The Noblest Solarian Bronze Eidmarth

Impressee: U'sul (Uronsul) [Sola]

Name: Eidmarth
Pronounciation: Ide-marth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 986606
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 43' wingspan of '76



Upon hatching, the bumbling, chubby infant stands out from the black sands as a brilliant, beautiful, bronze. The classic color of fresh cast alloy, typically meant for priceless and expensive jewelry or fine, enduring, statuary, looks just as perfect on him. All dignity and virtue if only to make up for his lack of grace, The Noblest Solarian Bronze's most notable flaw would have have to be that he was a little too ideal - a little too close to the public's image of a healthy baby dragon. Not a scrawny straggler nor an oversized behemoth, he could be called average, or run of the mill by a hard to please crowd, but for those first days of life, he is absolutely impeccably formed and colored. Only the faintest of markings are visible in these early times - a wreath of laurel circling his chest, emblazoned like the charge of a shield.

Being so pristine seems to match his pure heart. The Noblest Solarian Bronze even seems to move with the innocence of a dragon who has known no wrongs - deliberate, heads up. He will not be the type to cower or shrink, and when guarded, instead draw his left wing across his chest like a cape or the long extra length of flowing robes. As is the case in life, he will not go without stepping on his own wings, and will not go without tarnishing at least a little bit… or a lot a bit. While never a light colored creature, his hide darkens in color like a piece of metal artwork left to the elements. Over the majority of his body his shine dulls and his bronze hide deepens to over brewed klah: muddled. The edges of wings and headknobs still retain some sparkle, and the victorious ring of laurel stands out ever more brightly, but the damage is done.

As the baby fat melts off the character of his face takes shape. He has a wise sort of look to him - beyond his Turns - a strong, pronounced, muzzle giving him the dragon's version of a 'Roman Nose'. So too does his body take shape. Nearly blocky in build, The Noblest Solarian Bronze will develop obvious muscle even if it doesn't lend to a larger size. Everything in his conformation follows in line, perhaps only his wingspan taking exception. Big, broad, wings are all the better to drape himself with after all. With fluidity in his sails and strength in his body, he still makes for the exceptional leader he was hatched as, if with a little extra patina on him. While lacking the grace or bombast that his siblings may take in flight, his movement will none the less have it's own poetry to it, beautiful in balance between power and agility.


At The Noblest Solarian Bronze's core, there is a gentleness. A deeply comforting purity that extends beyond the mere coincidence of age. Upright, sensitive, delicate, and principled, the first days of the hatchling's life is dedicated to the development of a moral code - one which revolves around a deep abiding love of Solaria, and of course, his U'sul. Unafraid of the big questions, his free time is filled with seeking answers, be it by incessant interrogation of his own rider or through cornering even older, wiser, dragons to sharpen and refine his own philosophical views with. Like his golden mother, he is a great lover of thoughts and ideas, and sometimes even anguishes himself with the natural hypocrises and paradoxes that afflict his sense of virtue and arete. Even killing his own prey can become a question to ponder, and U'sul will undoubtedly grow frustrated with the mental gymnastics his dragon requires to carry out the deed. Why… the dragon will wonder, how he can justify the slaughter of a creature who did him no wrong.

Ultimately, because he himself put so much time and energy into his world views, he will expect that others have and do too. U'sul is no exception - The Noblest Solarian Bronze implores his rider to put the Weyr and it's people first, egging him on to do what U'sul may otherwise see as needless heroics. As he grows older, the steadfastness to which he holds his truths only cement themselves further; sometimes his desire for all that is good to blind him to his own fellow's shortcomings. He presumes that those he puts in his closest company - and oh, how he will have no shortage of friends as his reputation for honor and honesty grows - have only the best intentions in mind. Worse yet is the pure surprise he is stricken with when this trust is inevitably broken… he is, bless his heart, an absolutely terrible judge of human and dragon. This is not due to any shortage of intelligence, but a side effect of his lofty and speculative mind. He sometimes fails then with more practical notions.

Although it is a dirty business, The Noblest Solarian Bronze finds himself neck deep in the politics of the Weyr, in part by right of his metallic hide, but also out of his sense of duty to it's well being. He befriends other dragons easily, including Weyrleaders, and his honesty makes him the trustworthy sort that others love to confide in. Some day, his nature may find him in his own position of power, a role he will not take lightly, for even with all his metallic friends (and potential mates) he still gives leaders a weary look and holds them to a high standard. This bronze will not stand by tyranny in any form, and with the right prodding, could be turned against those very dragons he once loved if convinced that they have anything less than pure intentions. He will not stand by a bronze or gold who is pushing around their weight or enjoying too many benefits of their position and there seems to be no limit to what The Noblest Solarian Bronze will do to rectify such abuses. While an innately pure creature, he is evidence that the path to hell is paved with good intentions - he can find justice through doing bad things.

In fighting Thread however, there is no gray area. Their ancient enemy is to be destroyed with no mercy, and while he may have waffled in his head over killing his own herdbeast, here there is no question. This passion may make up for some degree of skill however. He will not be a virtuoso of the skies like his smaller blue and green brethren, but he will be a solid and consistent flier, and more importantly a leader of dragons and men who could light a fire under another's tail (no pun intended). It should be no surprise if it is his voice in the middle of a tough 'Fall trying to rally the troops and raise morale.

He is decidedly less vocal in Flights. Part of it may be shyness, part of it may be his play at 'strong and silent', but he is not the type to lavish words upon the beauties that he chases, saving his speeches as his final flourish before either making his catch or being turned away. At any rate,The Noblest Solarian Bronze means the words that he says, even in the heat of the moment, for chasing to begin with is never a spur of the moment decision. While U'sul may struggle to determine any rhyme or reason to which greens and golds he chooses, he will know that it was a choice made only after considerable deliberation. A silly mate is not something he wants; a female who is strong, who has her own touch of nobility, perhaps even willing to challenge him is what his heart will truly desire. Should this female be a gold, there will surely be a clutch, and this is one bronze that would never shirk in his duty to the mother or his hatchling children. They are the future after all, and it is imperative to pass upon to them the same earnest love for Solaria that he has.

Marcus Junius Brutus
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Brutus, being a historical figure, has a wealth of material pull from. The name Eidmarth derives from the EID MAR coins produced for Brutus' army following the assassination of Julius Caesar - a reminder that they fight for the freedom of the Roman Republic.

Dragon Credit: vandelay

Voice: Reasoned and warm, his speaking voice does not strike as necessarily draconic. In, fact U'sul will have many days searching over his shoulder for the sight of an entirely human older male, only to remember that the paternal tone belongs to his dragon. He only raises his voice when necessary, but to his rider, he will never need to - he has the weight of wisdom beyond his Turns in his words. A more formal tenor sets in when lecturing, and should he need to address humans or dragons alike, he will do so as a practiced orator, enunciating every syllable with certainty and precision.

Hatching Message:
The Snowy Peak Egg was not one to make much of a noise or attract much attention, but do not think that it is due to any type of reluctance on the part of the egg's contents. No, instead the creature within was merely waiting it's turn, allowing for clutch siblings to have the first crack at getting out and onto the sands. Eventually though, fair was fair, and the dragon thought it appropriate to make an appearance. The white sides of the shell began to pulsate and bulge, with cracks forming among it's small black striations. Eventually, the squat bottom fell out, leaving a white capped mystery dragon in it's wake, back and wings facing the crowd and standing candidates.

Flicking the holdout of the shell with a slow, but decisive movement, the dragon took to it's shaky, newly hatched, feet for the first time.
He clearly savored it too, flexing his toes in the sand, giving long sweeping looks to the older dragons gawking from the ledges above, and then, finally, to the young men he had to choose from. Hark! The Noblest Solarian Bronze has arrived!

Public Impression Message:
Oh, he could anguish about this all day. Dithering back and forth over which candidate he would choose… in theory. After all, he was not a thoughtless hatchling. That much was already obvious by the way he looked at the boys,
penetrating looks leveled at each and every one of them. The Noblest Solarian Bronze also was not a cowardly or frivolous dragon, he knew that he must dive in headfirst into his decision, and commit fully to the bond he imagined for himself when his sights first glazed over the little one. The scrappy one.

He gave one last look over his shoulder as he traveled another well beaten path in the sand along the row of worthies. No, no, no, good brother,he considered his roaming bronze sibling. There was a love there for his clutchmate, but he couldn't abide by the same overindulgence in the moment. Though he had been moving away, he didn't truly get the one boy out of his mind, and doubled back quickly, giving a no nonsense mantling of his wings as he nearly cut off the Tylth here to plant himself proudly at the foot of that rangy, slip of a boy he had grown so fond of.

Personal Impression Message:
I know you are surprised my good U'sul,, the voice is quiet, but matter of fact, growing in strength as the words continue, lend me your ear for just a moment, it seems as if in an instant everything you know and understand has changed and a tickle along the skin serves as the reminder that this is not just pretend. The dragon is shuffling through your mind, opening up memories as if they were files. For as shielded and hidden you've kept your feelings and intentions, for all the ways you've camouflaged yourself in the jungles by Mathon, there was no hiding from him.

I know you have lived such a bloody life, but I see more than just the knife you wield in hand. I see your heart. U'sul, mine, I am your faithful servant Eidmarth. The interim between my hatching and now was but a hideous dream. Now though, I look forward to what greatness we can bring our home. He waits then, still staring intently into your eyes. He won't ask to eat of course, it need only be implied by the phantom pit forming in your stomach. The question then becomes, great hunter, what are you going to do next?

Egg Name: Snow Peak
Egg Description: A large squat white egg sits heavily in its wallow like its hunkering down as deeply as it could to stay warm. Around about two thirds of the egg are a series of dark chevron shape markings. The crown of the egg is unblemished by any marks. The texture is very fine and almost feels more like velvet instead of egg shell.
Egg Inspiration: Snowy Owl
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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