Where the Heart is Gold Femaith

Impressee: Phyrra

Name: Femaith
Colour: Gold
Hex Colour Code: darkgoldenrod
Final Size: 47' length with a wingspan of 78'

The Where the Heart is Gold is a subtle beauty with her gentle curves and soft edges, not at all loud or bold in appearance like many of your stereotypical golds. Even her musculature is elegant, with lean and smooth muscle definition that is not nearly as bulky as is typical of the larger dragons. There is something distinctly feminine in her thinner shoulders and rounder hindquarters. A warm and welcoming presence characterizes this dragon, one that makes you feel safe and content in her embrace. The Where the Heart is Gold simply has that motherly look about her, and it even holds true that as she ages, she will gradually gain a little weight to her body with each clutch that she lays. But she will always maintain her strong structure and feminine figure.

A lot of the Where the Heart is Gold’s warmth can be found in her face. She has soft, round cheeks and a slender, short snout that is turned up ever so slightly. She doesn’t look the least bit intimidating like some of the other golds rather there is something sweet and open in her eyes that makes others feel that they can approach and confide her. She is always ready with a comforting nuzzle and a commiserating croon. Her expression can quickly become stern though if there is need for it and even though she strives for patience sometimes her eyes betray her frustration. The Where the Heart is Gold has thin, long fore-legs, a slender waist, and rounder, but still long hind-legs. Her wings are similarly slender but not lacking in any strength for it. 

The Where the Heart is Gold moves with a calm prepossession. She doesn’t saunter about with the intention of drawing all eyes to her. Not her! She glides with a delicate grace that naturally commands their attention.When there is something to be done though, she bustles into action wasting no time to maintain appearances. She will rush here, there, and everywhere to ensure that she can see to all her responsibilities in a timely manner. She has a bit of a tendency to hover over others if there is something of concern going on though. The Where the Heart is Gold flies with the same refinement with which she moves. She will learn to flow seamlessly from one aerial maneuver to another. 

The Where the Heart is Gold always has a clean and flawless appearance, but only because she demands to be bathed and oiled frequently to maintain her pristine condition. The deep, burnished gold that is the color of her hide gives her a look that implies maturity and wisdom, especially as it darkens with age. Her hide also darkens considerably when wet, but once nicely oiled it maintains a beautiful golden sheen for days. There is a patterning that starts as a band across the base of her neck and extends down the ventral surface to her chest and ends at her abdomen; this area is of a purer golden color than the rest of her body, but the edges where the two shades meet are faded rather than defined and so they blend into each other. And although more distinct but less noticeable due to its location, there is a single bright golden ring at the base of her left fourth foreclaw.

Femaith is the mother of all dragons, the one that exudes such warmth and love that one cannot help but to gravitate towards her. Even when young she is the one who acts as the confidante and supportive if not authoritative figure to her clutchmates, and eventually to everyone in the Weyr once she is fully mature. She is extremely caring and nurturing, especially welcoming of young dragons coming to cuddle with her, and she will always listen to anyone's problems and give her motherly advice on the matter. Everyone in the Weyr is a part of her family, and even though she will hold Phyrra and those loved by her rider as dearest to her, there is a place for every single individual in her heart. Her patience is paramount, and although she is not above stern scolding and reproach, she never loses her temper when it comes to dealing with her family. But Femaith will be fiercely protective of her loved ones and her Weyr, and she can react rather harshly to any perceived threats. However, she also has a forgiving nature and tries not to hold grudges, as she does believe in learning from one's mistakes and giving second chances.

Femaith adores not only the children her rider might bear but all the children who call the Weyr their home (although she will have a special fondness for Phyrra’s own children). If Phyrra is taking her down to the lake for a bath and oiling, Femaith will be the first to suggest that she might like to stop by the Creche and invite the kids to come help. She loves to see the way their little faces light up at the prospect of being near a gold dragon. She will snuffle at their little necks and hair with her nose in the hopes of eliciting their laughter. She can even be spotted lounging about the bowl with a gaggle of excited Creche kids using her as a jungle gym. If others protest that it is improper for the kids to be crawling all over a gold they will soon back off when they see how content Femaith is being surrounded by children. She has a similar attitude when it comes to fire-lizards especially Phyrra’s own band of blues. She is happy to serve as their favorite perch and share her herd-beast with them. She will listen intently when they chatter in her ear, play with them when they’re bored, and she might even occasionally collect little trinkets since she knows Beryl is partial to them. 

Although she doesn’t want to come off like an overbearing mother, Femaith can’t seem to stop herself from making little suggestions about her rider’s behavior. For instance, if Phyrra was arguing with someone Femaith might tell her something along the lines of, Don’t jut your chin out like that, Phyrra-dear. It is most unbecoming of a young lady. Or…Phyrra-dear, you should really listen before you speak. She always seems to tack on an affectionate ‘dear’ when she is offering criticisms so as to, at least in her mind, lessen any blow to her beloved rider’s pride. Femaith is a big proponent of treating others the way she would like to be treated so even if she disapproves of someone or something she will not shout at them or about it outright. Instead, she is just disappointed which is sometimes worse than anger. She will however be the first to rush in and try to break up any arguments and fights. If she sees that two dragons are squabbling, she will march right up to them and scold them without hesitation, I should knock your heads together! We do not shout at each other like hatchlings. We are going to discuss this like adults.

Femaith might not be loud or bold in appearance like so many golds are but she does take a lot of pride in her appearance. She likes to be bathed and oiled frequently, probably more frequently than she actually needs to be. She thinks that appearing clean cut and put together are very important especially since her burnished gold hide lends her an air of maturity. How can she expect anyone to look to her for guidance if her hide is patchy and her color dull? She will ask Phyrra very politely, Can you please oil me this morning? But if Phyrra reminds her that she was just oiled yesterday, she will say something like, I know…but we are meeting with the Weyrwoman and Iridith today so… Her motives for putting on her best face aren’t completely pure even though she usually has a justifiable reason that she needs to look nice. Phyrra will probably catch Femaith staring at herself or thinking about how pretty she is when she thinks no one is paying attention. Her desire to look good isn’t limited to just her appearance either. She will be completely unable to abide any messes in her living space since she knows it reflects poorly on her and her rider. She just wants everything around her to be picturesque.

While odd for a dragon, Femaith will come to develop traditionalist views on gender roles for humans, which will extend to dragons as well. Where she believes that women do best at home, taking care of the general household and children, and men are the ones who should be involved in all the providing and fighting, Femaith also sees a distinct separation for dragons. Since greens and blues are the main fighting forces of the Weyr they should impress to men while golds as the clutching dragons should impress to women. She does not necessarily disapprove of greens or blues impressing to women, she simply does not understand why they would make what are, in her opinion, such strange choices. Only the fact that her siblings — and eventually her own children — make these choices does she gradually come to terms with the idea of women on fighting dragons, and as she often says to these dragons, I don't understand your choices but you are my family so I will try to be supportive. After all, dragons do not make mistakes when choosing their riders, and no matter how confusing it might seem to her at first, Femaith will also slowly teach this truth to Phyrra.

Nevertheless, Femaith will still have her preferences when it comes to what she likes, especially for her own children. Despite her protective nature, she will be more tolerant of male candidates in general. Although she will not outright refuse to allow girls to stand, she will implore Phyrra to try to discourage them from the profession of riding a fighting dragon and instead trying to impress the importance of being a mother onto them, especially if these women have children. As far as she is concerned women are more caring and nurturing in nature and therefore better suited for child-rearing than men, so no child should ever be without their mother. And in her eyes, women — and of course, golds — are precious creatures that deserve to be protected and should not have to risk their own lives when there are men willing to do so. Femaith does have a rather romanticized ideal in this respect, as she thinks of women as fair maidens who are to be lovingly courted and bravely rescued by heroic gentlemen. Therefore, she will be especially approving of men — and likewise, male dragons — who know how to charm and treat a woman properly, especially towards Phyrra and anyone that she considers family.

Femaith doesn’t give much warning when she is about to go into heat. The deep quality of her hide doesn’t really lend itself to much brightening before her flights. If anything, her hide will seem to become even richer the closer she gets to rising. While her hide might not change much there will be subtle signs in Femaith's personality that Phyrra will learn to watch out for; things that wouldn’t usually bother her like a child tugging on her tail or a fire-lizard chattering in her ear will seem to irritate her and her usual gentle chidings of Phyrra will begin to sound distinctly snappish. When she does take to the air, Femaith will have a clear preference for those bronzes or browns who have attempted to court her before her flight. She will gladly accept gifts from males and a charming demeanor or well-placed compliment will have just as much effect – if not more of an effect – than a male showing off his strength. Femaith can easily be taken in by a handsome bronze or brown who is just saying or doing nice things to curry favor with her before she rises. Even though she does tend to prefer males who try to court her, she is also attracted to strong, confident males that take charge during her flight. In the end who wins her flight will be a toss up between who has flattered her or impressed her the most.

Like with human children, Femaith takes a keen interest in her hatchlings. Before her hatchlings have left their shells she will be extremely protective over her eggs. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt them, accidentally or intentionally, so she will be incredibly leery about anyone but Phyrra approaching her clutch. She will even be resistant to the idea of the clutch-father coming near her eggs since she believes that male dragons lack a gold’s ability to look after the eggs properly. She may eventually be implored upon to let the candidates touch her eggs but only if she has been thoroughly convinced that it will not damage her precious children in any way. She will have her preference for just the male candidates to touch her eggs, though she will somewhat reluctantly allow the girls to touch her eggs too just to be fair — if she lets anyone touch at all. She will be a little less reluctant to let the girls join in on the touching if she is fortunate enough to lay a gold egg. For as long as she remembers her relationship with the clutch, Femaith will wish to be involved in her hatchlings' lives. She will drop by the barracks to check up on them or she will invite them to cuddle with her. She likes to hear about her hatchlings' days so that she can offer her praise or encouragement, or provide an open ear for any venting they might need to do. She will speak to Fienth and the other assistants' dragons to see how they’re progressing, and while she doesn’t wish to accidentally distract or detract from their lessons, she will gladly help out with any special lessons the Weyrlingmasters have planned. Even after the memory of her own clutch has faded, she will still take an eager interest in any hatchlings that are currently living in the barracks — possibly to the ire of that clutch-mother. 

Even in Threadfall, Femaith still acts the part of overprotective and worried mother that wants to make sure everyone returns home safe and sound. She will look to the leaders to be responsible for keeping everyone safe, especially the Weyrlings. If anyone should return injured, she will immediately rush to their side with comforting and soothing words, often fussing over them with a bit of guilt, I should have been there to protect you! And once the 'Fall is over, she might even decide to scold the leaders for their inability to protect the other dragons. But from a personal standpoint, Femaith is a gold that prefers to stay in the Weyr so that she can look after the young and the wounded. She does not even like to fly in the Queen's Wing, and only does so as it satisfies her protective instinct by giving her the chance to catch any falling dragons and transport them safely home. In the end, however — and this might be an area of contention with some of her peers — she still believes that during a 'Fall, a gold's place should be in the Weyr.

Inspiration: Homemaker
Name Inspiration: The name comes from the French words for wife, (fem)me, and home, (mai)son.

Femaith's voice sounds like the smell of freshly baked bread, and like bread it comes in all shapes and sizes and flavours. For day to day it's soft and full of warmth, welcoming and caring. Embracing all those she speaks to. All those she speaks to will be strictly limited to Phyrra, other dragons, and firelizards. She doesn't think it's right to talk to other humans and does not understand dragons who do; however like with gender roles will try to accept those who do. Any dragon who speaks to her Phyrra-dear will get a gentle scolding that it is much better manners to speak to her instead where a message can be passed on. 

When Femaith goes into full scolding mode it becomes quieter and darker, conveying her disappointment in a manner worse than shouting.  This isn't to say she doesn't know how to shout, because she does and will if the situation calls for it, however this situation is rarer than metal. Femaith's mezzo-soprano is very versatile and it will take Phyrra Turns to learn all the different 'bakes' of it. Once she has, every shade of this gold's complex moods will be discernible by a gentle mental touch, how airy and risen it feels or the colours that in conjurers in her lifemate's mind.

Hatching Message:
The quivering of The (High)Light My Life Egg immediately drew many curious eyes from the other hatchlings finding their partners upon the Sands. There was nothing quite like a gold egg for instilling excitement in a Weyr. The egg gave a tremulous wobble and tilted dangerously before righting itself but after another wobble it tipped over onto its side. The egg shuddered to a stop then suddenly a bronzy leg punched its way through the shell and a disappointed murmur ran through the crowd. This wasn’t the first time a rumored gold egg had hatched to reveal a color other than gold. The leg withdrew back into the shell and the egg’s shaking ratcheted up several notches as if the dragon inside had gotten a taste of freedom. The hard shell didn’t withstand the frantic scrabbling of the hatchling for long. The egg quickly broke into pieces revealing a darkly hued hatchling cradled inside. Once the hatchling realized its freedom, it unfolded itself with a delicate grace and stepped out of the shell. As the goo began to dry, the lighter gold patterns that interrupted the burnished gold on its chest became apparent. There was no mistaking the subtle beauty of the Where the Heart is Gold for anything other than that. Gold.

The Where the Heart is Gold basked in the excited whispers that whizzed through the crowd when they realized that she was in fact a gold. She looked almost tranquil compared to the heightened emotions that were thick upon the rest of the Sands as she unconcernedly tucked her head under her wing and began to preen. She fussed until all the goo and egg bits were off her hide before gliding over to the female candidates. She exuded a sort of warmth as she walked among them. She had just paused to consider a short, dark-skinned girl when a commotion started not far from her. Her head whipped around just in time to see some candidates scrambling out of the way as a pale green bowled over one of the girls. The Where the Heart is Gold immediately dropped what she had been doing and rushed over. She rumbled reproachfully at the pale green but it went unheard by the green hatchling as she made her Impression. The gold’s eyes whirled in angry reds but when she turned to check on the injured girl her facets were overtaken with the pale yellow of concern. The Where the Heart is Gold crooned urgently as she nuzzled the brunette girl’s hand with her head. She was going to be okay right? She had to be!

Public Impression Message:
The brunette girl seemed alright if a bit dazed from being bowled over by the clumsy green but the Where the Heart is Gold gave no sign of leaving her. She bumped her head gently against the girl’s thigh and gave her a reassuring croon but just then another green skidding to stop next to them and hissed at her. Hissed at her of all things! The gold drew herself up and her wings flared out angrily but she wouldn’t stoop to her green sister’s level and hiss back. She had just been looking out for the girl! The Where the Heart is Gold hovered for a moment over the pair not quite convinced she was leaving the girl in good hands before she turned aside just then realizing that yet another candidate had been injured! Completely forgetting about her irritation with the other green, she rushed over to this candidate, another girl who looked like she’d been trampled on. The Where the Heart is Gold looked around hopelessly as if trying to discern what had happened and who was at fault before lying down next to the girl and putting her golden head in her lap. Her eyes once again overcome with pale yellow concern as she crooned at the younger, brown haired girl urgently.

Personal Impression Message:
he Where the Heart is Gold’s urgent croons reach your ears as you feel the comforting weight of her head on your lap. Her eyes are all a whirl with yellow and the concern emanating off her is almost palpable to you. Phyrra-dear, are you alright? She asked but then before you even have a chance to stutter out an answer she demanded her voice tense with concern, Phyrra answer me! However, she doesn’t seem quite satisfied with your answer and insists on checking you over herself. She examines your feet, your legs, you torso, she lingers over your injuries before finally seeming appeased. Now satisfied that no lasting harm had been done, she at long last looks into your eyes. The intense love and compassion spilling over to you as her eyes break into shining rainbows. I am Femaith, Phyrra.

Dragon Credit: Ivy, Maiden, Meltain, Neena, Notomys, Sonorous, Starr
Dragon Picture Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: The (High)Light My Life Egg
Egg Description: A nice healthy big egg, this one has a wide set to it. It can sit upright thanks to its big bottom, or it will lie just as contentedly on its side. The shape itself is very pleasant to look at and when touched, it is found to have a soft warmth to it and a nice smooth texture with some ridging at the top. What makes it hard to look at and be near to is just how brightly colored the egg itself is. The yellow coloring of the egg is bright and vivid, but too strong to be looked at for very long. The fact is that it looks like someone took and wiped big wide bands of the vibrant yellow across the surface of this egg, leaving small strips of the white it must surely been in some places. Any marks that appear in the bands of yellow stick out like sore thumbs, which is either unfortunate for those who appreciate the intensity of the yellow or a relief for those who find the yellow far too strong for their tastes. This egg has a distinctive golden sheen.
Egg Inspiration: Yellow Highlighter
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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