Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth P8 T20

Flight - Off Camera
Clutching - March 2018/Early Autumn T20, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - May 2018/Late Autumn T20, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 3
Blue: 6
Green: 11

PC Candidates: Alexia, Aylani, Byron, Cenally, Dermeyxan, Eirika, Erine, Evenna, Ezamzerue, Issibel, Josmyra, Juniata, Loamol, Moroas, Noureddine, Okathravin, Skailarika, Talora, Tholozan, Zandra, Zethra

PC Dragons:
Trophy Hunter Gold Yautjath to Aylani — [Ren]
The Galactic Dancer Blue Ryunth to D'eyx (Dermeyxan) — [Neena]
Health and Happiness Green Edoth to L'ol (Loamol) — [Wunderingmind]
Free Spirit of the Forest Green Tsatxeth to Cenally — [Taenia]

NPC Dragons:
You Keep What You Kill Bronze Vaakoth to Ul'no (Ulino)
Known By All Seen By None Bronze Vorloth to T'phi (Touphi)

Spirit of Service Brown Palaveth to U'lr (Ullr) - adopted by Shelacula
The Hairy Marksman Brown Kashyth to R'itt (Ritton) -adopted by Cattiff
The Perfect Analogue Brown Irosith to Re'ur (Reibzhurr)

The Greatest Hero Blue Zintoth to B'rion (Balephaerion)
Herds Among the Stars blue Ximilith to J'gry (Jagerry)
Your Companion Blue Taeloth to B'rd (Betird)
The Lost Outlander Blue Poleekath to T'nas (Tonast)
A (Very) Meritocratic Blue Takehikoth to A'den (Addenisold)

The Logical Path Green Vulcath to K'kin (Kissiekin) -adopted by Charaa
The Perfect Organism Green Xenoth to Cha'kel (Charekkel) -adopted by Ldypayne
Stands Against Oppression Green Narnth to B'coj (Baecoj)
Descended From the Most Pure Green Inyaarith to E'mus (Eromusk) -adopted by Wunderingmind
Feed Me! Green Tuweth to T'ront (Butrontle)
The Seeking Soul Green Wandith to X'van (Xzaevian)
My Life For Pern Green Zeratath to S'quon (Saequon)
The Calculating Green Nezzath to R'kel (Retkel)
The Peacekeeper Green Eideloth to Rosilah

Egg theme: Flowers
Dragon theme: Aliens

Many thanks to: Shouriko, Ldypayne, Shelacula, Esko, and Emma

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