Gold Tylaith x Bronze Cioruath Egg List T3

These are the eggs of gold Tylaith's second clutch, sired by bronze Cioruath. The description theme was "cocktails and mocktails".

Total: 20 eggs

Egg Name: Tastes Like Purple Egg
Egg Description: From the bottom up this short, squat egg is darkest maroon, almost purple if one looks at it from the right direction. The further up you go, the more blue the shell's colour gets, moving through mid purple through to true blue, a quite pleasant transition as it's so smooth. At the rounded peak of the egg, pure medium blue is dominant. It's disturbingly bright and artificial-looking, not the sort of colour you'd expect in nature.
Egg Inspiration Cheeky Vimto does not actually contain the soft drink Vimto. Rather, it's a mixture of port and WKD blue (an alcopop). It's surprisingly delicious though, tasting like its namesake - but being much more alcoholic!
Credit: Emma

Egg Name: The Piece of Cake Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a lovely shade of pale brown, the color of hazlenut. Its base is shot through with streaks of an even paler tan, as though the hazlenut had a lighter something mixed in, and its top is speckled with white, almost like someone sprinkled a bit of sugar over it. On one side, standing out from the brown, is a vibrant green streak, tracing from the tip of the egg to just below the middle, narrowing to a point at both ends. It seems quite the sweetheart, but looking at it one can't help but get the feeling there might be a trick to its hatching.
Egg Inspiration: German Chocolate Cake shot, the bestest shot ever
Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Blue Sky Egg
Egg Description: The base color of the egg is a light but vibrant shade of blue, fairly consistent in color all across the surface, though there are variations in a couple places, more like patterns on top of the blue than anything. In a band around the middle, there are periodic whorls of bluish-white, and down along the bottom of the egg some wisps of what might be yellow.
Egg Inspiration: Malibu Surf Martini, a mix of coconut rum, blue Curacao, and pineapple juice, this martini is about as sweet as they come, like liquid candy with a kick of alcohol.
Credit: Hikaru

Egg Name: Slow Southern Drawl Egg
Egg Description: Shades of brown float across this egg, from a vaguely translucent caramel to a deeper, thicker chocolate. Strangely, bubbles appear to float up casually from the egg’s base, obviously in no hurry to meet the atmosphere. Perched upon the apex, a slice of bright green balances. Rather round and fat in shape, this egg looks quite content to sit back and relax.
Egg Inspiration: Southern Comfort and Coke with lime inspires this egg and happens to be one of my favorites. There’s nothing “wild” about this concoction- it’s just a simple mix to sit back and sip on the porch on a warm summer evening. The spices in the Southern Comfort combine with the Coke to create something with just a hint of vanilla, while the lime brightens it up.
Credit: Cassie

Egg Name: The Oatmeal Cookie Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is one overall color, all swirled together, and a slight sheen to it's shell is evident. It's color is a wonderful milky tan color, which holds hints of something more devious underneath it. The texture seems to be smooth all around, and with the deceptive creamy tan color, this egg could hold an unexpected punch. The color and texture of the egg seem to remind some people of home, with the rich smell of cookies wafting through the air.
Egg Inspiration: An Oatmeal cookie shot which is equal parts Jagermeister, Bailey's, Buttershots and Hotdamn. Packs quite a punch and tastes exactly like an oatmeal cookie!
Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Old Man Egg
Egg Description: This tiny egg is a startlingly bright orange colour with the occasional area of paler orange and one long streak of yellow running diagonally from the top and petering out half way down the side. The surface is also extremely glossy and coupled with the bright colouration, this serves to attract the viewers' attention despite the diminutive size of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Godfather Sours: sweet yet bitter with a distinct taste of bourbon. Comprised of amaretto, bourbon, the juice of half a lemon, two spoons of sugar and two dashes of bitters. Served on the rocks with a wedge of lemon.
Credit: Legal

Egg Name: …Three Tequila, Floor! Egg
Egg Description: A warm amber washes over the egg, a color so radiant you can almost feel its fire in the back of your throat. And while the color appears to shine like glass, the texture of this egg is quite surprising. If one were to run their hand over the shell, they would find it riddled with tiny grains that almost resemble salt. Even though this egg sits quietly enough on the sands, you can’t help but wonder if it’s actually up to something. Its perpetually crooked stance does nothing to improve this impression either.
Egg Inspiration: The infamous Mexican agave-derived spirit known as Tequila. Often drunk in shots with salt and limes, this “scorpion honey” has quite the reputation among pop culture for being a trouble maker. Its name comes from the well known saying "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!"
Credit: Cassie

Egg Name: Molotov Cocktail
Egg Description: This particular egg is a bit strange looking. It's shell is an opaque, nearly clear color like the tuber alcohol some of the holds are known for. The shell is very smooth, not pitted and marked like some of it's clutchmates. The top of it looks as though at one point it was set on fire then quickly blown out, leaving a dark brown smudged stain. This egg is fairly normal looking except for it's smudge.
Egg Inspiration: A simple Molotov cocktail which is nothing more than vodka and some rum. The rum of course is set on fire to spice things up. I just liked the name.
Credit: Stolenhart

Egg Name: Golden Apples Egg
Egg Description: A slow, radiant glow seems to emanate from this egg. Slowly, swirls of burnt golden apple cider float across the surface of this sphere, lazily dancing back and forth. But there’s a little bit of spice to this egg. If you can get close enough, you could almost detect a sniff of cinnamon. And what’s this? Amongst its liquid surface, careful flecks of gold shimmer here and there, not immediately visible but if the light catches it just right…
Egg Inspiration: Warm apple cider with a dash of Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps is the perfect concoction for a chilly Autumn day. Golden Apples have all the sweetness and tartness of a good Autumn apple cider, with the cinnamon spice of Goldschlager. That'll warm you right up!
Credit: Cassie

Egg Name: Candy Coloured Concoction Egg
Egg Description: Delightfully bright, this egg's shell is coloured with three distinctly different hues. At the very top is brilliant blue with a hint of green, like a tropical ocean. In the middle, a band of yellow, which makes a quick change into ruby red around the bottom of the egg. The egg is quite tall and slim, as though slightly stretched, but stands out nevertheless due to its vibrant colours.
Egg Inspiration The Jelley Baby is a cocktail that relies heavily on careful layers to achieve its attractive appearance. It's composed of vodka, grenadine, peach schnapps, blue curaçao, and pineapple juice.
Credit: Emma

Egg Name: The Éireannach(Irish) Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a very graceful shade of pale cream, with hints of a slightly darker tan color running throughout. On the small side, this egg could easily go overlooked if it weren't for the very daring darker coffee-colored streaks running round its base in a lovely Celtic knotwork pattern.. It looks sweet enough to be a dessert made by a world-class French chef in the best restaurant in Paris, yet there's still a definite sauciness about the way some of those dark coffee streaks tease upwards, flashing into the lighter top of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: The Naked Irishwoman and Celtic Goddess cocktails. Bailey's Irish Liqueur and Godiva chocolate make a Naked Irishwoman. Add coffee to make her a Celtic Goddess
Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Pinchaser Egg
Egg Description: A medium-sized egg that is tinted with orange and the faintest touches of cherry red added tastefully about its shell, the Pinchaser Egg is an attention-grabbing and startlingly bright member of the Clutch. Its base is a deep, rich amber, and the citrus orange that spills around haphazardly streaks across in several places. The bands of orange have a small, narrow streak of cherry red in the very middle, giving the egg a very blaring appearance. The small stripes seem to drag the eye along them, giving it a somewhat hypnotic effect.
Egg Inspiration: A pinchaser cocktail. Link to it goes here.
Credit: Zakkie

Egg Name: Firebombs away! egg
Egg Description: This egg is slender and taller than most eggs. Most striking though is the colouring. This egg is comprised of three straight separations of colour. A deep brownish red makes up the lowest third of this egg, this colour deep and dense yet seeming to hold a hint of translucency that gives an illusion of depth. The middle third comprises of a pale beige-cream that lends a velvety look to the egg, it draws the eye and makes you want to stoke it. The top third is a translucent yet opaque orange which almost seems to glow. This glow effect is further enhanced by the blue tip which if you didn’t know better, gives the impression that this egg is flaming gently at the tip.
Egg Inspiration: Flaming B-52, a layered cocktail made of Tia Maria or Kahula, then Bailey’s Irish Cream then topped off with Grand Marnier. The top layer of Grand Marnier is heated before pouring to improve flammability and is then set on fire before serving.
Credit: Mayhem

Egg Name: Little Green Fairy Egg
Egg Description: While among the smallest of its clutchmates, this egg won’t be easily lost. Fluid, shining shades of emerald and lime swirl together to create an equally spritely and malicious concoction. With each new angle, this egg takes on a different shade, a different sparkle. And sparkle it does! While its bigger golden sister might shine like brightly polished metal, there’s a more gemstone like quality to this one. But there’s something mischievous about the way this egg’s grassy green and royal jade tones glitter…
Egg Inspiration: "Absinthe has a wonderful color, green. A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?" –Oscar Wilde
Credit: Cassie

Egg Name: Three strikes and you're golden Egg
Egg Description: One of the larger eggs of the clutch, this egg could easily be a bronze, but the hints of gold flashed across it could just as easily point to a gold. A warm honey tone suffuses this egg, with the light seeming to refract off it in a way that leads the eye to believe the shell is translucent. No amount of examining can put the mind at rest as to whether it is or not, but either way, something hints at the hatchling inside. Perhaps markings on the egg itself, or perhaps the shell is thin enough to allow light to shine through it's delicate surface. Sparkles and hints of gold shimmer at seemingly different depths and lend an air of looking deep into a glass of liquid with particles of gold hanging in it.
Egg Inspiration: Gold Strike, a cinnamon liquor by Bols. In my opinion it's smoother and has more gold bits in it and is perfect on it's own.
Credit: Mayhem

Egg Name: The Fresh Zing Egg
Egg Description: Average in size, this egg looks cold to the touch. Frost covered etchings of ice pattern the entire egg, overlain a veil of bright yellow, near liquid looking coloring. Sugary white crystals speckle the yellow expanse, giving the egg a false glittering appearance. The top of the egg is crowned with fringed edged wedges resembling bold green leaves. They number three in all and are sprinkled with sugary patterns as well.
Egg Inspiration: The Fresh Zing Egg was inspired by the Mint Julep, a cocktail that became popular in the 1920s.
Credit: Vivid

Egg Name: Island Delights Egg
Egg Description: Bright green and yellow, this egg is the colour of fruit juices sipped on the beach on a hot summer's day. The green has pooled at the base of this medium-sized egg, while yellow dominates the rest of the shell. Two sharp slashes of colour decorate the tip of the ovoid: one green, one yellow.
Egg Inspiration Thunder from Down Under is a cocktail available at Que Pasa. It is made of rum, melon liqueur, and lemon, lime and pineapple juices, and garnished with lemon and lime slices. A very fruity concoction overall!
Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Merry Mauve Egg
Egg Description: If it was possible for an egg to look sweet and innocent, this one would take the cake. It's almost perfectly round, although it keeps its oblong shape by tapering to a rounded point on the top. it's slightly shorter than the other eggs, but makes it up by having a wider circumference. A rich, pink-red color bubbles up from the bottom of this egg, almost seeming to sparkle with grains of silver color small enough not to interrupt the mauve. It pales towards the top, but not all uniform; there seem to be waves and ripples across this egg. Near the top, the egg is so pale a pink that it is almost white.. and then abruptly, a perfectly round, bright red circle adorns the very tippy-top of this egg.
Egg Inspiration: The most well-known mocktail, the Shirley Temple (also known as a Roy Rodgers), is made of refreshing ginger ale && lemon lime soda, and colored a pinky-red by a dash of grenadine, with a maraschino cherry on top. Who wouldn't like a Shirley Temple?
Credit: Haku

Egg Name: Dusty Cocoa Egg
Egg Description: The Dusty Cocoa Egg has a dark brown base that lightens into a shade of ecru towards the top. Accross the surface are a sprinkling of dark brown freckles that contrast nicely with this creamy colour. The egg also appears to have less of a prominent ovoid shape than its fellows. Though these neutral colours do not make this egg stand out amongst its brightly coloured neighbours, the eggs large size and slightly squashed appearance do at least set it apart.
Egg Inspiration: Chocolatini: thick creamy and desceptively absent of any strong alcoholic taste. Comprised of vanilla vodka, baileys, creme de cacao and a dash of cream. Served straight in a martini glass dusted with cocoa and with a magic straw.
Credit: Legal

Egg Name: Shockingly Blue Egg
Egg Description: While its size might not make this egg stick out, the screaming neon colors will surely call the candidates over. A wash of yellow, bright and sunny, flows down from the top of this egg, almost as if someone were pouring the lemon colored liquid upon Tylaith’s egg. Underneath, the yellow sloshes into a vibrant electric blue. But instead of meeting in the middle and creating an equally fluorescent green color, the yellow seems to lose itself in the blue. If anything, their meeting point only screams an even louder aqua color. Even in the dark, this egg is still all too bright.
Egg Inspiration: A simple concoction of lemonade and UV Blue vodka, Blue Lemonade is a tartly delightful mix. A little goes a long way with this stuff though- the vodka taste is cleverly masked by a blue raspberry flavor that also gives its brighty color. Don’t have too much fun, this isn’t your grandma’s lemonade!
Credit: Cassie

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