Green Chitter x Brown Felix Egglist

Total: 6 eggs

Rosy Red Apple? egg
A green tone is the base colour of this egg, but this green is overlaid with a shiny red colour, looking almost like it’s been dipped into translucent wax and left to dry. It looks sticky to the touch, but when touched offers up the same dimpled texture that all eggs hold. It’s rather a round egg, though still oval, and gives the overall impression of some small fruit that has been dropped into an egg pot as some kind of joke.
Inspiration: Toffee Apple


All The Pretty Colours egg
This dark egg looks totally unassuming on one side. The other, however, is swirled and speckled with many colours, almost like an explosion of some kind has taken place on the shell. The random dots and swirls seem to glitter, raising ideas that this could be a metallic. Though that couldn’t happen, could it? A nice regular shaped egg, it looks smooth and touchable, drawing the eyes and maybe unwary fingers. Asides from its shell there isn’t anything remarkable about this egg, it’s normal sized and weight, but the colour is more than enough to make it stand out.
Inspiration: Fireworks.


Winds of Change egg
Nestled in its pot this egg is nice and warm, but something about the swirled colours make one shudder. Oranges, yellows, browns, reds and maybe a touch of green vie for position on this jumbled looking egg, but if you look closely at the seemingly chaotic mass of colours melding across the shell you can almost see leaves starting to show through. If you look closer you’ll see more, but it would be easy to lose time staring at the egg, especially as the whole mess seems to shift in some unseen wind. This is the largest egg in the clutch.
Inspiration: Windblown Autumn Leaves.


Smooth and Munchy, Sweet and Crunchy egg
This egg is a deep dense brown almost all over. On picking up the egg pot that it rests in, a small golden patch of colour nestles near the tip of the egg. To all intents and purposes it seems like it’s been nibbled open, but this has to be illusion because no egg hatched would contain the golden bubbly looking filling that this one contains. This is a strange egg. The overall feeling is smooth as hide, but the golden bubbly looking patch feels the same way that it looks.
Inspiration: Chocolate coated cinder toffee.


Heat of The Moment Egg
This multi-tonal egg is a confusing to the eye blend of colours. The base of the egg is a melding of browns that almost hint at a pile of sticks, and leading off this pile are reds and oranges flaring up the egg in a mesmerising flame like pattern. A small hint of yellow winds between the colours and the illusion of fire is so strong that you could happily throw water over it. It’s not as hot to the touch as it looks tho, certainly not as blistering as it looks. Another average shaped and sized egg this one.
Inspiration: Bonfire.


Storm in an Eggshell egg
Grey tones swirl across this egg, looking like nothing more than a stormy sky, the kind you only see in Autumn. A pale grey is the base of the egg with colours ranging from that grey to near black in places. If this egg is a storm though, there is no sign of ‘rain’ yet, but judging by the pale flash running the length of one side, a flash of colour that screams lightning at you, the storm won’t be long in breaking. A medium to small egg, it’s easily ignored amongst its larger brethren, but will the hatchling inside prove to be as easily dismissible…
Inspiration: Autumn Storms.

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