Impressed to Brown Narrath

Name: F'marran (Fallomarran)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T174
Rank: Wingrider

Has a deep love for Bavari (NPC), who 'Impressed' a gold hatchling that immediately went between. Has tried his best to help the woman after she became essentially a mute ghost. He has a son, Tabenno, with her, who was born before Bavari's 'Impression', and a daughter, Luranna, with a passing crafter named Lujina. F'marran is very involved in both his children's lives. He is a former Wingleader of Night Warriors Wing, and Narrath has sired a clutch with Iridith - controversial due to his being a brown. Has a green fire-lizard, Keira (OOCly, she could be dropped to avoid paying for her).
Contact Emma for his full former PC profile.

Mini-Biography Credit: Emma


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption! Former PC, please check for prior history.

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