Gold Iridith x Bronze Fienth Third Clutch T8

Here are the eggs from Iridith and Fienth's clutch in Early Autumn, P8 T8.

Total: 30 eggs

snowswept.png Egg Name: Snow Swept Egg
Egg Description: Although other eggs may draw attention for unique shape or colouring, the Snow Swept Egg stands out by virtue of being white. It is not a simple, cream coloured white, nor yet a dull, plain white. Instead, it is a dazzling white that rivals the sun in its brilliance. In sunlight, the egg sparkles brightly, nearly blinding anyone careless enough to look at it. The outside is perfectly uniform, with not a single other colour marring the shell. However, when in shadow, the sparkle of the egg is lost, and the white seems to take on a pale blue tinge. It is still an imposing egg however, in sun or shade, being larger than most and shaped in a perfect oval. It is the kind of egg that appears as though it would feel silky smooth to the touch, and put all other eggs to shame with its perfection. However, the surface of this egg is far from smooth. There are miniscule bumps covering the egg, invisible to the casual observer. These rough bumps can catch on fabric and skin alike, and are able to tear out small threads from even the most tightly woven material.
Egg Inspiration: A sunny winter day with freshly fallen snow covering everything in a blanket of white.
Egg Credit: Adina
swallowedbyblood.png Egg Name: Swallowed By Blood Egg
Egg Description: Of a medium size and a mostly darkened red colour, almost hinting at black near its crown and growing lighter as the eye moves lower, this egg would not stand out but for what resembles a brightly contrasting crescent of a light greyish-white that adorns its base and curves to halfway up its side. What could resemble pockmarks are actually a faded mottling, almost resembling the craters of Belior and Timor.
Egg Inspiration: Lunar Eclipse
Egg Credit: Kohaku
LeviathansDen.png Egg Name: Leviathan's Den Egg
Egg Description: This egg is one of the largest of the clutch. It is a beautiful teal color shading to a darker green-blue on the bottom. The prominent feature of the egg is a large, dark blue spot of color on the side that seems to eat the surrounding teal. There is an impression of great depth and perhaps a menace lurking under the surface of the egg, at odds with its lovely appearance. There are a few patches of lighter grey-green ringing the dark blue area. This shell is highly reflective.
Egg Inspiration: Great Blue Hole
Egg Credit: Rachel
gloriousegg.png Egg Name: Glorious Egg
Egg Description: This is one BIG egg, probably the biggest one in the clutch and maybe even the biggest one in the history of Solaria! It is round, too! It is almost perfectly so, but alas there is a very slight tapering to it on one egg that clearly distinguishes it as being an egg. At first glance this big round egg is just plain white without a mark or a spot. Simply put, it is a big, round, white egg. This is not so, because when the light hits this egg in anyway something special and indescribably beautiful happens; it has a halo all around it and even almost within it. A pale blue and green light surrounded by a white ring makes this egg more glorious than all of its fellows. It has a distinct glow that makes it not just big and round, but very special.
Egg Inspiration: Glories and halos
Egg Credit: Shouriko
KaleidoscopicConflagration.png Egg Name: Kaleidoscopic Conflagration Egg
Egg Description: The Kaleidoscopic Conflagration Egg is only slightly bigger than average and more round in appearance rather than oval shape. The base color is a deep, deep ocean purple with white cloudy wisps dappled randomly across the whole egg. Some of these white cloudy wisps taper off into thin parallel strips of white cloud. These parallel strips are ornately rainbow colored and give the impression of a flaming rainbow cloud streaking across the deep ocean blue of this egg. It’s inspirational and awe-inspiring.
Egg Inspiration: Fire Rainbows
Egg Credit: Atlys
polarmystery.png Egg Name: Polar Mystery Egg
Egg Description: The background color of this egg is black, the hard, cold black of a deep winter's night. It would be the sort of egg one might shiver and look away from, except for the bands of translucent color that twist across its surface. Diaphanous peridot and dawn-bright pink, they fascinate the eye, their curtain-like shapes almost seeming to drift slowly across underlying darkness. One can get lost in the spell of that brightness, and find one's thoughts drifting with the colors.
Egg Inspiration: Aurora Borealis
Egg Credit: Ivy
Pernshine-1.png Egg Name: Pernshine Egg
Egg Description: Likely to stand out simply by the starkness of its coloring, this egg is pure black. Not the matte black of a Harper's palette, though; no, this is the deep, dark, midnight blue-black of the night sky. Here and there are whitish specks, like stars spread across night's canopy, and there, right in the center, is a silver-white crescent. It's obviously meant to be part of a circle, as its shape is too perfect to be anything else, but the rest of the circle seems to be missing…that is, until a closer look is taken. There, just barely to be seen against the dark background, is a lighter shade just different enough to be noticeable. The rest of the circle is indeed present…perhaps the light just can't reach it properly.
Egg Inspiration: Earthshine; the phenomenon of light bouncing off the Earth to illuminate the "dark" part of the moon, usually only seen during the waxing first and waning last quarters.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf
ObscurePortmanteau.png Egg Name: Obscure Portmanteau Egg
Egg Description: A large grey egg. That is the simplest description that could be given of this particular egg, and perhaps the most accurate. It is very large, and even bulges a little at the widest parts as if it were being pressed upon from the inside. It is grey, too, but far from being a uniform shade. It begins with a darker hue at the base, charcoal, but as the color sweeps upwards it begins to grow lighter, seamlessly blended patches of ash grey and slate folding in on each other. The very tip of the egg is a fine, pale shade, with just the barest hint of a muted saffron glow washed in as if in watercolor. In fact, this egg is characterized by layers, onion-fashion. There are markings beneath the grey, if only one could make them out. Is that an image there, etched delicately into eggshell? The eye plays tricks, when one looks at this egg too long. If there had ever been anything else to see, those maddening greys have long-since blotted it out. No sense in staring.
Egg Inspiration: Smog
Egg Credit: Kelly
celestialhalo.png Egg Name: Celestial Halo Egg
Egg Description: The Celestial Halo Egg is dappled gray all over, ranging in size of dapples. Much like a deadened gray moon would appear. This egg is average in shape, but larger in size, but only slightly so. The very top of the egg, where it gets smaller, the dappled gray changes to a stark off-white color. And in perfectly circular formation around this white blotch is needle thin hash marks; giving the appearance that this egg glows on its tip.
Egg Inspiration: Moon Halo
Egg Credit: Atlys
donttouchme.png Egg Name: Don't Touch Me Egg
Egg Description: This is an ordinary egg. Average size, oval shape. It is an ordinary off-white color and is flecked with light brown. It looks so innocent…. But should a hand reach out to touch it, there will be a snap! and a tiny blue arc, and the hand will get a sharp shock for its trouble. Beware!
Egg Inspiration: Static discharge/Static electricity
Egg Credit: Ivy
NeverStrikeTwice.png Egg Name: Never Strike Twice Egg
Egg Description: This egg is quite eye-catching. On a dark grayish background, what is truly spectacular are the blinding streaks of what appears to be light that run jagged vertical lines down the sides of the eggs. They almost look like cracks in the shell, but are more comparable to bolts of lightning that have been permanently zapped onto the surface of the egg. These streaks are a bright white outlined by an electric violet, and small branches start splitting down towards the base. Altogether these lightning marks seem to give an overall purplish hue to the egg. The egg surface is smooth, but they pop out where the lightning streaks are, more pronounced where the main lightning branches are. If anyone dares to touch this egg, they're sure to receive a little shock.
Egg Inspiration: Lightning
Egg Credit: Starr
suckyouin.png Egg Name: Suck You In Egg
Egg Description: This very ovoid egg is of medium size in comparison to the other eggs of the clutch. It sits tall where it is placed and has a sort of wavy texture to its shell. It is an earthy color with various browns and tans to its name, but there is something strange. As sure as you are that this egg is just that, those small wavy textures make it look like it is wet or that it is flowing. It is as if the earth became as soft and giving as water and could suck you into its depths if you touch it for too long or apply any pressure to it. You want to touch it and test it out, but you know better than to tempt it because what if the egg really is as soft and giving as you think it could be?
Egg Inspiration: Liquefaction (Quicksand, Lightning Sand)
Egg Credit: Shouriko
RockSymphony.png Egg Name: Rock Symphony Egg
Egg Description: The splay of colours belong to the hand of an painter- an eight Turn old artist, obsessed with covering every inch of this mottled, bumpy shell. A dark, muddy brown is splashed upon every raise and slight knob, while tan undertones sprawl beneath the would-be mountains. The two colours collide intermittently, blotchy shadows eating away at the light. It would almost be pretty to behold, save for the jagged black lines that mar this chaotic harmony. There is no order or logic to the sharp ups and downs of these taints, and they circumnavigate the entire egg in multiple bands. One could almost believe Rock Symphony was pulsing to a beat whilst being painted, leaving it haphazard and utterly baffling. However, with enough time and persistence, it is possible to perceive the black lines as necessary to the abstract beauty of this egg.
Egg Inspiration: Tectonic plate movement, mountain formation and earthquakes
Egg Credit: Symmetry
yellowingskies.png Egg Name: Yellowing Skies Egg
Egg Description: This egg is of typical egg shape and that is by no means something to worry about, but the surface of the egg is rough and gritty. To draw your hand across the surface of this egg is akin to drawing your hand across sandpaper or to drag your legs on a savanna. It feels hot to the touch, like it is from the desert itself and perhaps this could be fitting for it. This egg, though, might not look very spectacular. It is a sandy yellow egg and it would blend in with the very sand of the Hatching Grounds if not for its great size. Despite being such a bland and simple color, the egg shines like wet sand and has the glow of sunlight through a dusty room. It can be an overwhelming egg, but it may not be very special until whatever lies inside hatches from it. For all anyone knows, this egg could be pure gold!
Egg Inspiration: Sandstorms
Egg Credit: Shouriko
FourSeasonsinaDay.png Egg Name: Four Seasons in a Day Egg
Egg Description: While it may look delicate, this pastel hued egg is a little hard on the eyes. Chaos has been lightly painted across this shell, the colours practically fighting for more room. One side of this egg features a pleasant cerulean, whilst the upper part is teased by dapples of cornsilk and wisps of white. As the cerulean spreads downwards, it is interrupted by harsh, foreboding greys, speckled by threads of silvery blue. Heavy splatters of grey-purple hue cover the other side- possibly the darkest colour Four Seasons in a Day features. The splatters range in three or four different shades, and seem to haphazardly cover one another, as though their being there was entirely accidentally. The base of this egg is a soft, dark grey that seemingly swallows nearby colours. Chaotic, yes, but also entrancing.
Egg Inspiration: Erratic, infamous Melbourne weather
Egg Credit: Symmetry
RedTide.png Egg Name: Red Tide Egg
Egg Description: This is a dark egg, seemingly black at first but really just a very dark shade of the same blue-green as the ocean at night. And indeed this egg seems to embody the very ocean itself, and if you listen closely, you might even heard the sound of the waves breaking onto the beach. But what is truly unique about this egg is the splashes of color, touched with wave-like patterns of red. What is interesting is that sometimes, instead one will find a luminescent blue where the red once was, and the blue actually glows brightly against an otherwise dark background. The shell itself has a smooth and almost silky texture, almost like solid liquid, although where the red (or luminescent blue) is splashed, those areas have a slightly more grainy quality.
Egg Inspiration: Bioluminescent Red Tides
Egg Credit: Starr
TimelessTwilight.png Egg Name: Timeless Twilight Egg
Egg Description: This egg is the perfect picture of an eternal sunset. There is a myriad of colors that streak across the landscape of this egg, from the light yellow-tinted pink at the bottom of the egg to the deep indigo that covers the very top. One might mistaken this egg for a timeless painting, the colors blending in seamlessly from bottom to top. There is a touch of soft yellow at the base, barely visible, and slowly it melds with the pink and pale lavender that splashes the bottom third of the egg. Then it deepens to a violet, touched with blue here and there, in the middle of the egg, eventually darkening to a soft indigo at the top. The egg is as normal a texture for an egg as possible, except at the bottom where it becomes slightly rougher; it even appears as if there are specks of snow dotting the base of the egg, but it's really just some sand plastered on the shell.
Egg Inspiration: Polar Night
Egg Credit: Starr
Infinite.png Egg Name: Infinite Egg
Egg Description: It would be easy to overlook this egg, small as it is, tucked behind the others. It's a curiously-shaped little thing, as if it had been flattened a little about the edges. It's closer to an irregular sphere than to the perfect ovoid. From a distance, its coloration looks simple, plain unbroken black. A dull egg, one might say. Yet if one were to step closer, then a wealth of intricate markings could be observed, far tinier and more detailed than anything even the finest craftsman could accomplish in replica. Minute circles of color, brown and blue and green, sit alongside dazzling points of yellow and white, and fine streaks of scarlet and indigo, vein-thin, stretch across the curved surface. Here and there the dots and lines of color seem to merge into glorious spiral swirls, unexpected concentrations that draw the eye to follow them round, admiring the sheer variety of blended shades, until the end of each spiral trails gracefully off into the greater expanse of the egg's surface.
Egg Inspiration: Outer Space; the farthest reaches of nature
Egg Credit: Kelly
lightonthewater.png Egg Name: Light on the Water Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a smooth, glossy black, midnight-sky black, cool to the touch. It's an even ovoid shape, tapering gently towards one end. What is remarkable about this particular egg, however, is the network of jagged lines that criss-cross it, encircling it entirely, each line travelling but a short distance and then splitting in half to produce two new offshoots. The colours of these markings range from a vivid cobalt blue to a deeper indigo, almost purple in places, and they seem somehow…luminescent? Surely not, but there's a glow about them that brings them to life against the deep, polished black backdrop. One could almost imagine a movement there, a pulsating energy. If one were to look more closely, then between these lines little speckles could be seen, tiny flecks, sparks of brilliant white. One of the larger eggs of the clutch, it lies on its side, a clear distance all around it, none of the others too close.
Egg Inspiration: St. Elmo's Fire
Egg Credit: Kelly
WildEggonFire.png Egg Name: Wild Egg on Fire Egg
Egg Description: This is a large egg that exudes raw power and brute strength. Even looking at his egg is hard, for the colors are so bold and bright that they appear to be burning your very eyes. The most prominent color is an orange-red, touched with golden tips at the top of the egg, and the base is a dark red with what appears to be a hint of bluish white. The colors streak along the surface of the egg like an open flame, and sometimes in the darkness, they give the illusion of actually flickering. The shell is surprisingly smooth, and for those who dare to touch it, very hot. This isn't an egg that radiates a comforting warmth, but one with deadly flames that threaten to consume everything in its path.
Egg Inspiration: Wildfires, which are very common but extremely devastating in southern California.
Egg Credit: Starr
angrybear.png Egg Name: Raging Inferno Egg
Egg Description: Another medium-sized egg will always be welcome in a clutch, from such an egg it is difficult to guess what may hatch from it. An egg that is fairly rounded in shape, it sits well where it is laid and placed. It has a vibrant array of reds and oranges and yellows with little streaks and irregular tiny patches of dark gray and black. It is an egg that looks like it is a roaring fire all in of itself. It has a glow to it that it needs no light to show and with added light, this egg shines more brilliantly than all the rest. It demands your attention and has a strong force in its appearance. From that alone, whatever comes from this egg could very well be a force to reckon with.
Egg Inspiration: Fire Whirls
Egg Credit: Shouriko
DesertRain.png Egg Name: Desert Rain Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this egg is quadri-colored, and seems to have an actual, if vague and half-imagined, natural progression to the colors. The top quarter of the egg is a dark, stormy grey and ends in an almost billowing, scalloped line similar to clouds. the second quarter is a paler grey, and seems to be made up of streaks of varying shades that end in a pale misty tone around the halfway mark of the egg. The third quarter is a clear, if vaguely hazy blue similar to the sky during a small dust storm, and the base quarter is a sandy brown, flecked here and there with darker brownish-red and green splotches, for all the world like the rocks and plantlife of a desert.
Egg Inspiration: A rainstorm when it's actually too dry for the rain to reach the ground and so evaporates about halfway down.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf
EtherealStorm.png Egg Name: Ethereal Storm Egg
Egg Description: A first glance marks the shell as being predominantly inky blue- as dark as a night having finally conquered day. Jagged silvery lines streak down its shell, from top to bottom, sharply crooked and never meeting, save for those that seem to branch off from one bigger. Quasi-circles of varying sizes are spaced between these would be 'strikes', though no two are identical. Upon closer inspection, they appear to be intricate shapes, almost like flowers, or snowflakes… But instead of the expected white, these 'circles' are a bright, neon, electrical-blue- making them stand out even more against the monochromatic backdrop.
Egg Inspiration: Anecdotes of snowflakes seen during a lightning storm
Egg Credit: Symmetry
MidnightSun.png Egg Name: Midnight Sun Egg
Egg Description: This is a strange egg in that at first glance, it appears to have a brightly burning star at the very top of a nightscape. But upon closer inspection, one notices that the bright spot on the top end of the egg is actually more like the sun, quite bright and warming. The bottom of the egg is dark, as if the light can't reach quite that far down. But the bluish shell lightens considerable as the eyes travel upward, until the bright yellow glow mixes with sky blue near the middle of the egg. The shell is kind of smooth, and it's warm near the top but much colder at the base. This is an egg that seems to give off a comforting warmth in an otherwise cold place, and it seems to bring out the best of even the worst characters.
Egg Inspiration: Midnight Sun, also known as Polar Day.
Egg Credit: Starr
angrybear.png Egg Name: Glorious Rain Egg
Egg Description: This egg might seem like any other egg, it might even look ordinary from a distance, but as one gets closer, they see it's of a fresher color, and it seems vibrant, full of life. It's a normal sized egg, maybe hinting at a little bigger. Looking really close at its creamy white surface, one can both feel and see little yellowish markings, on top of markings of a greenish tinge. The picture makes of flowers and plants joyfully reaching up in the sky, where one can see little bluish markings falling down to sustain the life of the plants. Yet it takes imagination for the eyes to make out the shapes as what they're supposed to be, to see beyond what might be considered dull, if powerful. Its shape seems normal, but a closer look, close enough to make out the tinges, shows it's slightly irregular, as if it's reached out a little bit more in some places than others.
Egg Inspiration: Rain
Egg Credit: Leyla
GreatWind.png Egg Name: Great Wind Egg
Egg Description: A larger egg than some of its clutchmates, this egg at first seems quite drab. It is entirely grey, the color spiraling around the shell and darkening towards the bottom. At the top, the color lightens almost to white, and various shades of white, grey, and black streak around the spiral. At the very tip of the egg, in the center of the spiral, there is one, single, clear circle, an eye within the storm of greyscale that shines a brilliant blue.
Egg Inspiration: Tropical cyclones, also known as hurricanes and typhoons. Typhoon is an anglicization of the Chinese and Japanese terms for the storm, which translate to "great(large) wind"
Egg Credit: Rainewolf
MoonsPull.png Egg Name: Moon's Pull Egg
Egg Description: At first glance, this egg seems to be very plain next to its clutchmates, its base color a dull sandy khaki-tan hue. The grainy texture of the shell itself lends more credence to the sand comparison. The lower third of the egg, however, is a pale ocean blue-green, with deeper highlights suggesting ripples or waves. About a third of the way down from the tip of the egg is a loose, disconnected ring of yellowish-green that, to an active imagination, bears some resemblance to the seaweed that washes up on the shore of the Cove occasionally. It almost gives the impression that the blue color might sometimes come higher up the shell than it currently is - if such a thing were possible.
Egg Inspiration: The tides
Egg Credit: Rainewolf
SolarEclipseStarr.png Egg Name: Solar Eclipse Egg
Egg Description: For the most part, there is nothing very spectacular about this egg. It's most unique trait is really its shape, as it's a perfect sphere versus the more typical oblong shape to most eggs. But it's a dark egg, probably black in color, and there is hardly a shine to the egg that staring too long into it gives a feeling of looking into a void. However, there is a very distinct and bright yellowish white glow that seems to be like a halo around the egg, and no one really knows if it's part of the egg's coloring or if it's an optical illusion of a glowing egg. Whatever the case, no matter what angle you see the egg from, that halo is always there.
Egg Inspiration: Solar eclipse
Egg Credit: Starr
VesuviusMemorial.png Egg Name: Vesuvius Memorial Egg
Egg Description: This egg wouldn't normally raise eyebrows, being a plain, dull, dark brown color over the majority of its surface, with a hint of forest-green right at the base. What makes it stand apart from its clutchmates is the vivid red-orange circle right at the tip, the color so bright as to be almost white right in the center. From that circle, streaks of red, orange and yellow spill out and flow down the sides of the egg, obscured in some places by hints of ashy-grey, like smoke hovering over a fire.
Egg Inspiration: Volcanic eruptions
Egg Credit: Rainewolf
angrybear.png Egg Name: First of Spring Egg
Egg Description: Big and tall, this egg is somewhat more oblong and thin than some other eggs, but no one can deny that it's got mass. The base color is a sunny yellow, with a touch of bright green along the bottom all but hidden in the black sand; slight streaks of this colour draw up along the sides, hitting the pretty yellow blobs which give the egg it's appealing yellow colouring. Each one seems to have a somewhat darker patch in the middle, though they managed to avoid seeming gloomy, just a deeper shade of yellow. No, this egg puts anyone looking at it in a bright and cheery mood, and very nearly seems to shake with blossoming potential!
Egg Inspiration: Daffodils coming up in Spring
Egg Credit: Anahira
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