Brown Esfiroth

Impressee: J'sten (Jenest)

Name: Esfiroth
Pronunciation: es-fear-OTH
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: D4D0C3
Final Size: 41.7' length of 70' wingspan

Even as a hatchling, Esfiroth will be a dragon of unusual size. His long arching neck and tapering whip-like tail will give him a length to rival many of the smaller bronzes. In addition to his exceptional length, Esfiroth is also unusually tall, and will have one of the longest wingspans most people have seen in a brown. Despite his great size, Esfiroth's is not a bulky dragon. His bone structure is refined and light, giving him incredible agility despite his size. If his size isn't intimidating enough, Esfiroth's striking coloration lends to his distinctive appearance. The base of his hide is a dark, muddied brown coloration. His head is swathed in a strikingly lighter silvery tan. This coloration streaks down the back of his neck, up along his neck ridges to halfway down his tail. Sharp streaks of this matching coloration square his shoulders and chest, giving him an almost armored appearance. The final markings trace long the bones of his wings. He has a curious habit of holding one of his wings tightly against his body while cocking the other one off to the side.

The touch of Esfiroth's mind is cold. No matter what trials he may experience in his life, this dragon will remain utterly and completely calm. Esfiroth He keeps a tight reign on his emotions. A subtle thread of arrogance runs through this dragon. While he will not gloat over his achievements, or make an explicit point to proclaim himself better than others, there are undertones of great pride in many of his words and actions. It will take his rider a good amount of time and effort to learn how to decipher the subtle shifts in Esfiroth's emotional state. There is a lingering sadness that hangs about Esfiroth that can be difficult to detect. Although not anti-social, Esfiroth is a difficult dragon to get close to. His relationships tend to be purely professional. Esfiroth is a dragon of strong convictions, especially when it comes to fighting Thread. He believes firmly that he is the only dragon capable of protecting the Weyr - especially the queens - against Thread, and takes his duties very seriously. Convincing Esfiroth during Weyrlinghood that other dragons can be depended on during a 'Fall will be crucial. If this cannot be accomplished at a young age, integrating Esfiroth into a normal Fighting Wing will be extremely difficult. When Esfiroth develops an opinion on something, it can be almost impossible to convince him otherwise.

Inspiration: Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
Dragon Credit: noto

Hatching/Impression Message:
With a mighty heave, the hatchling inside the Fool's Gold Egg finally managed to crack through the thick shell of the egg. A single wing emerged from the side of the egg. For a moment, it seemed as if the entire Weyr was holding its breath. Whispers slowly began to circulate around the candidates and spectators as the little dragon strained against the metallic shell. The tension was released like a disappointed sigh as the rest of the eggshell finally gave way, and and an unusually dark brown hatchling emerged onto the sands.

Another false alarm.

The little hatchling looked around, bewildered at the strange surges of emotion surrounding is birth. Just moments ago, the little brown had felt such an incredible surge of excitement - but now that he had finally broken into the world, that excitement had been largely replaced with … disappointment. He understood instinctively what he needed to do, but all of the minds surrounding him were wrong.He stood, unmoving on the remains of his egg, looking around at the nearby girls.
Without warning, he surged forward from his egg - sending candidates scattering as he charged. He was well coordinated for a newborn, and moved with surprising speed. If Isbura wasn't paying attention, the little hatchling was sure to send her flying as he barreled past her. He skidded to try to avoid Malika, only to charge at full speed into Embla. The impact was strong enough to send both of them reeling. He thrashed wildly with his claws, slashing the poor girl deeply over her abdomen and thighs. There was so much blood that it was difficult to tell where it was coming from.
The little brown collapsed a short distance from the body of the fallen candidate. His sides heaving heavily at the effort he had exerted. He slowly raised his head, but did not join the other dragons as they keened for the loss of his sister. He remained motionless, with the exception of his wildly swirling eyes. Jenest carefully walked forward, his voice was uncertain as he called out to the hatchling, "… Esfiroth?"

Egg Name: Fool's Gold Egg
Egg Description: Wait a minute! Could it possibly be …. ? For many young women, this egg seems capable of making all of their dreams come true. While the rich copper base coloration of this egg is very beautiful, it's the brighter sparkling filigree that seem to dance over it's surface that will really set the Weyrfolk talking. Whenever one looks at it, it seems to exude a sense of exotic wealth and glamor, and the promise of a lifestyle just out of reach. Although this egg certainly seems to promise the birth of another golden queen, some of it's more intuitive admirers may suspect that there is something incredibly insincere about it.
Egg Inspiration: Nigerian Prince Scams
Egg Credit: noto

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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