Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green Elphameth

Impressee: W'hai (Awaihos) [Dragonblossom]

Name: Elphameth
Pronounciation: Elf-ha-meth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 005236
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 27' length, wingspan of 50'


Though most hatchlings straight out of the egg might be described as ungainly or awkward, Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green is anything but. She steps from the shards of her egg with instant grace, an almost other-worldly lightness to her step. She stands out strikingly against the sands of the hatching grounds not only because of the rich forest green that cloaks her, but also for her lovely, dappled pattern. Points of lighter green, ranging in size from the tip of a thumb to the smallest pinprick, scatter across her wings, seeming luminous and dancing even in the dimmest glowlight. Those same brilliant spots dapple her head as well, combining and coalescing as they wrap up her headknobs until they become a crown of pale yellow-green.

Those wings will be no small point of vanity as Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green ages; she will insist that every inch of their considerable length is oiled well, to fully display their beauty. The rest of her is no less beautiful, mind you. Her limbs are slender and graceful, her muzzle elongated and stately. She is svelte and delicate right down to the very tip of her tail. That tail betrays her every mood, wrapping sensuously about a lover or whipping back and forth when she's in a fury.

Though Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green begins life as a small hatchling, she will grow to an average length fairly quickly. Her wingspan will always best her clutchmate greens, though she carries them well, draped like a flowing garment along her back.


Nothing will have prepared W'hai for Elphameth, for the kind of green she is. Not at all the cobweb-brained creature with the attention span of a moth, Elphameth is a force to be reckoned with. With a bearing that is nothing short of regal, she approaches the world as if it is hers to command from the very beginning. She is no tyrant, though; she genuinely cares for those that surround her, her subjects, and she is kind and gentle with them. That is, until they should challenge her benign wisdom; then you will see her anger grow like a sudden summer storm.

During weyrlinghood, her clutchmates are her kinsmen, those who will need caring for and her gentle direction. My Phelaith, do tell your rider that he is missing a spot between your wings, I can see your hide is dry from here. Now come closer and warm me, I'm a bit chilly. Somehow, it always comes back to what they can do for her, no matter how benevolent the original intention. This will apply equally to all her fellow weyrlings, regardless of their color, all save for one bronze in particular. Nixeth, for some unfathomable reason, she will take a liking to from the very beginning, seeing him as her equal. Politely and lovingly she will ask things of him, rather than commanding him like all the others. Their relationship, though, is bound to be tumultuous, for when their desires conflict, you see, she will be the last one to give in, no matter what consequences it might bring.

With W'hai she will be similarly stubborn and sometimes it will take all his will to turn her from something she has set her mind on. I know that you mean well, my love, but I will not be doing those swimming exercises today. It can be such silly things that she decides to take a stand over, but once she has no cajoling or tempting will win out. W'hai's only option will be to overpower her, something that will be a challenge to learn in the beginning.

As assertive and headstrong as she may be, she will dote on W'hai. She will have fleeting, passing loves throughout her life, some quite passionate, but he is the one who holds her heart forever. Never will he be allowed to denigrate himself without her chiming in to praise his many virtues and talents. She will do anything she can for him, a reversal of her usual role. Though she will get others to "help" her whenever she can. Sweet W'hai, you have not eaten yet today. Let me get you something. Tadanoth's is in the caverns now, I shall have him fetch you a sweet.

Her need for such errands will have her collecting a handful of dragons, usually greens and blues, who are agreeable enough to do her bidding. As she gets older and begins to delve more fully into the happenings of the Weyr, she will use these followers to keep her up to date on the happenings around the Weyr. Intrigues and scandal will interest her most, but a good love story will hold her interest just as well. Her loyalty and motherly care will be given freely to these dragons - at least until they should cross her. Should they deny a request or challenge her will, they will be left with only her scathing anger and a cold shoulder from then on.

One might expect a delicate dragon such as Elphameth to quiver at the thought of fighting Thread, but this will not be the case. Her capacity for love is matched only by her insatiable desire to see Thread burned and she becomes hardened and resolute as she prepares to fly against it. Despite the ferocity with which she fights, she will always be graceful in the air, even during the stress of a fall. She floats from one clump to another, her flaming utterly precise. True to her color, though, she exhausts quickly. W'hai will learn before long that she is best sent up for the beginning of a 'fall, for otherwise she paces and tosses her head in frustration at being held back.

Elphameth will throw herself eagerly into her mating flights when the time comes and will likely be one of the first of her class to rise. She is free and open with her love, welcoming any and all suitors to follow her into the sky. Her lust will lead her in the heat of the moment and she will have many and varied partners through her life; rarely will she repeat them. For a short time afterward, she will fawn over the winner, but her interest is easily lost and she will be back to ignoring them before long. Perish the thought that the male should do so first, however; her jealousy is potent and biting if they rise after another too soon after catching her. That W'hai himself should be so guarded and fussy over who he accepts into his own bed will be utterly strange to her and she will encourage him to widen his horizons every chance she gets.

Queen Titania
A Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare

Dragon Credit: Corgi

There's always something musical about Elphameth's voice, whether it be a soft tinkling like wind chimes in a warm breeze or the crash of angry cymbals. Her voice can become quite forceful when her ire is provoked, but most of the time it is lilting, lyrical, and soft as dandelion fluff.

Hatching Message:
Want to Be My Duet Egg has been biding its time, remaining quiet amidst all the action that erupted around it. But now its time had come. Quite suddenly, the small, brightly colored egg shivered, then dramatically shook, shifting and whirling until a thick crack spread along its side. Fragment by tiny fragment, a hole formed, sharp talons chipping away until it was large enough for the hatchling within to emerge.

A stately green hatchling picked her way clear of the shell, legs lifted nimbly clear of the shards. She threw her wings wide, the scattered speckles along the sails seeming to glow as they caught the light behind them. Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green slowly turned her head, taking in her surroundings with one sweeping gaze, though the candidates were not at the forefront of her concerns at the moment. She took in the onlookers, the admirers crammed into the stands, then turned her attentions to her fellow clutchmates.

Now Kiss! Bronze in particular drew her scrutiny and after a pause she furled her wings with a soft rustle and glided over to him like a creature enchanted. The other dragons seeking their lifemates she ignored almost completely, but her bronze brother she approached with a warm fondness. After sliding up against him and nearly twining necks, they lean in close together, holding a private counsel as they look out on the rest of the sands.

Something soured in their discourse, though, and Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green drew back, pinning Now Kiss! Bronze with a hard stare. How dare he try to steer her choice? Even from the furthest seat in the stands, you could tell she was indignant. The dainty green stalked away, crossing past the two strapping men Now Kiss! Bronze had been trying to guide her toward; Loamol and Moraos were both subjected to the stinging slap of her tail as she took out her frustrations on them. She would find her own rider, one far better than those two.

Public Impression Message:
The sand might cause trouble for some of her clutchmates, but Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green smoothly navigated one small rise after another in the search for her lifemate. She approached another young woman, this one garnering much more attention than any of those before. How utterly intriguing this creature was, a flutter of complicated thoughts and feelings. Faceted eyes studied this woman who called herself Zara and Evenna both, stared at her, through her, for a long moment. The green ultimately drew back, however; two personas inhabited that mind already, with not nearly enough room for someone as grand as she.

Disappointment began to drag on Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green's every movement, every step becoming more laden, every turn of her head a bit slower. But all of a sudden, right there in the middle of the sands, she froze. Entranced, she stared at someone who until then had escaped her attention. But no longer was she so blind. Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green moved purposefully then, brushing aside those candidates who weren't quick enough to get out of her way. Some might wonder what made her choose such a quiet, scrawny candidate, but to her he was the most perfect thing in this new world.

Personal Impression Message:
A mote of fairy light dances through your mind, a tiny and elusive will o' the wisp that somehow still manages to cut through the heat and the noise of the hatching sands. A fluted voice soon follows, smooth and utterly feminine. What noble creature is this? It might take a moment for the realization to sink in; it's you she speaks of, Awaihos, you that this new mind wants to so enthusiastically entwine with. Like a heady intoxication she sinks into you, and you can feel so intimately that she is enamored, enthralled by every last bit of your being.

The lovely green hatchling shoves her way into your personal space without so much as a pause, wrapping her tail possessively about your ankles and leaning heavily against your legs. Go with me. A command, but an entreating one, a plea for you to love her enough that you would follow her wherever she might take you. In return, it's clear that she will insure you have all your heart desires, every whim and want met. Go with me, my sweet W'hai. From the moment my eyes found you I have loved you and never will I cease. Now let us leave these unfortunates behind and begin our new life, together. She presses her head lovingly into your palm, wanting only to feel your touch on her hide as her eyes flicker through countless colors.

Egg Name: Want to Be My Duet Egg
Egg Description: A small, vibrantly green egg that has a space around it as if none of the eggs are allowed to encroach on its territory. There is a brightly colored red stripe down its front with a thinner strip of black inside it followed by an even thinner strip of white inside of that. The Want to Be My Duet Egg is such a pretty, dainty egg that it is likely to be quite popular with the young ladies!
Egg Inspiration: Fischer’s Turaco
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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