Gold Euliath x Bronze Vesuvath T11

Flight - 8th September 2013/Mid Summer T11, 8th Pass
Clutching - 5th October 2013/Early Autumn T11, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 15th November 2013/Early Winter T11, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)
Totals: 19
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 3
Blue: 5
Green: 10

PC Candidates: Aridana, Azrael, Laneri, Issar, Rasotan, Resha, Reyda, Rystan, Todrin

PC Dragons:
White Rose Bronze Ruisearth to R'tan (Rasotan) — [Notomys]
Brass Chip Brown Auguth to I'sar (Issar) — [Mik]
Prince of Healers Blue Heireith to L'hren (Lourhen, see note) — [adopted by Mik]
Sister of Spring Green Kaseith to Aridana — [Tina]

NPC Dragons:
Brown Dwaleth to E'mer (Emmery)
Brown Jakazuth to R'zero (Ryzero)

Blue Galeth to C'nell (Caudinell) — [adopted by Symmetry]
Blue Naponarth to O'rez (Ozire) — [adopted by Wunderingmind]
Blue Ragloth to K'shem (Kalshem) — [adopted by Ivy]
Blue Temujinth to L'jek (Lajek)

Green Alickith to Islie
Green Alolith to P'tirl (Pentirl)
Green Hlioptath to F'lip (Fipelwain)
Green Istemoth to J'stin (Jagstin)
Green Kristauth to H'resh (Halloresh) — [adopted by Dragonblossom] Deceased by Threadfall
Green Priyamarth to K'shad (Kalshad)
Green Razulth to V'hel (Vanahel)
Green Tamaeth to S'mor (Susmor)
Green Vichth to M'tiu (Maitiu)

Egg theme: Space (Fact and Fiction)
Dragon theme: Kings and Queens

Many thanks to: Emma, Jey, Pavlova and Rachel, especially for incorporating the Prince of Healers Blue!

Lourhen impressed beyond the traditional age for candidates at Solaria Weyr while assisting Todrin as a healer. Despite the efforts of the other healers, Todrin later dies of his injuries.

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