Name: Eskeli
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7 T197 - 199
Location: Ver Hold
Rank: Farmer's daughter

Mini-Biography: A tall, skinny girl, well tanned and with black hair tied up in a bun. Tends to dress in plain work clothes. Likes to be called 'Es'. Has a crooked front tooth, and a sense of humour. Her family came to Ver Hold very soon after it was founded and have lived there ever since. Her family have a farm, and as the oldest child, Eskeli believes she will inherit it. It could be that she has no brothers and assumes the farm will pass to her, or maybe she has brothers but thinks as the oldest she will inherit it - or maybe her father is very liberal and is going to let her inherit it anyway?

Mini-Biography Credit: Emma

Unnamed father
Presumably an unnamed mother
At least two younger sisters

Appearances: Lost

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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