Gold Tylaith x Bronze Ternath Egg List T5

These are the eggs of gold Tylaith's third clutch, sired by bronze Ternath. The description theme was "the periodic table".

Total: 21

Egg Name: Precious Gray Egg
Egg Description: This egg will make some people wish they could approach the eggs and give it a good polish due to the tantalising hints of a brightness at the pinnacle of this egg that seem as if they could shine though if only someone were to give this egg a bit of careful polish. This brightness quickly fades into the background as you take a look down the eggs, first catching sight of a dull yellow which fades into deep rainbow swirls and finally ending in a blue black colouration at the base.
Egg Inspiration: Silver
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Rough Waters Egg
Egg Description: This egg is fairly orderly, though with the spiraling swirls of color that wind around its surface it's really hard to tell. Its texture is fairly normal for an egg, slightly roughened, and the deep blue and green streaks that swirl around it give it the look almost of a waterspout out in the ocean.
Egg Inspiration: Cobalt and its pigments
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Dainty Strength Egg
Egg Description: This perfectly formed egg looks white at first, but in the light, a slight yellowish-gold cast to it that gives it a glow all its own. The shell of this egg is already stiffer and more brittle than the others, as if it’s already started hardening.
Egg Inspiration: Iridium (Ir)
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: The Moonlight Surprise egg
Egg Description: Around the medium end of the size scale, this pale cream silvery speckled looking egg appears to be totally nondescript, until the night begins. Each of the silvery particles seems to take on it's own mind and starts to glow blue.Not manny of the candidates will have been able to see the eggs at night though, so it could tend to be more ignored then some of it's flashier counterparts. Something about this egg when you get close to it draws you in though, it seems to radiate more heat then the others and this alone would be enough to bring attention to itself. Being hidden near the shadowy part of the hatching grounds, some candidates on darker days may have noticed this glow, but being unsure if it was their imagination or if it was real, this would probably remain a lesser discussed point.
Egg Inspiration: Actinium, a silvery metal, radioactive element, which glows pale blue in the dark due to it's radioactivity with blue light.
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Egg Name: Keep it Dry Egg
Egg Description: The bright lilac colour of this egg is probably the most noticeable about it. Though a smaller egg, its bold colour makes it stand out, and it's almost painful to the eye. The very bottom of the shell is brightest, with the top slightly lighter to the eye. There, a faint pattern that looks like bubbles is visible faintly against the lilac background. The egg seems volatile, as though it contains more power than is immediately apparent.
Egg Inspiration: Potassium (K), is an alkali metal. It reacts violently with water, and must be kept as dry as possible. The reaction is so exothermic that the hydrogen produced from it also ignites.
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Fateful Blast Egg
Egg Description: This egg seems almost ominous nestled beside its clutchmates. Its shell is a patchwork of textures, smooth here, rough there, with no noticeable rhyme or reason. Its coloring is more unsettling, being a vivid reddish orange, darker at the bottom and lightening towards the top. Struck through with lighter yellows, whites, and greys, it manages to look almost exactly the same no matter what angle you see it from; viewers on all sides see what looks like a mushroom-shaped cloud rising from a ground colored blood-red.
Egg Inspiration: Uranium, which was the element used in the infamous atomic bomb over Hiroshima.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: All Wound Up Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits prettily where it was laid, gleaming in the light. Its shell is perfectly smooth, covered in bands - or is it one continuous band - of light, pale reddish-orangy brown, as though someone decided to make an egg out of some wire they happened to have on hand. It seems to have a very eager, almost electric quality to it; whatever's in this egg, it really wants to come out.
Egg Inspiration: Copper
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Stronger Than Your Average Egg
Egg Description:
It has a very metallic look to it, but this is all just due to the magnificence of its steel gray coloring. Yet to say that it is steel gray alone would be a great falsehood. There are brighter and darker little strands of gray and silver that lace in almost perfect parallel lines all across its smooth surface. And what a smooth surface it is, almost without imperfection, it is as smooth as a freshly varnish tabletop or newly cut gem.
It carries the look of great strength that makes one think that only an exceptionally strong dragon could break out of its shell. Among the other eggs, it holds the sensation of impermeability along with promise.
Egg Inspiration: Tungsten
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Two Faced Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a real contrast of colours. Half the shell looks like a brilliant sparkling gemstone. It seems clear and flawless, glittering in the the light of the Hatching cavern as if you could see right though it. Looking at this face you get the feeling this egg could last forever. The other face is in total contrast, black, it is a little bit glossy and course, lacking the sharp defined lines of the light half, this part is all curves and pitmarks. It seems much more fragile. The interface is splintered and powdery in appearance, as if the two halves of this egg would much rather be apart.
Egg Inspiration: Carbon (Diamond and Graphite allotropes)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Egg
Egg Description: When first laid, this egg looks transparent. First the color of its mother, and then the color of the sands when it lands on them, it becomes clear that rather than see through, it’s reflective. The wet quality on the light silver color of the egg makes the light refract off it, and from far away, a not too shabby mirror. Closer up, though, it’s evident that it really only reflects colors and vague shapes, nothing of detail. The effect will diminish somewhat as it hardens, but not completely.
Egg Inspiration: Rhodium (Rh)
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: Fire Within Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks as though it's burning, vivid streaks of color covering its entire surface. Three vibrant shades ranging from light to dark of red, orange, and yellow all mixing together in an almost chaotic swirl that resembles a bonfire at a Gather. The surface of the egg itself looks almost mirror-smooth, making the colors just that much more vibrant, and their brilliancy will not fade very much even once they've hardened and dried.
Egg Inspiration: Cadmium and its pigments in paint
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: The Fractal Depth egg
Egg Description:A base of a deep matt grey covers this egg. Slightly wrinkled looking, it almost looks like someone has heated it and left it to cool, leaving a thin skin forming on the top of whatever the egg is made of. This grey is broken here and there with strangly geometric designs however. These square spirals, which shine with every colour of the rainbow in an irridescent sheen, seem to both protrude from and descend into the egg, leaving you with the real risk of dizziness if you stare too long at it. The square spiralled sections start off randomly dotted about, but nearer the top half the the egg they cluster together, turning the top third of it into one mass of this crystallised looking structure which is both eye catching and interesting, seeming to drag your gaze down into the egg and leaves you wondering what mysterious occupant will emerge from it.
Egg Inspiration:Bismuth, which when heated and left to cool forms a deep grey skin of oxidisation. When this is removed, and the molten metal is left to cool slowly, square spirals are left which through oxidisation take on a beautiful irridescent sheen.
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Egg Name: See The Sign Egg
Egg Description: This egg is fairly unremarkable, of average size and shape, with a lovely smooth shell that is matte black. It's really rather ordinary…or it would be, if it weren't for the bright, eye-grabbing swirls of color. Vibrant reddish-orange lines snake around the shell, incredibly bright and almost seeming to glow in the light. Could it be just a trick of the eye, or do they seem to spell out a word? And could that word maybe, just maybe, be 'dragon'?
Egg Inspiration: Neon, and (real) neon signs
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Ore-iginal Materials Egg
Egg Description: With a base color of metallic grey that shone dully when light hit it, this egg almost seems to have a thin and brittle shell, even before it has hardened on the heat of the sands. The shade varies across the surface in sharp angles and lines, giving the illusion of being very roughly hammered out of metal. In contrast, the actual surface of the egg is much smoother than most of the others, like the rough shell surface of the outside was buffed.
Egg Inspiration: tin (Sn)
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: Jewel of the Sands Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits prim and proud where it was laid, its surface entirely smooth but with an odd almost faceted look to it, as though it was cut out of rock by a Smith with a very fine chisel and a careful touch. Its coloring is a deep, vibrant purplish-red that glows in the light and gives the illusion that you can see right to the center of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: (Mg,Fe)3Al2(SiO4)3 (or Magnesium-Iron-Aluminum Silicate), also known as Rhodolite, a type of garnet
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Silent Threat Egg
Egg Description: From a distance, this egg appears to be nothing but a flat, medium grey. By approaching closer, a texture becomes visible, rippling across the surface and constant across the whole thing without the usual variations that the other eggs demonstrate. This pattern is uniform and subtle. Only right up close is that pattern evident, however, as more than just plain texture. Circles: interlocking circles that overlap each other endlessly in a complex but predictable pattern if anyone has the patience to puzzle it out.
Egg Inspiration: Arsenic
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: Bright White Light Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks unassuming, sitting on the sand motionless. Its shell is slightly rough, and it seems slightly more harsh in shape than its clutchmates, if an ovoid can be harsh. Its bottom half is a pale, almost silvery greyish color, shot through with small black lines that add to its rough appearance, but just above the mid-point of the egg, the grey color changes and becomes an almost blinding pure white that somehow seems to reflect any and all light, becoming a beacon in the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: Magnesium
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Contrasting Element Egg
Egg Description: Sticking out from the crowd with a vivid shade of violet, the Contrasting Element Egg demands attention at the expense of the other eggs. It sits perfectly upright, the color at the top thinning somewhat, like vapor that’s dissolving into the air.
Egg Inspiration: iodine (I)
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: The Hydrargyros Egg
Egg Description: Glistening wetly on the Hatching Sands one might almost be surprised that this egg has not ended up a puddle on the Sands. Graced with an oily sheen this egg is soft looking, and much rounder than to be expected. It's entirety is covered with swirls of a lighter silver and a dark grey that if one stares too long at could certainly be sworn to be moving; but is more likely to be just a trick of the light which the Hydrargyros egg reflects.
Egg Inspiration: Mercury (Hg - watery silver - Mercury is the only metal that is liquid under standard conditions.)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: The Hyrdrferrore Egg
Egg Description: A deep metallic luster draws your eye to the Hydrferrore Egg. It glistens with a deep red-brown shine as if lit from within like a light underwater, and it seems almost surprising this egg has not picked up sand as it's been moved around the Sands. The sheen fades as you look up the egg, leaving matte reddish waves, as if the top of the egg is vaporising into the air around it.
Egg Inspiration: Bromine (The only non-metal that is liquid under standard conditions)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Shining Dawn Egg
Egg Description: This egg is unmistakeably gold in colour. Beautifully rounded the surface softly reflects the light in a classic definition of the colour. All is not perfect with this egg for it's surface looks dipped and dented; in some places as if struck by a great hammer, the dents surrounded by fractures; in others as if the out surface had simply melted back inside. Smaller pock marks cover the rest of the surface, sometimes interrupting the shine of this egg, sometimes allowing the eye to simply pass over.
Egg Inspiration: Gold (Au - from the latin Aurum for Shining Dawn)
Egg Credit: Maiden

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