Gold Siheth x Bronze Hrementh Egg List T4

These are the eggs of gold Siheth's first clutch, sired by bronze Hrementh. The description theme was "operas and operettas".

Total: 27 eggs

Egg Name: Treasure of the River Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits innocently where it was laid, neither listing to one side nor seeming to be anything but what it is: an egg. Its coloring is light and pale, pastel blues and whites mixed together almost like running water along its surface, with hints of pale gold shot through here and there like sunlight on the water. It is only if one looks deeper that another image can almost be made out: that of a pale golden ring around its middle, composed of those same hints of gold that show through the water-colors. It seems innocent enough, and yet there is still something ominous about the hidden image within the shell.
Egg Inspiration: Das Rhinegold, the first of Wagner's Ring Cycle.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Sorcerer’s Egg
Egg Description: This egg is somewhat smaller than others in the clutch and sits gleaming in the light of the glows to one side of the main group. The swirling blacks and purples on the shell at first appear light-hearted and warm; however as one looks at the egg more intently it gives an increasingly acute feeling of foreboding. The colours that had before seemed so bright and exciting now appear to twist and entwine as if conspiring to block out all light from the surface of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Sorcerer. [SPOILERS] The sorcerer deals with a love potion distributed in an English village in order to solve the numerous problems with the villagers’ relationships with humorous results as the most unlikely pairings are realised. The conclusion of the story sees the villagers rallying to murder the sorcerer that had sold the love potion in order to reverse its effects. This is one of the few Gilbert and Sullivan operas that deal with death, and in this case, the death of an innocent.
Egg Credit: Legal

Egg Name: Esoteric Educational Egg
Egg Description: This perfectly-proportioned, medium-sized egg draws the eye with the complxity of the patterns that mark its shell. At the prolate end is a patterning of lines that could have been drawn with a ruler, forming a perfectly right-angled triangle surrounded by curious wedge-shaped markings and cojoined squares, some shaded with dark tones and others a pale near-white. Colourful blotches around the ovoid sides form the shapes of a variety of creatures of Pern. Fish, herdbeasts and runnerbeasts, wherries, tunnelsnakes and firelizards all parade with order and precision along to the slightly oblate end.
Egg Inspiration: I am the very model of a modern Major-General
Egg Credit: Quidnunc

Egg Name: The String of Pearls Egg
Egg Description: This egg exudes stately confidence, though it doesn't scream for attention like some of the more gaudy or brightly colored eggs. Instead, this egg is a light, creamy pearl colored white with an overlay of soft, pale pink in the most intricate pattern, like a grand piece of lace. This feminine design stops just short of covering the whole egg, ending abruptly just before the bottom base.
Egg Inspiration: Gilbert and Sullivan's Princess Ida
Egg Credit: Stonewall

Egg Name: Cursed Sailor Egg
Egg Description: The Cursed Sailor Egg is, in spite of its name, a cheery looking egg. It looks more optimistic than anything else, really. The egg can sometimes sway amusingly, as if it is not to unsteady on its perch on the Sands. Its color is unremarkable: a sort of pale black or brown, with a glowy green surrounding darker stripes of black. Whenever someone leaves the egg, it seems regretful, as if it is worried that it did something to offend the person leaving, and wants to make up for it. There is never anything that this good-natured egg did wrong, though.
Egg Inspiration: The Flying Dutchman
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: The Feathers Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this egg seems to shine an almost pale sky blue, soft and innocent. As you draw closer to the egg though small patters start to form, as if someone had taken the time to etch out patterns in gold on the seemingly fragile shell. As you examine the lines and swirls on the shell you are able to make out the pattern of a large feather spanning the entire width of the egg. However if one were to look closer into the feather, more images start to come forth. A small flute, and the carefully placed position off leaves throwing off a more troubled look.
Egg Inspiration:The Magic Flute - Mozart
Egg Credit: Chehero

Egg Name: Cultivate Your Garden Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks like it's rolled a lot further than just around the Sands. Quite round for an egg with what looks to be a coating of travel dust upon it's surface. Upon closer inspection there's a plethora of colours smashed and cracked across it's surface. The bottom part is mostly brown zigzagged with black and pools of red. The top half is more blue green, with a large white waveform cresting the top; specks of brown and beige and white are in some places and if one was able to get close enough to inspect they could play that trick that clouds do; appearing to be a person or a boat or a bit of driftwood.
Egg Inspiration: Candide (I thought this sounded suitably like Candidate and it was meant to be a comedy!)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Winged Helmet Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits with dignity, its shell a shade of pale silver very like to polished metal, if with a more matte finish. On its narrow top, darker grey lines can be seen streaking across its surface, seeming to form the shape of a winged helm. More lines streak across the rest of it, as if giving the egg a shirt of scale-mail armor. Yet, beneath the grey something else can be seen, a ring of yellow barely visible through the 'armor' going right around the middle. It seems almost forboding as the egg sits quietly, awaiting its time.
Egg Inspiration: Die Walküre, the second in Wagner's Ring Cycle
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Your Shape Stupendous Egg
Egg Description: Although it's lying on heated sands, this largish egg seems to flicker with its own personal fire. The wider end of the egg is tinted in desert browns and greys, but as you pass to the smaller end the shell blooms into a massive upthrusting cloud of gold-tinged red. The very tip of the egg is colored cobalt blue.
Bars and circles of greenish-black ring the midway point of the shell in a curious pattern, while long brown sweeps of color drift almost featherlike to the sandy base.
Egg Inspiration: This egg is based on the modern opera Doctor Atomic by John Adams. It's about the 1945 atomic bomb tests at Los Alamos; in particular, this egg is in honor of the last scene where the cast watches the first blast through goggles, or holds up darkened pieces of glass to their eyes. The sweeps of brown are feathers from the headdresses of the Native American tribes watching.
Then the stage goes dark, and you hear a child's voice asking for water in Japanese - a quote from the novel Hiroshima.
Egg name comes from the chorus at the end of act II; it is part of the Bhagavad-Gita.
This holds a fabled place in my household for Most Unexpected To Be Sung About In Opera, But We Should Have Known Someone Would Do It. It's got everything: military men singing about the betting pool for the explosion measurement, Oppenheimer angsting while his wife wonders if he'll ever come home for a good dinner, Native Americans singing about the Ghost Dance…it has to be seen to be believed.
Egg Credit: Eclipse

Egg Name: Meddlesome Gods Egg
Egg Description: The Meddlesome Gods Egg is a very pretty if devious egg. Its pattern is full of gracefully curving lines and the shell has a slightly shiny, golden tint. It sits on the sands, looking innocent in its beauty, but the lovely golden patterns conceal something deeper. Sometimes it is quite motionless, making people think that it is dead. However, at other times it moves slightly, startling watchers. The egg feels slightly fake, overall, though people are still drawn to it because of its prettiness.
Egg Inspiration: The Egyptian Helen
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: Giggling Girlish Egg
Egg Description: This small egg sits pertly on the sands, waiting gleefully for its occupant's emergence. The curve of its shell is a sweet and cheerful shade of pink. A spray of white and darker pink splotches are scattered merrily across it, like flower-petals dancing in the wind.
Egg Inspiration: Three little maids from school are we
Egg Credit: Quidnunc

Egg Name: Archer Egg
Egg Description: This egg is entirely green, a pretty shade the color of summertime leaves. Running diagonal across it is a brown band, to which, on one side, a patch of browns and tans that looks almost like a quiver full of arrows is attached. It stands almost heroically where it was laid, if eggs can be heroic, bringing all manner of speculation as to the dragon that remains hidden within
Egg Inspiration: The comic opera Robin Hood by Reginald De Koven
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Thespis Egg
Egg Description: This large egg was one of the first to be laid in the hot sands of the hatching ground. Its surface is heavily textured and feels rough to the touch; however this egg also has a feeling of being incomplete. It is white across the majority of its shell with just two patches of a vibrant aquamarine. If the egg had been coloured this way throughout - as it obviously should have been save some unidentifiable accident - it would surely have been one of the most vibrant and attractive of the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: Gilbert and Sullivan’s Thespis. The first collaboration of Gilbert and Sullivan deals with the divine however while the libretto remains for the entirety, only two musical scores for the songs have ever been recovered. It has since undergone numerous recreations; however with the music lost the original will never truly be remade.
Egg Credit: Legal

Egg Name: Apollo's Love Egg
Egg Description: This egg's base color is light sky blue with splashes of dark grey, like a stormy Spring sky. There is a single, jagged flash of bright yellow, like a lightening bolt thrown from the sky. Along the bottom base of the egg is a clump of purple, blue, and orange in a flowery design.
Egg Inspiration: Mozart's Apollo et Hyacinthus
Egg Credit: Stonewall

Egg Name: Kimono no Tamago Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits very properly where it was laid - almost too properly. There's something almost comic about its apparent prim attitude, especially when it's noticeably smaller than its clutchmates. Its coloring is cheerfully colored and patterned in reds, blues, greens, and yellows; the way the pattern shifts, it almost looks like the egg is wearing a robe, with a more natural tan color poking out of its top and a wide band of blue - with a line of sea green through its middle - running right around the middle of the egg like a sash or belt.
Egg Inspiration: The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Behind Locked Doors Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a very charming egg. It will do anything for anyone that it likes well enough, but there is something odd about it… It seems reluctant to reveal its secrets. Because of its great beauty, however, most persist in trying to get at what is inside anyways. The many different colors on this egg all seem to be superimposed over a stain of blood red, though the egg does not have anything to do with it. The rest of its colors are like facets on a gem: a darker shade that seems to be the most painful of them all, a similar but less threatening gray, a lovely and compelling gold, beautiful, lively green, sky blue that promises vast country beyond, a pool of silver, and last, the most sinister – a pale pink shade. The egg may try to drive you off, but reaching the last colors may make you want to stay forever.
Egg Inspiration: Duke Bluebeard’s Castle
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: Hardships of the Beautiful Egg
Egg Description: The Hardships of the Beautiful Egg is quite the diva. It is as if the egg seems to realize how desired it is, and love every second of it. Instead of being good, though, this egg seems to only want to be bad. Those who try to restrict it or contain it will be met by great resistance, not just from the egg but from those who it has under its spell. The egg itself is a glinting, shiny crimson, covered in golden splotches that float around the egg’s surface, playing with it and admiring it. A tough thing to be beautiful, indeed.
Egg Inspiration: Orpheus in the Underworld
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: Temple of Heaven Egg
Egg Description: A rich, deep blue covers this egg entirely. All along it's surface are unbelievably bright yellow pinpricks of light, like the night's stars on a cloudless night. There are very fine, slightly lighter blue lines, creating spheres about the egg that are all connected to one another.
Egg Inspiration: Mozart's Il sogno di Scipione
Egg Credit: Stonewall

Egg Name: Hero's Treasure Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits proudly on the Sands, as though it were the best of them all. Its shell is predominantly a fiery red color, with streaks of greys and blacks running through it. To an imaginative eye, the streaks seem to suggest a strange-looking dragon wrapped around a sword. This egg too, however, seems to have the same mark as three of its clutchmates: a golden-yellow band hidden yet just barely visible under the egg's pattern.
Egg Inspiration: Siegfried, the third in Wagner's Ring Cycle
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Exchange of Services Egg
Egg Description: The Exchange of Services Egg is a devious egg, and unlike the Meddlesome Gods Egg is not being subtle about it. Instead of being golden-hued, it is dark brown and crimson, but it is equally alluring, for different reasons. People might find themselves being drawn to the egg if they have hit rock-bottom and see other options. However devious and dark the egg is, it still seems to present a very attractive face to the people on the Sands.
Egg Inspiration: Faust
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: Ol' Man River Egg
Egg Description: This egg, slightly larger and rounder than most, is painted in rich earthy shades of brown and green, like a fertile river delta seen from the sky. Throughout the earth-tones from top to bottom, a single blue band winds like a ribbon wrapped haphazardly around the egg, sometimes disappearing under the green as though threaded beneath the other color. If one looks closely, there are other paths through the brown and green, as though that blue band had travelled by other routes in the past.
Egg Inspiration: "He must know somethin', but don't say nothin', he just keeps rollin', he keeps on rollin' along…" (Show Boat by Jerome Kern)
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Love and Honor Egg
Egg Description: The fragile Love and Honor Egg seems to be the smallest egg in the clutch, although there certainly could be smaller. It is a very delicate egg, almost perfectly round and colored prettily. The pale brown-yellow shell is dappled with a pale pink color, with elegant lines of black weaving their way from one cluster of pink to another. The egg has a feeling of being very hopeful when initially approached, but those who leave too soon, or linger too long, will find themselves being met with heart-shattering disappointment. It is almost physically painful to abandon the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Madama Butterfly
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: Good-Natured Song Egg
Egg Description: The Good-Natured Song Egg is a happy, brightly colored egg. The bottom of the egg is a dark blue-green, that seems to reflect the light all around it. The rest of the egg is covered in varying shades of bright orange, all in oddly geometric patterns The egg wants nothing more than to help everyone and anyone that touches it. Its good intentions can get it into trouble once in a while, as it also could easily be taken advantage of. Its friendly nature also makes it likeable, though, and makes others want to protect it more.
Egg Inspiration: La Gioconda
Egg Credit: Zoie

Egg Name: The Green Knight Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this egg appears simple, uncomplicated, with a coat of even toned hunter green across its smooth surface. However, on closer inspection, one can see that the egg is actually covered in a spindly entaglement of thin, pathway like lines, in nearly every shade of green imaginable. Each of the lines intersects at least two others, showing the complicated nature of even the simplest of choices.
Egg Inspiration: Gawain, based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Egg Credit: Stonewall

Egg Name: Cycle's End Ring Egg
Egg Description: This ring seems to sit in sadness, its otherwise bright colors muted somehow. Its shell sees split diagonally into two parts that swirl together where they meet; pale, pastel blues and whites like water on top, and muted yet bright fiery reds and oranges below. Where they meet is a swirl of red, orange, and white, as though the water half is trying to extinguish the fire half. And yet, there running horizontally around the egg, is another pale golden-yellow circle. This one, however, is fainter than all the others, and the feeling of forboding all but gone, as though whatever the mark might have meant, it has no meaning anymore.
Egg Inspiration: Gotterdammerung, the fourth and final opera in Wagner's Ring Cycle.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

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