The Brown of Power, Excaliburth

Impressee: S'kel (Shurkel)

Name: Excaliburth
Pronounciation: X-cal-i-burth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: b97527
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 36' length of 62' wingspan


The Brown of Power is a coppery brown that could be confused with bronze if seen in the right light. OverallThe Brown of Power doesn’t have any outstanding marks or pattern except for a light golden brown band around his head just above his eye ridges, circling his forehead and behind his head knobs. On his left flank is a pattern that looks remarkably like a sword, matching the color of his ‘headband’. This strange marking gives the appearance this dragon is armed with a sword and wears a crown and the way he carries himself the image fits.

From the moment he hatched, The Brown of Power knew he was destined for greatness. A true defender of what is right, true and pure he will do everything in his power to fight for injustice and defeat evil in all its forms. The Brown of Power will through his all into any task, be it the most boring of lessons to the most difficult of challenges, he will never hold back from doing his best. He may not be the biggest or wisest of all dragons but he will work hard to be the best he can be. A noble and honourable beast The Brown of Power will follow the rules to the letter up to the point such a rule or command by a superior would put the life of an innocent in danger. He won’t go against his own principals simply because he was ordered to. Not a dragon to disobey without all due consideration, he will ask questions, validate the order is for the greater good and won’t dishonour him. Better to disobey a command and accept the punishment then live dishonoured.

Throughout weyrlinghood The Brown of Power will focus to be the best in his class and encourage his rider to do so as well. He won’t shirk from any assignment given to him nor will he tolerate others breaking rules and acting dishonourably. The Brown of Power will encourage his fellows to strive to be as honourable as he is, so they could all be a force of true nobility and stand for justice, honour and good will. Once he’s old enough to fight Thread he will face it fearlessly and at first he may even be too bold in his attack but The Brown of Power will quickly learn the best tactics to fight this deadly menace. When it comes to mating flights The Brown of Power won’t be the sort of brown who’ll chase anything that flies, he will only chase those females he feels a particular attachment to. He may not even know the green or gold but once something about a particular dragon catches his attention, he’ll be determined to woo her and his affections won’t cease if he catches her. Any female he catches he will be loyal to for some time, forsaking all others till she chooses another over him. Hurt he’ll find a new lady to focus his attentions on.

Inspiration: Cult Classic Movie Excalibur
Dragon Credit: ldypayne

Hatching Message:
The Local Explorer Egg had been rocking and shaking on and off since its Dame started humming. A few cracks appeared near the margin of where the brown meets the yellow so they weren't very noticeable unless one looked closely. A sharp snapping sound wasn't missed however when a fair sized piece of The Local Explorer Egg fell free. Out of this new opening a nose poked out which seemed to shine quite brightly or was it just a trick of the light? It vanished back inside The Local Explorer Egg before anybody could confirm what color it really was.

It took a few more rocks and more snapping sounds to reveal the occupant of The Local Explorer Egg was determined to make his final appearance any moment. A final sharp crack and the egg split along the light and dark border to reveal a dragon who's hide shone in the light of the Hatching Ground, the source of the shinning not quite clear but only for a moment. With a shake of its body The Brown of Power
made it clear for all to see he was a brown and a dragon who preferred not to deceive.

Once free of the egg, The Brown of Power took a moment to take in his new surroundings. He is a handsome brown and has a rather noble look about him. He certainly gave little interest in the poor behavior of some of his clutchmates. Instead he turned his attention to the Candidates upon the sands. Rising to all fours he took a moment to settle his goo covered wings against his body before walking with as much dignity as he can manage towards the nearest Candidate. Taking a moment to look him over The Brown of Power calmly moved past. He paused before several other Candidates, examining each one carefully before moving on. The moment The Brown of Power spots Shurkel he walks right up to the boy and rests his head on his left shoulder then his right before stepping back to look up at Shurkel with swirling rainbow eyes.

"Oh yes I will be honoured to be your rider, Excaliburth," S'kel exclaims in excitement. "I am so glad you found me too."

Egg Name: The Local Explorer Egg
Egg Description: This egg is about average in size – perhaps a little smaller than normal but not so much as to be remarkable. The shell is covered in swirling ripples and people often wish to trace the patterns they form. The egg is a study in contradictions. Some people find themselves longing for home when they touch it, others feel a perfect contentment in having already found the place they belong. It feels like it’s come from far away, and yet it’s definitely always been sitting on these sands. Always. It’s hard to imagine looking at these sands and not seeing this egg. Perhaps one set of feelings refers to what currently is and the other predicts what may yet come.
Egg Inspiration: Pineapple Lumps
Egg Credit: Michelle

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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