The Glitzy Green Fawniath

Impressee: En'vi (Ennavi)

Name: Fawniath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 319177
Final Size: 23.5' length with a wingspan 42.6'

The Glitzy Green is not a dragon that is easily forgotten, for her hide colour is one that certainly stands out amongst the other dragons of her colour. Although Emerald in colour, in the sun’s warm rays there is the appearance of a glitter-type covering giving the dragon such a shine that one could almost think that she is a metallic shade of green, if there was ever such a thing. The Glitzy Green is a pretty dragon, one that many would find attractive. She’s a small sized green, not *the* smallest, but certainly amongst the smallest in the Weyr, and even when full grown she’ll continue to be in the smaller population.

The Glitzy Green is not only small in height, but is a dragon that would be labelled as ‘small boned’ if she were a human. There doesn’t appear to be any extra fat on this green at all, she has a lean appearance that will, with time become more athletic as she starts to develop those muscles with her movements, in her adult form The Glizty Green, although small, will be a strong dragon with with a nicely toned body.
And when she rises, The Glizty Green will appear to shine brighter than she already does on a sunny day – as if her shine is her secret weapon to pull in those males and gain their interest.

Every movement she will ever make it well considered and carefully planned, designed to be seductive and gain as much interest from her audience as possible, designed to turn the head of many a bronze, brown and blue a-like. It’s no suprise that The Glitzy Green has chosen a male rider over a female rider, in her mind… there would be no other way.

The best way to describe this dragon is a flirt, even in the early days after hatching when all she’ll really do is eat, sleep and grow, this dragon will always easily be distracted by the males of the species. She’ll have no favourite, there’ll be no worries over which male she’ll speak to.. Any one will do. Maybe this is why she gets on so well with them, or perhaps the reason that she doesn’t really tolerate the other females of the clutch much. Sure, she’s not a mean dragon and will be pleasant, but she’s certainly not interested in any one them.. that is, unless they’re happy to listen and join in in her endless swooning and pursuing of whichever male she’s most interested in that day.

Her interest in the male’s of the species will get her in trouble in the future, she tends to act all silly and ‘girly’ around them, eager to ‘show off’ and please, anything to gain their attention. Of course, this’ll distract her from lessons, and tasks ahead and will certainly take her chosen rider effort enough to get her to stay on the right tracks, although, on those days you feel like showing to the world how good your are as a pair, The Glitzy Green will always be there help you reach those dreams!

As she grows, her personality will not change much – her interest in the males will only cement further in her life, even more so when she reaches sexual maturity. She’ll worry about her appearance, about how clean she appears, or how well oiled she is. Whereas, as a younger dragon she may have been much more interested not wasting her precious time with the boys, as a older dragon she’ll appricate being pampered and ‘prettied’ up much more, and certainly will be the first to complain when she feels ‘ugly’

In mating flight, she’ll be a devil, upset temporarily with any dragon that refuses to chase – taking their decision as a personal insult. Her flights will focus more on her showing off to the pursing males, rather than watching and calculating, and often she’ll find she’s captured by the dragon she doesn’t notice is too close!

Inspiration: (Dance) Exotic
Pole dancing, the image and judgements that many people make! Her name was taken from Fawnia Mondey, who started out as an exotic dancer in the early '90's that could not find classes or training to learn pole dancing so she became one of the leading pioneers in learning pole dancing for women today!

When spoken into your mind, The Glitzy Green appears to have a rich velvet style voice, a voice she makes you yearn for more. It sounds like music to your ears.

Hatching Message: The Shining Rainbow Egg had been gently swaying to the hatching hum for most of the event, but it was now that most of the eggs had hatched that it picked up its speed and started to sway more vigoursly as if preparing to desposit the little dragonet within into the centre of the stage. As the tempo of the swaying started to increase cracks started to appear on the egg.. until suddenly, it appeared to shatter, shards of egg falling away leaving standing in the midst of its shards The Glitzy Green.

Public Impression Message: The Glitzy Green didn't stand amongst the shards of The Shining Rainbow Egg for long, her attention turning quickly towards those candidates stood around the sands. The green didn't even stop to consider the females, didn't even peer towards them as she started to make her way over to the male candidates holding her head high. She took the time to saunter over to each of them in turn, standing as tall as she could, and bending her head in just the *right* way - thinking that it made her look impressive and beautiful to these boys in front of her. Her eyes whirling with curiosity, excitment and a little fleck of hunger.

She weaved in and out of the individuals, inspecting them from both the front and behind, her head lowering momentarily to each as if sniffing them, and when she reached the end of the line she stopped, considered the boy in front of her and walked away, swaying her hind quaters and tail as went, he head high again - she knew where she was going this time! Oh yes, she knew which man she wanted.. and stand in front of him she did, trying to wrap her tail around him, as she picked up her head to try and look him in the eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
It is highly unlikely that you would have missed this greens enterance into the world, the way that the egg appear to just shatter around her as if some well thought and choreographed performance. Or maybe it was her glittering green hide that caught your attention? She will not be a dragon you can take your attention away from - and as she stands in front of you, you can really see the way the hide appears to 'glitter' in the sun. That disappointment you felt when she walked away? Maybe that was a sign that this little minx was meant for you.. and now, as she stands there peering at you, with her tail wrapped loosly around you, and her hatchling body so close that you can feel its warmth do you realise just how much you want this green.. and as you look deep into the raindow eyes, you feel that you might not return from the spell she has put on you.. but as she speaks, you know that she is yours, just as you are now hers…and you cannot imagine life to be any other way.
En'vi, Mine.. She appears to sing at you, leaving you yearning for more. May we eat, for I am hungry.. She informs you, turning her gaze away to look in the direction of the other dragons, and as her attention leaves you for a moment, as if dropping you from the seductive spell, you feel suddenly this hunger she speaks about, and you know, no matter what, that you now would never imagine life without your Fawniath.

Dragon Credit: Taenia
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Shining Rainbow Egg
Egg Description: The first thing that a person would notice about this medium-small egg is not its size, but its many colours. It seems to consist of every colour of the rainbow, and more, all brilliant jewel tones that almost seem to shine in the light of the Hatching Grounds. The colours do not blend together as they do on many eggs, but each section of colour is in its own separate section, separated by a silver-coloured line that lacks the shine of the other colours. They seem to form some kind of mosaic of different shapes and colours, but the moment someone thinks they can see the pattern it in, it’s gone again, lending most watchers to believe it’s just a trick of an eye, and there’s really no pattern and all, though some stubborn souls may insist that there is a design to this undoubtedly colourful egg.
Egg Inspiration: A stained glass mosaic
Egg Credit: Rhee

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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