Green Eoceath

Impressee: K'lar (Kalar)

Name: Eoceath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 002000
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 46'

Eoceath is an average-sized green of a slick, wet-looking dark shade. The exact tone of her hide may seem to shift due to this oily nature but will always be on the very darkest end of the green spectrum- some may even mistake it for nearly black. The only points of light on her hide are a trail of very bright green speckles in a line down either side of her body from nose to tail tip. This line of speckles almost seems to glow under bright light or moonlight, much like glows or the glowing sea creatures that float in some bays at night.

She has an average, slightly stocky build, but is otherwise mostly unremarkable in conformation. The end of her tail beginning at the fork becomes rather more flat and rudderlike than normal, almost like the flukes of a sea mammal. This will help her to be very skilled at maneuvering in the air, and will give her an extra push of speed when she desires it. Because her hide is more oily than normal, she will need to be oiled less than most dragonets and will always have very supple, flexible skin.

This green's personality is as changeable as the tides. One moment she will be calm and nurturing, the next she will become a raging storm of lashing fury. Her mercurial moods may prove quite a trial to her rider. She has a stronger than normal mind for her color, and will be able to resist the commands of most blues and browns should she choose to, although bronzes and golds will always be able to overpower her like any other green.

During Weyrling Training, Eoceath will be focused on testing her rider and the dragons around her to see if she can rely on them. She has a hard time trusting others, and K’lar is likely to be the only being she trusts implicitly throughout her life. Others may earn her trust and good will, but they can lose it in an instant if Eoceath feels slighted or betrayed. She has a playful side that occasionally turns malicious, and every once in a while she will simply refuse a task for any reason that she can come up with. This is likely to get her and K’lar into some trouble with the Weyrlingmasters.

As she matures, Eoceath may calm down a bit, but her temper will always be on a hair trigger. Her anger is instant and punishing, and may lose her whatever tenuous bonds she has forged with other dragons. She is not always in conflict, but it is never far from her mind. K’lar’s good nature will help to smooth over relationships with other riders, but Eoceath may never have more than a few close friends among the dragons. This doesn’t bother her in the least, though if K’lar ever decides to weyrmate with someone, their dragon will most likely have to be easygoing enough to not mind Eoceath’s mercurial moods.

In Flights, this is a green that respects raw power and tenacity. The strongest, fiercest competitor is most likely to win her temporary affection. She likes her mates to fight for her, and will encourage violence with taunts and teasing. She doesn’t want them to kill each other or anything extreme like that, but a few scratches and bites add character. They can certainly expect to be on the receiving end of injuries from her!

Inspiration: Tiamat, the Babylonian Goddess of the Sea

Eoceath speaks with the rolling, mighty tone of a powerful wave. Her voice can be a bit overwhelming if she should choose to speak to a human that is not her rider. K’lar will grow used to it, but he will be thankful for the times when she gentles her mind voice for him.

Hatching/Impression Message:
Having been vibrating and rocking for some time, the Red Tide Egg finally reached its breaking point. The blue and red places on it cracked first, as if they were weaker than the rest of the shell, and then the entire egg came apart in large pieces. Stepping carefully from the ruins of her shell, a darkly glistening green raised her head to regard her audience. She liked to have all eyes on her. It seemed appropriate, somehow. She walked gracefully- for a hatchling- to the girls, and her eye was immediately caught by Phyrra. What a wonderful girl! The green twined herself happily about the young woman's legs, and gazed up into her face, sure that she had found her lifemate. Until she met Phyrra's eyes, that is, when a sudden fury came over her. This wasn't her person! How dare this girl misrepresent herself so! With a ferocious battle cry, the green launched herself at whatever part of Phyrra she could reach, trying to snap her jaws closed around any bit of flesh she could. Through her haze of anger, she felt hands pulling her back, and a strong body gathering her close.

"No, don't hurt her!" Kalar stooped so that he could trap the green in his arms to keep her from Phyrra. He let her go after a moment to allow her to Impress, and she turned her head over her should to look at him measuringly. He would do; he was a strong person and worthy of her. Wonderingly, the young man stroked her head and murmured, "Now, my Eoceath, do you see that you've no reason to be so angry?" With an apologetic glance to Phyrra, he led her off of the Sands. He couldn't be concerned about her now, not with Eoceath demanding food so strongly.

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: Red Tide Egg
Egg Description: This is a dark egg, seemingly black at first but really just a very dark shade of the same blue-green as the ocean at night. And indeed this egg seems to embody the very ocean itself, and if you listen closely, you might even heard the sound of the waves breaking onto the beach. But what is truly unique about this egg is the splashes of color, touched with wave-like patterns of red. What is interesting is that sometimes, instead one will find a luminescent blue where the red once was, and the blue actually glows brightly against an otherwise dark background. The shell itself has a smooth and almost silky texture, almost like solid liquid, although where the red (or luminescent blue) is splashed, those areas have a slightly more grainy quality.
Egg Inspiration: Bioluminescent Red Tides
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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