The Jade Moon Gold Euliath

Impressee: Kimber

Name: Euliath
Colour: Gold
Hex Colour Code: FFFACD (ECC3BF)
Final Size: 45' length with a wingspan of 70'

Exquisitely almond shaped eyes set in the Jade Moon Gold's fragile-boned skull seem to bear the most intense points of colour of her entire body, shining out in luminescent gemstone hues. It's not until she stirs, and light ripples in liquid waves over a hide as smooth and burnished as flawless enamel, that her colour resolves. The palest lemon-chiffon gold tincts her glossy hide, shimmering with curves of light that take on the colours around her. Under stronger light, faint stippling in a deeper gold bedews her hide, appearing for all the world as though someone has flicked a paintbrush loaded with molten gold all over her. The freckling is strongest on her throat, underbelly, and around her joints.

Exquisite as fine china Jade Moon Gold certainly is, and formed along the same porcelain thin, delicate lines. Her skull is small, with a convex curving muzzle that tapers to a tiny snout. Her eyes are formed along the same slender, small lines, with a feminine slant beneath equally refined, understated eyeridges. Her skull flows back to small, rounded headknobs, and an elongated neck. Her build is spindly for a gold, with a small ribcage, narrow shoulders and narrow hips, and willowy limbs that end with delicately splayed claws. Her wings, usually tightly folded, are visibly narrow, even for her diminutive size, and she hesitates to display them, though the diaphanous membranes glow with a glorious rose tint when she does. Her tail, long and thin, she keeps coiled close. With her build, the Jade Moon Gold will never be a powerful or lengthy flier, but every flourishing second will be worth watching.

There's the tiniest hesitation in all her movements, as she stares about with her expressive eyes to ensure there are no obstacles that will foul her and send her crashing down in an undignified manner. Her steps are light and quick when she finally starts to move, and she flashes between postures disconcertingly. In the air, the disadvantage of her narrow wings are clear, as she has to beat them much more often to maintain her lift, and her acrobatics will never be the talk of the Weyr. She will never be a powerful or lengthy flier, but with her pale colouring and the flare of the rose tint in her wing membranes, every fluttering second of her flight will be worth watching.

Euliath is a sweet, gentle gold with a kind word for everyone she meets. Her greatest desire is to have all of the dragons and riders in the Weyr living in harmony, and she believes it is her duty as a queen to step in and mediate any disagreement. While she is soft spoken and a bit shy, don't mistake Euliath for a shrinking violet. She is the golden bloom with a steel core and will not hesitate to command or rebuke those who do not conform to her and the other golds' rules for the Weyr. She may daydream wistfully of a time when she doesn't have to enforce rules because everyone will be at peace. This gold is one of the rare dragons that has a good grasp of abstract concepts. She is fascinated by Belior and Timor, almost envious of their silver clarity in the star studded skies. She longs to fly up to them, if only it were possible. Her curiosity about them will probably never be satisfied, so she turns her attention to other things when she can.

As a weyrling, Euliath will likely have a hard time adjusting to the rigorous training schedule. Being small for her color and rather fragile means that she doesn't have the stamina or strength of some of her bulkier clutchmates. She will always try her hardest in lessons, though, and may gain respect simply because of her sheer perseverance. She is sure to be the darling of most of her siblings and the Weyrlingmasters, for who could dislike such a sweet dragon? She won't be the type of gold to assume that she is automatically better than the other Weyrlings simply because of her color. It will be difficult for Euliath to speak up in dragon-only lessons for the first few months of her life, even though her insatiable curiosity will mean that she always has plenty of questions. She will rely heavily on Kimber to help her through her fear of making a misstep and causing others to dislike her.

When she has reached maturity, Euliath will have learned to navigate the often rocky waters of social interactions. She will retain her gentle, encouraging nature, but will be much better at handling awkward or emotionally charged encounters. She still will not like to be the focus of anger, and she will never care for disciplining other dragons, but she will realize its necessity and will do it when she must. Still a daydreamer, she may be likely to lie on her ledge at night, gazing up at the moons. Her curiosity about what is up there will never be sated, and it is probable that she will always wonder what would happen if she were to fly there. This tendency to have her thoughts wander won't interfere with her abilities as a Gold Zenith member, because when something is threatening her Weyr, Euliath is all business. Like a little wildcat she will take advantage of her smaller size and dart about agilely, allowing Kimber to sear a large quantity of Thread.

When it comes to love, Euliath would prefer to abstain. Unfortunately for her, her instinct to mate will override her dislike for big, brutish, bullying males and cause her to abandon herself to her passions, if only for a short time. Her Flights will be fast and quickly over because she is so fragile and small, and she is unlikely to outlast many of her suitors in the air. The dragon that will win her Flight is the one that can appeal to her softer side. Overly aggressive or pushy males will be largely ignored by Euliath, and she will give herself only to those who make an effort to romance her. She isn't some silly green to give in to the biggest or strongest bronze or brown, after all. She wants a mate with brains and a sweet temperament.

Euliath is not a dragon that will ever surprise her rider with the number of eggs in her clutch after the first two or three have set a pattern. She will very consistently produce an amount of eggs that will vary by only a few higher or lower each clutch. Truly spectacular Flights may produce a few higher than her normal range from time to time. Euliath will be a very generous gold when it comes to sharing her babies with Candidates. She will encourage the young men and women to familiarize themselves with her eggs so that the best possible match can be made for her children. She wants what is best for them and knows that the perfect rider will help the hatchlings to achieve highly in life. Because she loves her eggs so dearly, she will almost never leave the Hatching Grounds while a clutch is on the Sands. Even more than most golds, she will need to have food brought to her or she may risk malnourishment due to putting the needs of her eggs before her own health. It will be up to Kimber to convince her that they will be alright without her for a few moments, or to make sure that she is well taken care of at this vulnerable time.

Kimber's Euliath was inspired by Chang'e (also known as Chang-O), a Chinese goddess of the moon. There are several different versions of the legend of Chang-O, which shaped your gold's personality and looks. Chinese pottery was also a strong influence on her appearance, and we hope that your 'woman on the moon' gold will be a lovely complement to sweet Kimber - and an interesting antithesis to the rather more bold golds of Solaria Weyr!
Further reading on Chang-O: 1, 2.

A delicate whisper of a voice is hers, slipping into one's mind without force or suddenness. While soft-spoken, she is by no means unsure of her speech, and is more than capable of expressing her meaning with words and images alike. The two can work separately, with Euliath capable of painting vibrant imagery, though it is common for her mind's pictures to appear almost to be painted with brush and ink by a careful hand. Her voice itself is a beautiful contralto, rarely rising to the higher ranges but capable of pushing up there if the situation calls for it. For the most part it is lower, a controlled sort of voice not prone to wild variations with emotion. Indeed, Euliath rarely expresses her emotion in her words or the way her voice sounds: instead, it is the accompanying colours and sounds that drift in and out of her mind's voice that allow one to distinguish her underlying mood. In excitement, the brush of wind against tiny bells adds light to her blue-tinged voice; affection is gold-tinged pink in colour, the gentle noise of a flute in the background; in those rare moments of anger, it is crimson that taints her words, and the roar of a full-on gale through the treetops.

Hatching Message:
The First of Spring Egg had been sitting quiet for some time without its partner, but it gave no indication that it was aware of the change. But it could not remain sitting still and silent, and half of its companions had already hatched.

There was almost no indication of what was to happen before it occurred. One moment the First of Spring Egg was sitting perfectly still, and then large cracks shot down from the very top of the egg, marring golden yellow blue and green of the egg. It was only a moment more before pieces began to fall off, revealing the dragon inside. The Jade Moon Gold lifted her head and looked around, almost seeming a bit surprised by her sudden appearance and how many Candidates were about. She rose to her feet and very carefully held her wings out so they could dry, even while carefully watching all of the Candidates gathered. One of these was hers. She only had to find her.

Once her wings had dried, the Jade Moon Gold delicately settled them against her back and stepped off the fragments of her egg, her delicate head lifted regally. It was time to find companion.

Public Impression Message:
The decision wasn't easy. So many to choose from, and each with their own special qualities which she liked. The Jade Moon Gold had moved from amongst the eggs and out from under the shadow of her mother to the semi-circle of candidates. The girls were not all clustered together and the Jade Moon Gold made sure to make a moment to turn her kind eyes on each one. It was at a pair she stopped. Two shorter dark haired girls, and the Jade Moon Gold was nosing her head into that of the taller darker one. Please let the others not dislike her!

Personal Impression Message:
A nose covered in egg goo and a touch of sand presses into your palm. Painted images flow smoothly into your mind as if they have always been there. Kimber. Her voice gold tinted pink with love for her lifemate colours the words. I am your Euliath, and I have dreamed we would be together. As simple and as sure as that.

Dragon Credit: Anahira, Emma, Jey, Maiden, Rachel, Rhee, and Symmetry
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: First of Spring Egg
Egg Description: Big and tall, this egg is somewhat more oblong and thin than some other eggs, but no one can deny that it's got mass. The base color is a sunny yellow, with a touch of bright green along the bottom all but hidden in the black sand; slight streaks of this colour draw up along the sides, hitting the pretty yellow blobs which give the egg it's appealing yellow colouring. Each one seems to have a somewhat darker patch in the middle, though they managed to avoid seeming gloomy, just a deeper shade of yellow. No, this egg puts anyone looking at it in a bright and cheery mood, and very nearly seems to shake with blossoming potential!
Egg Inspiration: Daffodils coming up in Spring
Egg Credit: Anahira

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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