The Peacekeeper Green Eideloth

Impressee: Rosilah

Name: Eideloth
Pronounciation: Ee-del-oth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: D0DAD0
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autumn P8 T20
Final Size: 27' length, wingspan of 45'


Mini Biograpgy:
The Peacekeeper Green doesn't look remarkable, at first. For a few scary moments, she looks completely white; however, on second glance it is clear that she is, in fact, an extremely pale green. She is very delicate-looking, with thin legs and wings. She looks completely unremarkable at first, except when you look at her head. The Peacekeeper Green has reddish colored lines on her head, forming a gridline pattern around her eyes and face. Her size is completely average, though her head is a bit flat and her snout short.

Strangely enough, The Peacekeeper Green seems to radiate an aura of calmness and serenity around her. She has an uncanny knack for calming her fellow dragons down, despite lacking the natural command of a gold. She has the ability to get others to see reason, though how often this works is up to debate. She is a pacifist through and through, which will end up causing problems later on. She will refuse to kill her food for a while, and even so will grow to only chosing the wildest of herdbeasts to sacrifice. Even though instinct urges her, she will be uneasy about killing Thread- at least until she sees what it can do. The Peacekeeper Green will often find herself as the rational rock that others can steady themselves upon, especially her rider's.

Mating flights are a strange thing for The Peacekeeper Green. She doesn't want to upset anybody or cause bad feelings, but she understands that only one can win. Any male has a chance of catching her, whether he be blue or bronze. She will not likely choose the more volatile of males, but in the heat of the moment, anything can happen! The Peacekeeper Green rises fairly often, though it is unlikely she will be the first of her class to rise. More likely than not, she will find herself apologizing to the losing males.

Inspiration: Eidelons from Farscape
Dragon Credit: Esko

Egg Name: Nothing But Luck Egg
Egg Description: The NOTHING BUT LUCK egg is a small, unassuming almost fully white egg. This egg could even be the smallest of the clutch. It's so small it almost seems impossible that a dragon is actually in there. On the smooth shell is a green pattern that looks remarkably like a four-leaf clover. The NOTHING BUT LUCK smells like springtime and dew.
Egg Feeling/Emotions: The NOTHING BUT LUCK just feels lucky and the person touching it will feel lucky too. This is the Hatching they'll find their dragon, the NOTHING BUT LUCK guarantees it! But it's not just luck, no, the NOTHING BUT LUCK is also carefree. After all, with such amazing luck, it's so easy to be carefree. There's also a great sense of comfort, like coming home after a long journey.
Egg Inspiration: Clover Flower
Egg Credit: Kati

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)

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