Green Fidget x Wild bronze

Flight - Off-camera
Clutching - Off-camera
Hatching - 31st October 2010/Mid autumn, T5, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Fidget (Ph'in)
Sire: Wild bronze
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 2
Blue: 4
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:
Brown Felid to T'del
This is a monster of a brown flitt. I'm saying huge! And he's built all muscle and bulky too. He's the color of good dirt which means he'll camoflage easily into dirt or tree trunks and he's intelligent enough to use grass to cover himself. He's also a mute. He doesn't make any sounds at all.
This brown is very intelligent and likes to hunt bugs. He'll spend hours stalking a single bug, camoflaging himself to blend in, and then pounce. He's a very feline-esque brown meaning he wants to deal with humans when he wants and not a moment before and he never eats anything he kills, preferring to give it to his human.

Blue Rebel to Jezera
A lovely pale sky blue flitt. Stripes, almost like a tiger, though wide and criss crossing his body add a darker blue to this flitt. He'll be medium sized for a blue, very slim and almost delicate.
He's a tenacious and determined blue who concentrates on his tasks with a one track mind. Getting him away from something he wants will be quite difficult especially when it concerns his pet.

Blue Nermal to Niru
The most adorable, the cutest, the most precious looking blue flit anyone had ever seen. He is a dark midnight blue, quite a handsome color, and everything about him is chubby and round. There are no angles to his form. He has big huge bug eyes and his top teeth are quite visible against his lower jaw and he is just too cute.
Very canine like, will rub it in Iri's face that Niru can cuddle him and not her. Loves being held and just does the cutest antics and has the cutest quirks. In a word he is cute. Squeeks.

Green Perfection to Keylara
She's a bright vivid, think neonish, green. She's as pretty as a picture, proportionate in every way and a nearly perfect copy of the larger dragons.
This firelizard isn't the brightest glow in the basket but she has surprising insights into simple things. As long as life isn't complicated she is always happy, but let her get upset and she is a whirling dervish. She's got a fairly laid-back nature in general though. She does feel a strong need for affection, in common with most greens, but she's also a free spirit, not desiring to have control or be controlled. If someone (or something) intentionally (or unintentionally, she's not that bright, remember) teases her or attacks her owner, she'll get mad.

Green Spoilt to Yatel
Spoilt is a sickly pale green like decaying flesh. She even has patches of pastel green that, with a trick of the light, seem to float around her body. Once she is full grown she will reach 10 inches, with a 16 inch wingspan; she is near average in size.
Her personality: Spoilt is very simple, both in terms of her own mind and how easy she is to understand. She does not like anything that makes her feel negative - hunger, loneliness, discipline. Anything that is positive makes her happy - affection, food, food, more food. And when she is happy? Everyone is happy. It doesn't help much that Yatel gives her whatever she wants, though of course she likes that. Spoiled little creature.

Notes: One brown and two blues went between without Impressing.

Credits: Stolenhart

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