Impressed to green Hlioptath

Name: F'lip (Fipelwain)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T192
Birth Place: Unnamed Northern hold
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Apprentice… everything

Mini-Biography: Lovingly called Flip by his friends because he is forever flip-flopping between important life decisions. He dabbles in everything but never seems to stick to one thing for longer than a couple of Turns. He has Apprenticed in no less than six crafts since he reached the age of 12! He started by following his father's footsteps in the Winecraft. He spent a Turn at it before one of his friends decided to join the Beastcraft and Fipelwain thought that sounded like a swell idea so he quit the winecraft and joined the Beastcraft too. That lasted for about a Turn until he joined the Fishcraft and spent twoTurns sailing around Pern. Then Harpering caught his fancy but he gave that up when he discovered he sang like a dragon was ripping out his vocal cords though he was alright at playing the fiddle. He then tried his hand a weaving which lasted until the same friend, a Journeyman Beastcrafter now, told him he was being sent to Mathon because they were in dire need of crafters. Fipelwain rejoined the Beastcraft and went South with his friend on a whim but shortly after he arrived he switched to the Smithcraft. It was only a couple months later that Search went out for Euliath's first clutch. When he told his friends about his decision to Stand they asked him how he planned on returning his dragon when another craft caught his eye.

Mini-Biography Credit: Neena

Relatives: None

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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