Impressed to blue Vulateth

Name: Fa'sh (Favish)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T193
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Wingrider Returned to Apprentice Healer after Vulateth took a disabling injury
Former Rank: Apprentice Healer

Mini-Biography: Favish is over 6 feet tall, and still unable to put on any muscle mass or gain weight. His dark curly hair never seems to grow any longer, just becomes fluffier the longer he leaves it without being cut, which he does quite frequently.
Favish was born as the result of his greenrider mother’s dragon rising, and she gave him away to a foster mother as soon as possible. Two Turns later, she showed up with his half brother Adalwin and left him there as well. The brothers were inseparable as children, and Favish took great pleasure in leading his brother on a variety of escapades, most of which ended badly. He was always looking for an excuse to avoid work, and argued with anyone who gave him something remotely like an order. As he grew older he matured slowly, eventually joining healercraft and becoming a bit less confrontational. He is very talented at it when he puts his mind to it. This is the first clutch that he has stood for, because dragons never really interested him growing up. They were too ordinary; almost everyone wanted to be a dragonrider. However, he has become less certain that he wants to be a healer, and decided to try Standing as a less boring alternative.

Mini-Biography Credit: Adina

Brother: Ad'in of blue Kirimath

Availability: Not available - adopted by Rhee (Profile)

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