Egg List - Ceocayath x Tauchisath P8 T13

Egg Theme: Halloween Decorations

Egg Name: The Cobweb Egg
Egg Description: The surface of this egg is a overall drab light grey, over which is lined with white going in every direction. It's quite small when compared to the majority of the clutch, possibly the smallest egg out there. It is very round, only a short point on one end to give it any difference between top and bottom. If you look very closely at this egg, you may see some tiny spiders crawling along the wrapped lines on it, sending shivers down ones' spine.
Egg Inspiration: Fake Spider Web
Egg Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Creeper Be Creepin’ Egg
Egg Description: This egg be creepy, yo. It is big. It is dark. It is a little bulbous. It looks like it could scuttle across the sands if only it had legs to crawl with. The matte black of this egg makes it look both glistening and furry at the same time. It is not its size nor its shape that really makes it creepy, but the eight dark burgundy red spots that shine with life. Those aren’t normal spots! They’re eyes! Eight little beady eyes that follow you no matter where you may move to try to escape them.
Egg Inspiration: Giant Spider made o’ leaf bags
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Black Cat Egg
Egg Description: At first glance, this egg seems to blend into the dark sands of the hatching grounds. Nestled between two of its larger siblings, it is easy to overlook this small egg. This egg’s surface has a rich velvety black coloration with subtle variations that give it a peculiarly plush appearance. The illusion of being soft is assisted by the fact that is one of the least reflective eggs in the clutch. From certain angles, two bright yellow circles will seemingly illuminate one of its sides, giving the startling illusion of a wild feline’s eyes. This egg somehow seems skittish, as if it will bristle and hiss under the slightest touch.
Egg Inspiration: Black Cats
Egg Credit: Noto

Egg Name: Face Hugger
Egg Description: This egg at first seems innocent enough, it's color being more a fleshy tan in color. It is only when you move closer do you notice the striations which seem to look more like veins than marbling. The top of the egg has two groves, crossing each other right at the peak of the egg, like a large cross. Running your hand over these likes you can feel a distinct ridge, it's almost like this cross is a weak spot in the egg. Perhaps when it hatches it will split right along these lines. Looking down towards the widest area of the egg the shell looks a little translucent and upon closer inspection you can just make out the shape of something inside the egg. Did it just move? Was that wing membranes shifting or a giant multi-fingered creature trying to snatch you through the shell?
Egg Inspiration: Egg from Alien movie
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Egg Name: The Sinister Smile
Egg Description: There, hanging at the back of the cavern, sitting largely in the shadows, is the most wicked of smiles. Great yellow eyes glare out nastily at you as a great big, pointy grin dares you to even think about touching.
Wrapped around this egg is, what looks like, a face, an evil face.
The egg is a chalky black with regular streaks of light and dark. It would blend well into the dark sands of Solaria if it weren't for that horrid face. There is also something inside of it's mouth, something bright and glaring.
The braver Candidates will want to touch this egg, and many a dare will likely take place to see who actually has the courage, the courage to see if this egg really does bite.
Egg Inspiration: Black pumpkin
Egg Credit: IerynEtra

Egg Name: Nananananana BatEgg
Egg Description: This egg is a big egg, and gives you a slightly unsettling feeling when you look at it. The BatEgg is matt black with a vague yellow winged shape on one side, almost like a mask. It has a brooding presence on the Sands and stands apart from the other eggs.
Egg Inspiration: Batman Costumes
Egg Credit: Kitya

Egg Name: Power of Moonlight Egg
Egg Description: This egg seems to dominate the hatching grounds. The way that the smaller eggs are arranged around it almost gives the impression of smaller planetary bodies orbiting a larger one. It is not only colossal egg, but is slightly rounder than typical, giving it the impression of great bulk. If it’s size was not enough to make it stick out, it is pale yellow color that stands out starkly against the black sands. This coloration of this egg is not even, but subtly mottled with darker gray splotches. Some may see certain figures in these patterns - a face, a rabbit mixing medicine, or maybe even mouldy cheese - however their distribution is more or less random. The eyes that this large egg will inevitably draw, will be filled with a mixture of contradicting emotions, somehow this egg manages to be simultaneously serene and intimidating, with an almost otherwordly quality.
Egg Inspiration: full moon
Egg Credit: noto

Egg Name: Scary Like a Prune Egg
Egg Description: What a strange little egg this is! It is a mingling of gray, purple, pink, blue, brown, and black. All those colors are arranged just right to look like many small heads dangling from their hair from the top of the egg. These heads might just look odd, but they appear to be wrinkly and dried out like the frightening snack that prunes are! Why, these tiny heads are shrunken down to size and dried out to be hung like decorations! Just as they are on this very egg. Anyone who does dare to approach this egg and touch it will find its shell textured in a variety of ways that cannot easily be described. One thing is for certain, though, it gives you the creep just being right next to it.
Egg Inspiration: Shrunken Heads
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Candles at Sunset Egg
Egg Description: This egg stands among the others a granite grey color reminiscent of the sky just as the sun sets and the color fades away. From the base of the egg in small streaks are light yellow striations that reach up and fade into the granite grey color. There are only five in total, and if you were to walk around the egg it would look as if they were dancing up the sides as if the egg breathed.
Egg Inspiration: Candlelight
Egg Credit: Wunderingmind

Egg Name: King of Halloween Egg
Egg Description: While this egg is strangely round, it is far from a perfect circle. It has two parallel bulges that rise from it’s surface almost like the eye-ridges of a dragon. Directly under these ridges are large dark splotches, which contrast sharply with the paler gray of the rest of the egg. A thinner line in this same color runs parallel to the splotches, curving upwards at the edges. This line is crossed with many smaller, perpendicular dark eggs - which may give observers the illusion that this egg is cracking far before it is due to hatch. Although this egg is slightly smaller than average, it seems to ooze a strange sense of charisma and charm. Boys hoping to impress one of the larger colors may find themselves curiously drawn to this egg’s crude smile, but would any self-respecting bronze emerge from such a silly looking egg?
Egg Inspiration: Jack Skellington
Egg Credit: noto

Egg Name: Carmine Claret
Egg Description: This egg has a lot of texture. Grooves of empty space are in some places, and contours that stick out are in others. Overall, the egg is white, but looks as if red has been dumped over top of it. Crooked lines and bands of different lengths of red drip from the top of the egg, which is solid red, almost down to the very bottom of the egg, which is solid white. The egg gives off a distinct air of ainguish and despair, as if it has seen things that it wishes it could unsee. Unpon closer inspection, the egg raises an impenetrable wall, like it doesn't want anyone near it, or to help it. If one presses, however, the wall will come down briefly, and the egg will give off great waves of anger. How dare you try to sympathize with it!
Egg Inspiration: Here!
Egg Credit: Cavalry

Egg Name: Voice From the Grave Egg
Egg Description: This egg is creamy, but not deliciously so. It is an aged kind of cream coloring. The markings on this egg are jointed and shaped like bones, but the most startling are those that look like skulls. There are about three of them and each with their mouths hanging open. Why it almost appears as if they were speaking. Something about this small, roundish egg is both warm and cold, the surface both smooth and marbled in various locations. The creepiest thing about this egg is how if you get real close, you think you hear some whispering voices coming from inside. But dragons don’t speak from the shell!
Egg Inspiration: Talking Skeletons
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Thirteenth Egg
Egg Description: While it might have once been white, The Thirteenth Egg has soured to a dirty brown-yellow color. It is of a fairly standard size but the shell is far from ordinary. It looks like someone went and punched little black divots in an unidentifiable pattern around it without actually piercing the shell. In the center of the egg, there are two large black dots set on either side of a small protrusion. There are three red slashes one above the black dots and two below. In dimmer light, The Thirteenth Egg looks uncannily like a face with no eyes in its sockets. It is a face that glowers with animosity.
Egg Inspiration: Jason Voorhees’s Mask
Egg Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Egged Egg
Egg Description: At first glance, this egg looks like a perfectly respectable fellow. It is of average size and normal shape. Initially after being laid, it’s coloration also appears equally unremarkable - a cool swirl of dark blues and grays. This egg would be about as standard as dragon-eggs come, if not for the strange smears of yellow and white that seem to drip down one of it’s sides. These imperfections clash not only with the overall color scheme of the egg, the areas where these markings are are much shinier than the rest of the egg, and have almost a sticky appearance. Depending on how this egg is rotated, these markings may or may not be visible, almost creating the illusion that somebody is sneaking into the hatching sands and painting them onto its surface while the rest of the Weyr sleeps. The reaction to these eggs is liable to be mixed, some will think that they detract from its appearance, while others will think that it makes the egg look more festive.
Egg Inspiration: egged houses
Egg Credit: noto

Egg Name: A Haunting We Will Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a multitude of bright white and dark corners. There are some odd shapes lurking in the dark corners, and you can't quite make them out all the way but what you can see makes you step back in alarm. The bright white spots just serve to make it all that much harder to see what lurks in the dark, and the egg often will seem to emit a very strange brum-brum-brum noise that catches one of guard and makes you want to skitter back in alarm. Did anyone else hear that?
Egg Inspiration: Haunted Mazes (with chainsaws)
Egg Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: The Haunting Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small and pale, almost pure white, and yet it seems to fade away even against the dark background of the Sands. Its shell has a curiously soft appearance, as though it is made of fabric that has simply been draped over the hatchling inside. If this egg does happen to catch your eye, you will find yourself cold and gloomy for no reason at all. The Haunting Egg certainly doesn’t want to be looked at, but there is something even more disturbing about it. It seems as though it is preoccupied with a tragic event that happened, or maybe one that is yet to come. Perhaps this feeling is just because of the two perfectly round black circles etched on one side of the shell, marring the pure white. No matter which way you turn, those black circles look as if they are gazing directly into your soul.
Egg Inspiration: Ghosts
Egg Credit: Adina

Egg Name: Lack of Flesh
Egg Description: This egg looks rather typical for a dragon egg. Pale in color with darker shadows and speckles covering it's surface. Upon closer inspection you can just make out what looks like a grinning human skull. The moment you blink or glance away it just looks like a normal egg again. The darker speckles look like somebody splashed muddy water at the egg. When touch this egg feels dry with just a hint of roughness, like sun bleached bone. A hollow feeling comes from this egg, like dry mocking laughter as though the egg is amused you would even consider befriending what lies within this pale shell.
Egg Inspiration: A Skull
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Egg Name: Tri-Color Egg
Egg Description: A larger egg rests aside from the others, the surface shimmers almost as a smooth lake of water would. Here and there it reflects the light, but mostly it absorbs it to seem to glow from within. This egg is a white which fades down into an orange color that fades into a sunflower yellow. Barely visible in the sand the yellow color shimmers, and closer inspection makes it look almost gold, though the shadows make it hard to tell.
Egg Inspiration: Candy Corn
Egg Credit: Wunderingmind

Egg Name: Do Not Disturb This Egg
Egg Description: Just looking at this egg, you get the impression that nobody's home - but surely there must be someone inside?! Overall it's a dark brown, striated with lighter browns going horizontally and vertically. A tall rectangle sits on one 'side' of the egg, looking very much like a door - but closed and unwilling to open. Next to this rectangle, a smaller square of black further hints as to not wanting to be disturbed. All in all, this smaller egg just doesn't want to get involved, thank you very much.
Egg Inspiration: Hallowe'en may be a popular time of the year, but some people just don't want to be involved. Give 'em a break!
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: November First Egg
Egg Description: This poor egg has a strangely deflated look. While its surface is rigid and smooth as any of it’s siblings, one can’t help but feel that the slightest touch would cause this egg to collapse into a sticky mess. It’s coloration does not help matters, the surface of this egg is an anaemic orange, covered with fuzzy looking patches of gray, black and green. As hatching time grows closer, this egg will not rock, so much as it will shiver and lurch, Gross! Did an unhatched egg from an earlier clutch somehow get left behind on the sands? This egg seems to know that it is unwanted, and has the forlorn attitude of something that was once loved, but was somehow abandoned.
Egg Inspiration: pumpkins left out to rot after Halloween
Egg Credit: noto

Egg Name: Keep Your Distance Egg
Egg Description: A large, garish egg. The Keep Your Distance Egg’s shell is an obnoxious shade of yellow that makes everyone want to look at anything but it. Chunky black lines cut diagonal paths across the bright surface of the egg adding further to its gaudy aura. This egg seems to ward off all company even resting in a place far from other eggs of its clutch.
Egg Inspiration: Caution Tape
Egg Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Draped in White Egg
Egg Description: This big egg would be a perfectly lovely forest green egg ordinarily. As it happens, this is not just some ordinary egg. This egg is a green egg with drapes of white hanging on its shell, or so it appears from afar. Squiggles of brown make one think of branches and the white streaks seem to hang on them across the surface of this surprisingly rough shell. It has a very warm feeling to it, although when a breeze wafts in from the yawning entrance you’d think you saw the white waving in the wind. Oh, but that is just an illusion from the curve of this big egg, isn’t it?
Egg Inspiration: Toilet Paper’d Trees
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Orb of Night
Egg Description: This egg is on the smaller end, and feels very smoothe to the touch. It is primarily orange, with whisps of white across it that almost resemble clouds. This egg gives off a feeling of radiance, of warm, cheerful brightness. On closer examination, the egg gives a push of distinct intelligence, and seems to want to know everything about everything, despite already seeming unmistakably smart.
Egg Inspiration: Here!
Egg Credit: Cavalry

Egg Name: Rest in Pieces Egg
Egg Description: Dark grey and foreboding, this egg looms out of the surrounding sands, casting a shadow on all those nearby. It is curiously shaped; round at the top, but almost flat on the bottom, making it rest squarely on the ground as though planted there. The Rest in Pieces Egg carries with it a sense of menace, sending a shiver down your spine when your gaze happens to fall on its pitted surface. Black markings on its side make it appear as though words have been etched into the shell of the egg, or at least a few letters. If you squint, you can almost make out what it says. Is that an R? And an I? And that last letter might be a P…but whatever could R.I.P. mean? You shudder and look away, happy to leave the mystery unsolved and gaze at more inviting eggs.
Egg Inspiration: A tombstone
Egg Credit: Adina

Egg Name: An Egg So Sweet
Egg Description: The top of this egg is a brilliant light green, and abruptly turns into a medium brown, reminiscent of a sweet candy. This egg is a medium sized egg, sitting soundly right in the middle of the size category. It is shiny, but the sand seems to stick to the brown parts of the egg, and just in general seem quite sticky.
Egg Inspiration: Caramel Apples
Egg Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Winged Assault
Egg Description: This egg is mostly black and purple. Around the edges is solid black, with the center being purple. However, two black marks that almost look like wings cross over the center purple of the egg. To the touch, the egg feels almost fuzzy in some manner. In some places it has the furry texture, but in other places it feels almost leathery. The egg is medium-sized, and projects a general feeling of disinterest. Upon closer inspection, however, the egg presents a feeling of enclosed, dark spaces before a great swooping sensation is felt in the pit of the stomach.
Egg Inspiration: Here!
Egg Credit: Cavalry

Egg Name: An Egg Full of Yum!
Egg Description: This is a friendly egg. Of a medium size and usual ovular egg shape with just a touch of thinning to one end, this egg is not as frightening and imposing as the others. It is covered with many conical little shapes and all of them a mingling of white, yellow, and orange with tiny dashes of brown or green here and there. Bright and cheery, this egg is warm and smooth to touch. It is almost a little sticky, too, as if it were coated in sweetening that is slightly moistened.
Egg Inspiration: Bowl o’ Candy Corn
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Egg 'o' Lantern
Egg Description: This small egg is oddly shaped, sort of squat, like it started out normal and was sat on. It is vibrantly orange in colour, with faint vertical stripes. On one side there are strange dark markings. They almost look like a face…
Egg Inspiration: Jack 'o' Lantern
Egg Credit: Kitya

Egg Name: Gummy Worms Egg
Egg Description: wiggly squiggly crawling patterns slither around this average sized egg. A closer look makes one think of greenish worms crawling along the surface of the egg. The main egg color the dark brown of turned earth. The smeared colors look like worms crawling and slithering all over the egg. It just looks creepy overall. The egg feels a little chilly, like the heat of the sands just can't quite get the entire egg hot and the glistening sheen just makes one think it's wet and slimy to the touch even though the egg is dry. There is an overall feeling of oozing within the depths of this egg's shell, that sort of feeling that makes one's skin crawl and itch.
Egg Inspiration: Worm and dirt Cake
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Egg Name: Oh my Faranth, What Happened?! Egg
Egg Description: The Oh my Faranth, What Happened?! Egg causes many alarm bells to go off in people’s heads. The pure white shell is marred by a ghastly mess of what looks like congealed blood at the top. There are tracks of red cascading down the sides of the egg all originating from the same point at the top. Someone was obviously hurt very badly! Surely, it’s not the hatchling’s blood? No, of course, not! Dragon ichor is green not red but then whose blood is it?
Egg Inspiration: Fake Blood
Egg Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Flickering Flame Egg
Egg Description: This egg is longer than it is round - or you could say it's tall, given that its usual orientation is sat on its base. When positioned like this, the majority of the egg is an off-white, with hints of aged brown. The very tip of the egg is black, but against that black, emerging from the white, are faint waves of yellow, orange, and red. These seem to dance before the eyes - surely an optical illusion - but give the impression of dying flames, which could be extinguished at any moment.
Egg Inspiration: Hallowe'en is the perfect time to put out some super creepy candles…and if they go out…well, maybe it's time to leave before something spooky happens!
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Batwing Egg
Egg Description: This egg is large and seems to glow a subtle burnt orange, as if a light rested it from inside. Small white specks decorate the surface and make it look as if the egg is glittering and is very fragile. One might be reluctant to approach it, much less touch it, for fear of damaging the egg. The outside is decorated by a dark imprint that looks like wings. They reach from the top of the egg down to about half way, as if the wings all crowded to escape from the top of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Colony of Bats
Egg Credit: Wunderingmind

Egg Name: The Bale of Hay Egg
Egg Description: The general hue of this egg is a gray-ish green, and it resembles the fodder that herdbeasts favor. It is rather scratchy looking and sort of has lumpy rounded corners instead of one tip like a normal egg. With all the bumps and harsh texture of the egg, it must not have been very fun to lay. There will surely be murmurs of how irregular this egg is among the weyrfolk, perhaps even the holders in the stands if it doesn't hatch quickly.
Egg Inspiration: Hay bales
Egg Credit: Velcro

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