneath the coloured surface, implying a not quite solid structure. The very bottom of the egg is browned, as though the egg was held over a fire.
Inspiration: Marshmallows, the soft, squishy treat. They can also be toasted over a fire…mmm.
Credit: Emma

Name: What's That in the Sky? Egg
Description: The whole of this egg is dominated by numerous flattened discs of colour with bulges in their centres. The discs are two-toned: those that seem to be tilted have coloured upper halves and white lower halves. Blue, pink, yellow and green are the predominant colours. In the middle of the egg one disc seems to have been ripped open, and a shower of fine white powder emerges from it.
Inspiration: Flying saucers are one of those sweets that just get you wired. The saucers are made of a starchy, edible material, and are filled with sherbet.
Credit: Emma

Name: String 'n' Beads Egg
Description: Winding around the shell of this egg are what look like neat lines of small discs, almost like beads on an endless string. Indeed, a white line can be seen between the bigger gaps between the yellow, white, blue, pink and green beads.
Inspiration: Dolly beads are necklaces made of elasticated string with candy beads on them. Edible necklaces! Bracelets with an edible "watch" on are also available, though this egg is based on the original necklace.
Credit: Emma

Name: Pink Cloud Egg
Description: This egg is…pink! A first glance makes it seem as though it's a solid colour, but a second look shows that in fact it's covered in swirly, curly lines of light pink, layered over one another until the overall effect is of an entirely pink shell. The centre of the egg's shell is a darker pink, as though a 'core', the colour paling outwards from there.
Inspiration: Candy floss, or cotton candy, is a popular treat at funfairs. Who knew spun sugar could be so delicious?
Credit: Emma

Name: Sticky Black Egg
Description: Black is the colour of this egg: a shiny, gorgeous black. Well, mostly: white lines hint at strings and ropes of black coiled about the egg, swirling into coils in places. At some points the colour looks marked, as though fingerprints have been left on its surface.
Inspiration: Liquorice is a strongly-flavoured but popular sweet, usually sold as ropes or coiled in wheels.
Credit: Emma

Name: Multi Layered Egg
Description: The top of this egg is white, but it's the only bit that is. Moving down the shell, there are bands of different colours: blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, even a polkadot one. The shell also has a strange effect to it, as though each band is slightly further inside the egg than the last.
Inspiration: Gobstoppers come in all kinds of colours and sizes and flavours.
Credit: Emma

Name: Great Gummi Egg
Description: This egg is a most peculiar colour indeed: it's a reddish-orange, but it almost looks as though its translucent (and shiny as well). Even stranger is the effect of a face near the top of the egg, though it's no human face. It looks like it has a snout and rounded ears.
Inspiration: Gummi bears are popular treats, found both on their own and mixed in with other sweets.
Credit: Emma

Name: Pure White Egg
Description: This egg is a pure, almost brilliant white - it's enough to make your eyes hurt if looked at too long. A closer look at the egg reveals it has a surface that looks rough, almost powdery, with hints of very light grey proving the effect. However, the egg is perfectly smooth - it's just the pattern of the colour.
Inspiration: Mints are probably considered an old-fashioned sweet, but are still popular today. They're also great for freshening the breath! This egg is inspired by mint imperials.
Credit: Emma

Name: Fudgetastic Egg
Description: Smooth, buttery brown envelopes the entirety of this egg. Mixed in with the brown are darker shades, one the rich colour of klah and others slightly lighter, the colour of strong tea. Swirls of cream can be seen near the bottom of the shell, while purple ovoids are arranged near the top, as if half-submerged in the shell.
Inspiration: Sugar, butter, and milk: who'da thought they could combine to make the delicious treat that is fudge. There are all sorts of varieties. Windsor has a brilliant shop called the "Fudge Kitchen" where you can buy all different types by weight.
Credit: Emma

Name: Pink Shrimp Egg
Description: Pink, pink, and pink all over. But what's this? This egg may be pink, but the different shades of the colour form shapes, almost oval in shape. They look almost like the small sea creatures sometimes served at mealtimes. There are hints of big eyes and what look like curved, segmented tails.
Inspiration: Pink shrimps are usually found in pick and mixes, along with their fellow foam sweets the bananas. Giant pink shrimps are a rare delight, as their smaller cousins are most common.
Credit: Emma

Name: Hyperactive Rainbow Egg
Description: A multi-coloured egg is this, and a bright one to boot. Pink, yellow, green and blue siwrl and whirl about the shell, combining and clashing in a mad explosion of colour. A closer look reveals that the colours seem to be made up of millions of tiny dots, almost like fine grains of sand.
Inspiration: Similar to pixie sticks, Rainbow Dust straws are giant straws of multicoloured sherbert. Delicious, but bound to give you a sugar rush.
Credit: Emma

Name: Sugar Explosion Egg
Description: Boom! White! That's this egg! For the most part, anyway: there are flashes of red and yellow mixed in with the pure white on its shell. In the middle of one side there's a giant stick of dark, shiny black, one end missing as though buried in the white of shell.
Inspiration: Sherbert fountains are thick tubes of sherbert with a liquorice stick, making them look very much like dynamite.
Credit: Emma

Name: Swirly Whirly Chocolate Egg
Description: On a white background, decorative brown chains encircle this egg - three of them, running horizontally around its shell. They're a dark chocolate brown in colour, though here and there a lighter caramel brown can be seen peeking through. One could almost imagine the pattern, with two intersecting lines weaving over and under each other, on a piece of furniture.
Inspiration: Curly Wurlies are chocolate-covered caramel bars. In 2004 they were found to be the UK's most popular chocolate bar still in production.
Credit: Emma

Name: Bottled Drink Egg
Description: Brown brown and brown: that's the way to describe this egg. But it's not all one shade. No, the top half of this egg is a light, almost creamy brown, the colour darkening slightly before suddenly changing to a deep brown hue. Near the middle of the egg, three horizontal stripes of white can be seen.
Inspiration: Cola bottles are little gummy sweets in the shape of - yep, cola bottles. They even taste like cola! You can even get fizzy versions for an extra sugary taste.
Credit: Emma

Name: Sugary Fruit Egg
Description: In dark colours, this egg is almost a sombre one. Black, green, red, orange - event he yellow is a dark shade, far from bright. But the egg has an almost crystalline appearance, as if it has been showered with crushed diamonds to produce a glittering effect.
Inspiration: Fruit pastilles (more specifically, Rowntree's) are fruit-flavoured circular jelly sweets covered in sugar. They don't sound delicious, but they're something special.
Credit: Emma

Name: Sweet Rodent Egg
Description: Two shades of pink dominate this egg: light and dark. They alternate around the shell in strange shapes, with rounded, wide ends at the bottom of the egg coming into a thin section, before forming a triangular shape towards the top. On the triangular section are small black marks, almost like eyes, while it looks like string is coiled around the very bottom of the egg.
Inspiration: Sugar mice are a very traditional sweet - even more so given their tails made of string.
Credit: Emma

Name: A Quart of Cola Egg
Description: This egg is a perfectly delightful shade of reddish pink, the colour of a summer sunset. What really makes it stand out though is the way it looks like it's dusted with sweetener - or maybe ground diamonds, to judge by the slight shimmer the shell has.
Inspiration: Cola cubes are traditionally sold in imperial measurements, such as the quart.
Credit: Emma

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