Gold Euliath x Brown Ultioth T14

Flight - 12th February 2015/Early Summer T14, 8th Pass
Clutching - 15th March 2015/Late Summer T14, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 22nd April 2015/Mid Autumn T14, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 8
Green: 9

PC Candidates: Ardossan, Awaihos, Cenara, Dagny, Elisaios, Idaris, Malaya, Murrin, Resha, Soros, Syaira, Talora, Thaedis, Tiressa

PC Dragons:
The Wayward Warrior Bronze Aurikoth to E'sai (Elisaios)— [Vandelay]
The Pure of Heart Brown Ascleornth to B'tan (Bertran) — [Dragonblossom]
Spry and Hyper Green Volsuneth to Tiressa — [Fairytale]
The Colossal Guardian Green Ravanneth to Malaya — [Velcro]
The Thunderous Green Animikith to Cenara — [Rhee]
The Wee Little Green Corieth to Dagny — [Corgi]

NPC Dragons:
Don't Blink Blue Boogorroth to S'resh (Saresh) - adopted by Kati - Killed in Threadfall P8T15
The Sneaky Blue Cerceth to K'foof (Kumfoof)
The Unstoppable Blue Hynath to L'win (Lieuwin)
King of the Weyr Blue Garath to K'ves (Kaltves)
The Ascendant Blue Garixeth to S'vain (Sullivain)
Blue Lopeth to M'chelu (Montichelu) - adopted by Paloic
Blue Wopeth to B'ando (Buyando) - adopted by Siaraqth
The Slayer of Vanity Blue Yamatoth to El'rac (Elylarc) - adopted by Tina Killed in Threadfall P8T15

Green Oreisymeth to W'tran (Woltrand)
The Riddler Green Gizphypith to R'wyne (Rowyne) - adopted by Preacher
Silence is Silver Green Kyorith to I'roh (Idaroh)
The Jewel of the Sea Green Siremath to S'lan (Silan) - adopted by Lia
Smell the Funk Green Archalith to T'pur (Tohospur) - adopted by LdyPayne Killed in Threadfall P8 T20

Egg theme: Constellations
Dragon theme: Mythical Creatures

Many thanks to: Pavlova, Neena, Symmetry, Kitya, LdyPayne and Katie
Notes: Dragon Aid Bertran impresses without being an official Candidate

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