The Poisoned Apple Green Esmeraith

Impressee: Sinara

Name: Esmeraith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 64c864 (003300)
Final Size: 30' length with a wingspan of 50'

The Poisoned Apple Green is long, lean, and streamlined. She is one of the larger greens around, but has an amazing ability to blend into the background when she wants to, which is often enough. By simply folding her overly large wings about her, this green can merge with the shadows until all that can be seen are two whirling eyes. Her ability to hide is made easier by her lack of body mass and muscle tone. However, one sure way to find her is to look for her skinny, whip-like tail, which lashes from side to side whenever she feels strong emotions. 

The majority of the green’s hide is a brilliant and rather showy emerald green. It reflects the light, often blinding those around her with pinpricks of dazzling light. On top of her head the sparkles condense, to form a shimmering, pale green crown. Her head is long and narrow, in keeping with the rest of her body. There is a certain beauty to her slender face though and it is especially striking when the The Poisoned Apple Green arches her long neck, holding her head high so that her ‘crown’ catches the light.

In stark contrast to her shimmering green hide, her wings are such a deep green that they could almost be considered black. This colouring spreads across her upper back and partway up her neck with a sharp line showing where dark and light meet. It also trails down her back, the colouring ending in a point right where her tail meets her body. At the very tip of her tail is a small splash of the same blackish-green, almost as an afterthought. When The Poisoned Apple Green closes her wings they settle in soft folds around her, as though they are made of fabric instead of hide. 

On the ground The Poisoned Apple Green flows wherever she goes, her long legs skimming the ground without ever seeming to touch it. At a very young age she will master the ability to move without leaving a trace of her passing and creep up behind people without them ever once noticing her presence. All of her movements appear effortless, no matter how difficult something might be. In the air she is extremely agile, able to dart back and forth effortlessly, a green blur in the sky. Her long, dark wings have no trouble propelling her slim body wherever she needs to go. 

Self-centered, mean, and vicious are probably the first words that come to mind when someone thinks of Esmeraith. She pays no attention to these labels though. Who cares what other people think? As long as she knows that what she is doing is right, nothing will stop her. Her hide practically oozes self-confidence. For the most part she ignores her clutchmates and almost anyone else who crosses her path. However, if Esmeraith wants something from you she will be your best friend, sneaking up behind you and offering oily compliments or courteously allowing you first choice of herdbeasts. She is not above kissing up to others if it makes things go her way, because one day she knows they will all be kissing up to her instead.

Esmeraith is dead-set on getting her way, often using cunning and guile to do so. If you feel a prickling sensation on the back of your neck, it is probably her, staring at you from the shadows. She is always watching those around her, not because she cares about them at all, but to see if she can use them to further her own designs. Those designs of course include taking over the running of the Weyr and not being forced to do work against her will anymore. As she is constantly reminding Sinara, There are other, lesser dragons for tasks like that.

Even from her very first days as a hatchling, Esmeraith is sure of herself. In many ways werlinghood will be one of her most difficult times, as she refuses to believe that there is anything she does not know. Teaching her anything will be a complicated game of pretending that you know she knows everything, you just wanted to check with her to make sure that you were doing whatever it is right. Even when she does learn skills, Esmeraith will always be looking for the easy way out. It isn’t that she is lazy, but if there is a way to get out of doing work, she sees no reason why she shouldn’t exploit it. 

As she grows, Esmeraith’s schemes will only become more extravagant and she will begin to focus her energies on her one true goal, leading the Weyr. She doesn’t care if she leads from the shadows as long as it is her who has the true power. To this extent, Esmeraith is always kind to the gold dragons, no matter what. Around them she is a different dragon, all smiles and compliments. To every other dragon though, her moods are as changeable as the tides and you never know whether she is your friend or enemy. 

Although fighting Thread is what all dragons are trained for, Esmeraith will never consider it particularly important. Yes, she knows that without their work all of Pern would be consumed by Thread, but she doesn’t see why she and Sinara must be endangered. There are plenty of other dragons to do such menial tasks, tasks that do not further her designs in any way. However, Esmeraith knows well the usefulness of biding one’s time and until she manages to take over the Weyr she considers fighting Thread a necessary evil. The only one who knows of her true feelings is Sinara. During Threadfall she will use her extreme agility to her advantage, dodging and flaming so quickly that it will astound the other dragons to the point where she will be considered one of the best green fighters in the Weyr, deserving of respect. Mwahahaha! However, she dislikes working well with others and will most likely receive criticism for failing to stay in formation during Threadfall.

Others will often consider her to be aloof and emotionless, which is true of course. As Esmeraith says, Emotions get in the way of doing. And nothing will be allowed to get in the way of her doing what she wants. What her rider will slowly discover though, is that Esmeraith has one of the strongest protective instincts in the Weyr. Everything she does is for the benefit of herself and her rider. She wants only the best for the both of them, but if the need arose she would willingly sacrifice herself for Sinara. Her rider will also find that Esmeraith’s protectiveness expands to include all those close to Sinara. She wants her rider to be happy no matter what, although it may not always seem like it because she believes that The only way to achieve true happiness is to first achieve power. The green dragon will be constantly pushing her rider to gain more power, more influence, more more!

Even when Esmeraith rises she will rarely show much feeling. For months beforehand she will carefully pay compliments to all of the bronzes and some of the larger browns so that when the time comes they will all participate in her flight. Then, she will choose from among them whoever has the most power in the Weyr, believing that having that dragon win her flight will increase her standing and lead to the eventual goal of her taking over the Weyr. Emotions don’t come into the picture at all. She has amazing self-control when it comes to flight lust and never would she let it get in the way of her choosing the dragon she wants to win. 

Esmeraith is quite a vain dragon and believes that she must be the fairest of them all. Her shimmering ‘crown’ must always be spotless and she has to see herself at least once a day to make sure that she is well turned out. It takes a lot to break her cool, emotionless exterior, but one sure way to do so is if you insult her appearance, or have the nerve to look almost as beautiful as her. Also, if anyone gets in the way of her schemes they will feel the full force of her anger. Should you be unlucky enough to make her mad, you will soon be on the receiving end of a carefully concocted plot. Esmeraith is not above destroying someone’s life and everything they care about, leaving them a broken wreck, if they should anger her.

Esmeraith was inspired by the ‘evil stepmother’ character found in a number of fairytales. I thought they would work well together in a ‘total opposites’ sort of way. Esmeraith won’t mind if Sinara’s a bit clingy though, and they seem to both share a sense of fashion. So maybe not total opposites. She is mostly a combination of the stepmother from Cinderella and Snow White. Her name comes from a variety of sources. The ‘Es’ is from evil stepmother in English. ‘Mer’ is from the German word mutter, meaning mother. ‘Ai’ is from the Chinese word dai, meaning evil. Germany was where the story of Snow White originated, and also where the famous brothers Grimm were from. Here is their version of Cinderella and their version of Snow White. China was where one of the earliest recognizable Cinderella tales with an evil stepmother was written in the 9th century CE.

Esmeraith’s voice is as changeable as the seasons and rarely shows true emotion. For the most part it is soft and low, as though she is telling of whispered secrets and dark, forbidden caves. When she wants something from you it changes to become as smooth and rich as a hot cup of klah, seeping into your mind and making you feel warm and comfortable. Her oily words rise and fall softly in a hypnotic fashion. However, this peacefulness can be broken in an instant. If someone gets in her way or things do not go according to plan an ugly rasp enters her voice, like a tunnelsnake sliding over stone. There is nothing comforting about the sharp reprimands she delivers. Instead, they seem to pierce your head, each word a wickedly sharpened dagger.

Hatching Message:
The Egg from the Black Lagoon had been quiet up until now, although if you had been watching carefully you would have seen that its lean was gradually becoming more pronounced. With a sudden shove from inside the egg fell forward, its black surface flashing teal for a moment as the sunlight caught it. A crack split the smooth black shell cleanly in two and the Poisoned Apple Green appeared from inside, a splash of brilliant emerald against the dark surface of the egg. At first glance it seems that this dragon has been born without wings. Upon closer inspection however, her wings can be found, blending into the background of her shell. Their deep green colouring appeared as though all the colour from the egg had bled into them, darkening the green hide. The Poisoned Apple Green wrapped her strange wings about her as her narrow eyes flicked from side to side, examining the assembled Candidates sceptically.

Public Impression Message:
The Poisoned Apple Green flowed smoothly from her egg, making her way purposefully towards the nearest Candidates. However, after only a few steps she fell flat on her face, her long legs failing to keep up with the rest of her. She immediately leaped to her feet, glaring around to see if anyone had noticed. With her skinny tail whipping back and forth she progressed towards the Candidates, more slowly now, dignified. She kept her head facing straight forward as she made her way around the Candidates. Despite her apparent indifference, she was searching as hard as she could for the mind that called to her. First she examined the boys, but none of them lived up to her expectations. Next she moved on to the girls, stalking past them with barely a second glance. Where was Hers?

The green dragon began her second circuit of the Candidates, her skinny tail whipping back and forth. It caught Rystan in the legs, but she ignored this. Her wings began to droop by her sides and her breathing became haggard. After all, she had only just hatched and she was hungry, so hungry. The Poisoned Apple Green looked around the circle in something nearing franticness. She wasn’t being picky she told herself, she just wanted the best. She deserved the best! The green dragon almost let out a creel of despair, but then stopped herself. She wouldn’t let these inferior beings see her upset. Scanning the white-robed Candidates again someone caught her eye. There! With a sudden rush of legs, wings, and tail, the Poisoned Apple Green lunged for her chosen one, bumping into Isaar on her way. She landed in a rather undignified heap at the feet of Hers and quickly dragged herself to her feet, holding her head high as she looked the dark-haired girl straight in the eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
From the moment you lock eyes across the Sands there is no doubt that the green dragon has chosen you. She hurries as quickly as she can and already you can feel something sneaking into your head on silky tendrils, so stealthily that you barely notice it at first. SinaraMine, you are the one…

At last she stands before you, her curious black wings dragging limply on the ground, but her narrow head held high and her whirling eyes gazing directly into your own. She speaks again and this time you can’t help but notice. Why are you sitting on the ground? Why didn’t you come for me? You could have at least stepped forward so I didn’t have to exhaust myself searching for you! The green dragon demands, a rasp entering her voice and her eyes whirling faster with flecks of red. Suddenly the red disappears and her mind-voice is smooth and oily. You can feel a warm current of love and devotion sweep through you. I will forgive you this time, because one day I shall rule the Weyr and you must be at my side. In the future I trust you will be more obedient. And now, I must eat and you shall carry me.

Dragon Credit: Adina

Egg Name: The Egg from the Black Lagoon
Egg Description: As one of the strangest among Ceocayath's string of pearls, this one is quick to catch the eyes of onlookers and candidates. Large and domineering, with a shell so smooth and polished in appearance, its allure comes not in size alone, but in its strange coloration. Iridescent is one way to put it, it has the odd blackish green sheen seen commonly on the hard bodies of little bottle flies, but more famously on the treasured gemstones farmed from the remote sea. Predominantly dark, but alight with a metallic teal in the right light, the egg simply exudes mystery, as well as intimidation - it seems to sit crooked in its sandy wallow, perpetually leaning towards and staring at anyone who catches sight of it.
Egg Inspiration: Black Coral Pearl Pearlbrite Crayon
Egg Credit: Vandelay

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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