Impressed to bronze Sigurth

Name: F'bane
Gender: Male
Rank: Wingrider

Mini-Biography: None

Children: F'nir, rider of blue Andvarith (Starr)
M'chal, rider of brown Balthazarth
Sertania, rider of green Pardith

M'sha, rider of blue Castielth (Lora)
J'yar, rider of blue Solith (Katie)
Hania, rider of blue Joaidaneth (Jey)
S'wyn, rider of brown Neovith (Kitya)
Wirrinia, rider of green Hirrimath (wunderingmind)
R'tan, rider of bronze Ruisearth (Notomys)
Semally (Dras)
Talora (Kati)
B'tan, rider of brown Ascleornth (Dragonblossom)
Farunn (Starr)

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