The Lost Love Green Eurydith

Impressee: Nisari

Name: Eurydith
Name Inspiration: Based off of the name ‘Euridice’, who is Orfeo’s wife in the opera, l’Orfeo

Colour: The Lost Love Green
Hex Colour Code: #66CD00
Final Size: 27 feet, 45 foot wingspan
The Lost Love Green is a fairly average-sized green, even as a hatchling. She has a well-shaped head, with slightly prominent head knobs. This green holds her head up high, unafraid of anything around her. She’s slightly less lithe than some of her sisters might be, but her extra muscle mass will allow her to fly farther and longer than her sisters in Threadfall. The Lost Love Green is a fairly brightly coloured green, for the most part, her base hide being a medium green. She has a darker green stripe running down over her neck ridges from her head knobs that continues all of the way down her back and most of her tail, fading back into her base colour just before the fork at the end of her tail. Oddly, one of her forelegs seems to be rather darker than the other when they are held side by side, but neither seems to be much different from her base colour on single examination, since both fade smoothly from the normal colour as they move down her leg. Over this all, however, she has a dappling design of slightly darker and lighter greens that seem to give the impression of mist or fog, if either were ever green.

Like many young dragons, Eurydith is full of energy, so much so that her bonded might have trouble keeping up with her some days. It will take a firm hand to keep all of her exuberance in check, until she does something wrong. Upon being punished or reprimanded, she’ll crawl back to you and beg for forgiveness. She was not trying to do anything wrong, she just wanted to have fun. There was nothing wrong with having fun, was there? Eurydith is not one of the dragons who will ever feel inclined to try and get out of doing lessons and tasks during Weyrlinghood. She doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed in her, and thus will try her hardest at every task she is given, even if it seems trivial. That doesn’t mean she won’t question why it is important, though. If they have to go swimming every day, she’ll want to know why it is important—though swimming is fun, so that doesn’t matter as much—or why they always have to go to bed and get up at certain times.

As Eurydith grows older, she’ll not lose her desire to make sure that she doesn’t upset people. Despite the fact that it isn’t really expected from a full grown dragon she’ll consistently seek reassurance that she is not doing anything wrong. Of course, being told that she doesn’t need to ask to make sure she’d doing everything right will put her off of it for a little while at least. As far as dragons go, she’s fairly friendly dragon, often seeking companionship as opposed to sunning alone, even if it means giving up a perfect sunning spot—sometimes, at least, as sunning spots still might beat the want of companionship if it is a really nice sunning spot. Eurydith is highly protective of anyone she cares about, particularly her Bonded and anyone that her Bonded cares about greatly. When someone she cares about is hurt, she’ll become rather distraught, but she just needs comfort.

During a Threadfall, Eurydith is a right little firecracker. She wants to be able to keep everyone safe, even if it means she’d have to fly a whole Fall herself (not that she’d be able to fly a whole Threadfall by herself, but it wouldn’t be from lack of trying). Even in a normal Fall, she’ll fly herself to complete exhaustion, if she’s allowed to, and it will probably take some coaxing from her rider to convince her to switch out when it’s time. She’ll insist that she is fine and can keep going even if she has some scoring and can hardly keep herself in the air. She doesn’t have a death wish or anything—generally speaking, she’s too happy for such depressing thoughts—but she simply wants to do the best that she can in protecting Pern and her citizens, even if it means getting herself hurt in the process. Unfortunately, this means that she might make some rather risky moves trying to protect other members of the wing, and will have to have a firm hand on her, sometimes.

Eurydith is the type of green that will use every trick in the book during a Flight to try and get away from her suitors. However, once she picks, she’ll be quite enamoured with him, at least for a sevenday or two after the Flight. After that, she’ll likely forget about him unless reminded, but won’t feel anything in particular about him even when she does remember. However, if the same dragon catches her twice she’ll likely remember for a fair bit longer. After all, if he was the one to win her Flights twice, he must have something going for him, right? Between Flights, Eurydith can be a bit of a flirt, but not as much as some of the other greens. She enjoys the companionship of most other dragons, and unless she is nearing a Flight—a time where she gets a bit more territorial, and less friendly towards other greens—she is much more interested in having someone to chat with than anything else.

Inspiration: Some aspects of her personality (not so much her appearance) are based off of Orfeo from the opera l’Orfeo; mostly the fact that she is worried about being left alone.

Voice: Eurydith generally sounds like a small child who’s consumed large amounts of sugar. Her voice isn’t as high as some of the other greens, but it’s not as low as some of them, either. Most times, she speaks fairly quickly, but when she gets excited her voice rises in pitch as she speaks so quickly it can seem to be a wonder that she doesn’t stumble over her words—until one recalls that technically Eurydith isn’t speaking the words, and it’s a bit harder for the mind to stumble over words. In some ways, she’ll always sound a bit like a child when she’s speaking, with her bubbly voice, but the words she speaks often aren’t those of a child.

Hatching Message: The Winged Helmet Egg finally seemed to decide it was time to hatch. It had been fairly still before now, shaking occasionally, but nothing more. Suddenly, a section of the egg was pushed outward, just above the faint yellow line that encircled the egg. Pieces began to flake away around the new hole, revealing a wet green snout poking out. Eventually, the hole was big enough that the little hatching could stick her whole head and neck out. She looked around with interest, and appeared to try to move, seeming to forget about the shell around the rest of her. All of her work to get this far out, however, had sent nearly invisible cracks through the shell, so when she leaned against it the front gave out, sending her sprawling onto the sand.

The Lost Love Green scrambled back to her feet, looking quite steady. She shook herself like a canine to ride her hide of the sand that was clinging to it. Unfortunately, since she was still damp from the egg, the sand only clung to her more, spreading it all over her hide. She looked around quickly, already looking to find hers.
Public Impression Message: The Lost Love Green only gave one scan of the Candidates before starting to walk, now revealing more of her infantine clumsiness. She stumbled slightly as she walked, still unused to having to move about on her own feet. She moved past the male Candidates, giving them little more than speculative looks for all her trouble. No, none of these ones were for her. Some of them would find partners, but she was not that. The dragon moved over to the group of girls, looking at them all carefully. Hers was not over with the boys, so she must be around her, with the girls. Slowly, she moved among them, nudging a few with her snout just to see if they were right, before turning around again, her eyes locking on a girl she hadn’t seen yet. She was not the tallest there, but one of the taller ones, with brown hair and brown-green eyes. The Lost Love Green trilled happily, running over to the girl and practically tripping over her feet and falling right into her, her eyes turning rainbow as she looked up to her and Impression was made.
Personal Impression Message: The Lost Love Green has made her way over from the boys, closer to where you are now. She nudges against some of the others, and you realize she’s likely not yours. None of them have been, so far. Still, you can’t help but watching her as she moves around, seeming to be completely oblivious to everything around her but her search. When she turns towards you, you can’t help but smile slightly, though your eyes widen slightly when she starting running towards you. When she falls against you, you can’t help but reach out to help steady her, and when you look into her rainbow eyes, you smile, knowing you’ll never be alone again.
There you are, Nisarimine! The little green almost sounds annoyed. I was looking all over for you, but I couldn’t find you anywhere! I am your Eurydith, and you are mine. Will you please help me find food now? I am ever so hungry. You smile, and nod. Yes, you’ll get her some food.

Dragon Credit: Rhee

Egg Name: Winged Helmet Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits with dignity, its shell a shade of pale silver very like to polished metal, if with a more matte finish. On its narrow top, darker grey lines can be seen streaking across its surface, seeming to form the shape of a winged helm. More lines streak across the rest of it, as if giving the egg a shirt of scale-mail armor. Yet, beneath the grey something else can be seen, a ring of yellow barely visible through the 'armor' going right around the middle. It seems almost foreboding as the egg sits quietly, awaiting its time.
Egg Inspiration: Die Walküre, the second in Wagner's Ring Cycle
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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