Bronze Escamilloth

Impressee: L'vin (Levinn)

Name: Escamilloth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 666000
Final Size: 42.5 length with a wingspan of 71'

Escamilloth is an average-sized bronze dragon with a thick and bulky body on strong legs with a slightly shorter but surprisingly thin tail, his neck also on the short side and topped with a triangular head. If anything, his build is comparable to that of a herdbeast, but far more elegant and definitely more muscular, and he boasts of brute strength. But he has large expansive wings, meant to support his heavy weight, and his broad body gives him slightly less stamina than most bronzes because he must compensate for the extra mass. He is a dark shade of tarnished bronze, evenly distributed along most of his body, and touched by a drastically lighter shade of tanned bronze on his muzzle, head knobs, and claws.

Escamilloth is a passionate but composed fighter in all aspects of his life, and he is one that would brave the risk of dying to fight for love and glory. He is determined to succeed, and to be recognized for his achievements. More than anything he loves victory and the glory that comes with it, and he enjoys nothing more than to be praised by his superiors – of which there should be few – and cheered for by his admiring fans – of which there should be many. But he fights to defend, not to injure, and despite his strength and ferocity, he does not believe in harming another living creature unless absolutely necessary to protect the innocent. In fact, he frowns upon those that intentionally bully the weak, either verbally or physically, and he has a strong sense of justice that extends to treating everyone (who deserves it) with the same amount of politeness and regard. Still, he adhere strictly to dragon hierarchy, extremely respectful and even flattering to the golds that rule the Weyr, courteous to his fellow bronzes who lead beside him, and considerate of all the other loyal fighting dragons.

There is no thoughtless or reckless behavior from this dragon. Everything Escamilloth does is calculated and well thought-out, and while many of his actions may seem risky and dangerous to an outsider, he never acts unless he is confident of success. And he has a lot of confidence, just bordering on arrogance, but he has enough manners and charm that he is hard dislike, even in his more flamboyant states (which will be frequent as a weyrling, but slowly lessen as he matures). He does have a slight vanity to him, and it’s not rare to see him asking for a bath or oiling when he might not really need it (and inversely, this trait will actually become more pronounced when he is an adult). But his concern for his appearance stems from his love of attention, because if he wants to be in the spotlight, adored by his multitude of stampeding fans, then he needs to look his best. As does his rider, because it wouldn’t look very good on him if L’vin showed up filthy in rags. Fortunately he doesn’t go so far as to demand that they match, so long as his rider looks presentable, he won’t argue.

So it’s no surprise that Escamilloth is a fierce Threadfighter. He knows that his duty is to fight thread, and he has a dedication to eradicating his mortal enemy that awes and inspires those that follow him. He is always calm, composed, and he has such a confidence that fighting Thread seems to come easy and effortlessly to this dragon. He is bold, but calculated and cautious, and so it’s rare for him to be seriously injured during a ‘Fall. But when it comes to protecting another, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good – but only if there is no other course of action that he can see. With enough experience, he will become one of the best Threadfighters, and even become a great leader given his confident but controlled nature.

In love he has a similar attitude, willing to compete with both mind and body against his fellow bronzes for a chance to capture a gold’s attention, and even outshine the smaller males in the flight for a green. Escamilloth chases golds because it’s his duty, and of course it brings an even greater glory should he win, but he chases green out of love – not necessarily for that particular dragon, but simply because he wants to have that reputation as the handsome, suave bronze dragon that wins over the hearts of all the greens and even golds. When he flies, he does so with all of his heart, and mind, allowing his passion to take over just enough to add intensity to the flight, but keeping enough of a head on him that he can calculate his moves so as to increase his chances of winning. Should he win, Escamilloth would be a very loving mate, though how long the affections last will depend on the female.

As a sire, Escamilloth would be proud and protective – mostly proud. He will leave most of the protecting and brooding to the gold, while he stands off to the side and boasts to anyone that will listen about how beautiful his eggs are. And of course he will dote on the gold should she allow it, because there is no better prize than the affections of his queen. But he isn’t the overbearing kind, so if she’d rather him leave her alone, he’d be more than happy to. And if you don’t want to listen to him bragging about his siring abilities, that’s fine too, because there are enough dragons in the Weyr.

Inspiration: (Music) Les Toreadors by Georges Bizet

Escamilloth has a bass-baritone voice, very deep and distinctly masculine, one that boasts of strength and confidence. He speaks loudly, making sure that everyone can hear him clearly, and his words are clear and emphasized by the emotional fluctuations in his tone. One could describe him as a dramatic speaker, for there is no hiding of his emotions behind his words. Especially when retelling an epic tale of his heroism, he is especially theatrical by inserting all the right ambiance and volume into his voice.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The WaterColor Landscape Egg started rocking violently, as if it were demanding attention from the audience as it shook and shuddered. Then it fell over, cracked, and it seemed to roll about in an almost flamboyant manner. Finally it came to a stop, and suddenly the egg burst into several shards and on the sands, there lay a dark bronze dragon. There was a gasp from the crowd when the dragon untangled itself and looked up, flaring its wings wide open as if showing off to the masses. He preened, just a little, before an embarrassing growl from his stomach demanded his attention. The bronze glanced towards the candidates, and he stumbled towards them — he paused in front of Idamane, confused, before ignoring the young man and moving on. And then he stood before Levinn, and the candidate breaks out into an amused smirk, "Escamilloth! Of course everyone loves you!" Then L'vin laughed and started walking towards the exit with bronze in tow, "Come on then, let's eat now."

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: WaterColor Landscape Egg
Egg Description: This is among the larger eggs in the clutch, but far from the largest. It has a pleasingly classic shape and intriguing texture; it is very smooth but not glossy, yet not truly velvety either. Somewhere between the two in a fascinating way. This egg is very watery in aspect; its markings range from darkly translucent to pellucid, and they have rippling, flowing, indistinct forms. At the very top of the egg, at the narrow 'pointed' part, there is a limpid pool of sunny yellows which collects against the somewhat darkened edge of a wide band of autumnal sky blue. Narrow streaks of various foresty greens, piny and fresh, tumble across the blue, intermingled with roundish splashes of scarlet, pumpkin, turmeric, and various fiery hues, reminiscent of autumn leaves and conifer needles being blown about by the wind together. At the bottom of the egg, dark rich navies, midnights, lavenders, and teals pool and swirl together, forming deep currents and gentle eddies of cool dark color. Some of the leafy, needly shapes appear this low, leading to most viewers' being unable to resist indulging a fancy of these shapes as being autumn leaves floating on the rippling waters of a lake or river. It has a similarly serene, watery aura as well, rocking only occasionally and subtlety. All is right with the world and no strong emotions are required as far as this egg is concerned, it would seem.
Egg Inspiration: The many watercolor paintings I have seen in my life which depict mixed conifer/deciduous forests in autumn with a body of water in the foreground. It seems like a sort of genre or style all its own at times to me.
Egg Credit: Lurhstaap

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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