Green Ferraineth

Impressee: N'lan (Nevlanor)

Name: Ferraineth
Pronunciation: Fir-rain-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: green
Final Size: 26.5' length with a wingspan of 42'

Ferraineth is a plain-looking dragon as far as greens go, of an average size and a medium shade of true green. Her hide is a solid color throughout most of her body, and they only stand out at her wing membranes as they take on a very soft tone and transparent quality that also seems to glitter in the light. Otherwise her body is quite proportionate, almost the perfect specimen of a green if it were not for her wings. They were small wings in comparison to her body and length, and most of the time they can keep her through an entire 'Fall; only when the weather conditions are harsh does she tire more quickly and will need to be switched out so as not to strain her small wings.

Ferraineth is a kind and motherly type of dragon, who will especially like to watch over her class during weyrlinghood like a guardian. She is extremely patient and understanding, more than willing to spend time with another dragon to explain instructions or practice wing exercises should they seek her advice and assistance. She is the one everyone will come to with their sorrows and anger, and she will listen with an open mind and give the best advice that she can. She is wise beyond her Turns, and she is often the one who will try to settle disputes and break up fights with her soft voice and gentle reasoning. But Feraineth does not try to inhibit the mischievousness of other dragons, especially her clutchmates, but instead she watches over them as a mother would her children to ensure that arguments do not turn physical and pranks do not end up hurting anyone. Otherwise she understands that you cannot change a dragon's nature, and the best that she can do is simply ensure that they do not misbehave to the point of putting others or even themselves in danger. Fortunately she has all the patience in the world, and she will calmly go along with pranks even if she knows they're coming, and she does not mind looking the other way once in awhile if she knows who did it — as long as it was harmless and all in good fun. So she is more like the grandmother who likes to spoil the child rotten, yet she can be firm when she wants to be, often starting off with a gentle reprimand and moving onto a serious scolding if need be; if further action is necessary, than those are the few times she will defer to the higher authorities. And much to her rider's disgruntlement, she sees no problems with women riding fighting dragons, and if anything, supports and encourages them.

Inspiration: Fairy Godmother (from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
(Name comes from French word for fairy Godmother, fée marraine.)

Hatching/Impression Message:
If anyone had been close enough to the Kraft's Masterpiece Egg, they would have noticed that it had started to become warmer and exuded increasing amounts of welcome. Not long after it began to tremble slightly, and then rocked gently from side to side before falling onto its side. The egg cracked into several pieces, revealing the average-looking green hatchling. She looked around with interest, and noticed that some of her clutchmates were still wandering the sands. She gave them an encouraging croon, before looking towards the candidates. Taking awkward almost waddling steps forward, she came before a few girls huddled together. She examined them carefully, but then gave them nothing more than a delighted trill before moving on. They would find theirs soon enough, but she had a different goal in mind. She glanced at the girls and boys she walked by, and eventually stopped by Nevlanor, giving him a gentle nudge. "You… you're…" N'lan stuttered in his surprise, "Ferraineth!" Then with another nudge against his legs, the green guided her awestruck rider out of the cavern.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Kraft's Masterpiece Eff
Egg Description: A small to medium-sized egg, Kraft’s Masterpiece doesn’t look like anything special. It is a pleasant, warm mid-orange tone. It has an interesting texture, though, like slick half circles have clustered on the shell. This egg will always feel unusually warm, and gives off an impression of welcome and comfort.
Egg Inspiration: Macaroni and Cheese
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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