Hot N Cold Green Firceth

Impressee: Tamlin

Name: Firceth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 004433
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 45'

Contradictory is the best way to describe this dragon. Her body is built compact with defined lines and sharp edges – an angular face on a distinct neck, strong but slender legs and a trim tail. Her wings are her one flaw from an otherwise precise and proportional frame, for they appear casual and unrestrained, and in flight they seem to flicker around her like dark flames. But it’s her behavior that betrays the less predictable personality raging beneath the picturesque exterior. Her movements are quick, almost impulsive, and when you think she’s going to fly a straight line, instead she twists and turns without any forethought; and when she walks, her steps are indefinite and at times even dramatic. This is a dragon who is the epitome of wearing your emotions on your sleeves.

This dragon is a deeper shade of green, though not a pure green but one that seems to be touched with a hint of a bluish hue, more like a deep teal in color. But her dark base coloring is what highlights her strange yet unique markings, and these patterns are what make her one of the more ‘unique’ dragons in the Weyr, so to speak. On her right forelimb are swirling stripes that are a dark red, giving them the appearance of a shadowy flame lickings its way up her leg, and they are most distinct at her claws and fading once they reach her shoulders. Along her left hindquarter are subtle pale dapples that at first appear white but are in fact a very light blue, more localized on her hip and then fading away as they disperse down her tail, left leg, and towards her abdomen.

Firceth is an extreme dragon. Rarely will you find her in a neutral position, either she whole-heartedly agrees or unreservedly disagrees. Even when it comes to emotional matters, she will love with a fiery passion and hate with icy condescension. She is quick to make snap judgments – either she loves you or she hates you; but she is also very capricious in nature, because given a second introduction, she may just decide to do a 180 and completely change her mind about you. Her behavior is nearly as extreme as her attitude, for she will have moments of raging tantrums where she holds no qualms screaming every insult she can think of at you, and then the next time you meet her she’s the ice queen who has decided to pretend that you are too insignificant for her to acknowledge your existence. There is no predictability in her disposition, perhaps it depends on the weather or the alignment of the planets, and only her rider has the ability to perceive the subtle hints that suggest just which way her mood may swing.

But as a weyrling, Firceth is prone to the fiery end of the spectrum. More times than not, she will overreact to the smallest slights, and she will be especially defensive of her Tamlin. If you dare verbally or physically assault that which she perceives as hers, she is not above bodily harm whether to another dragon or even a human, though she would never so seriously injure one as to kill. She doesn’t care what you think of her behavior and actions as long as you treat her rider with care and respect. Fortunately Firceth will mostly grow out of this attitude as she matures, and once an adult, she’d rather avoid direct confrontation and instead reacts with a calm acceptance or cool arrogance. But even as an adult her protectiveness of Tamlin doesn’t subside, and occasionally her fiery temper will still erupt if her rider is antagonized, but more often she will give you the cold shoulder and duly inform Tamlin that there are better friends to be made.

In Threadfall, Firceth is the epitome of why greens make up the majority of the dragon population. Not only is she quick and agile, but she can last an entire ‘Fall without fainting from exhaustion in the end. Instinct demands that she fight Thread, and surprisingly, she functions exceptionally well in a wing. Firceth follows her leader without question, because in Threadfall every dragon has the same goal: to protect their riders from the menace that is the Red Star. And because the Weyr as a whole is inadvertently protecting her Tamlin, she is more than happy to fight devotedly alongside her wingmates. But again her reaction to Thread is inconsistent, for sometimes she will fly with a burning hatred in which her actions become unreliable and even reckless if not checked by her wingleader; but other times, she looks upon thread with cold arrogance as if she knows that she will triumph over her enemies, not once stroking a wing out of beat. If in the latter mood, she is more likely to leave the ‘Fall unscathed.

Her Flights are the one constant to this dragon, for when she rises, she flies fast and hard. If a male hopes to catch her, Firceth expects that they will either be able to keep up with her aerial stunts or outsmart her to snatch her unawares. Either way, depending on the dragon who catches her, she may decide to lose herself completely to him with a burning flame of passion, or she may very well surrender with a cold indifference and chase him out of her weyr the morning after. But even those who she decides to love passionately may not hold her affections for long, because like any other dragon she forgets easily, and their next meeting might lead to completely different outcomes.

All in all, Firceth is not a dragon you want to make an enemy out of, but at the same time, neither is she an easy dragon to befriend because of her unpredictable nature. With strangers she is most often distant and aloof, yet sometimes she can also lash out at you seemingly unprovoked. But those who gain her trust and respect – which are few and far in between because she is naturally distrusting and defensive – will find that she is fiercely protective, but still very inconsistent in her behavior. Sometimes she will be extra clingy and demand your unwavering attention, and then other times she believes that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, her one major fault lies in the fact that she will stop at nothing to protect those she has claimed as hers, and this will come to include Tamlin’s children – because what is her rider’s is also hers. Even if she destroys the Weyr in the process, so long as her Tamlin and loved ones are safe and sound, nothing else matters.

Inspiration: (Poetry) Fire and Ice by Robert Frost
I saw this poem and thought it would make for a very interesting dragon, and after reading through Tamlin’s profile, I decided this was just the dragon for her. Because she is quiet and friendly, and her goal is to help everyone else before herself, I thought she would need an opposite dragon who was extreme in emotions and actions, and cares only for Tamlin but isn’t afraid to step on some toes (or even destroy the world) to protect her. The name Firceth is a combination of fire and ice, and could be shortened in a number of (potentially adorable) ways.

Firceth has an expressive medium-ranged voice, though it can sound higher and sharper when she is particularly emotional – which is almost always. Like her personality, her voice can sound like a fire or a chill. Sometimes she will be heated and passionate, and you feel as if you’ve been either seared by a hot flame or warmed by a protective embrace. Then other times you can feel the cold indifference send shivers down your back, or the cool confidence ease your concerns. But for her rider, and often those that she adores, there is always a touch of undying love and affection laced under the emotions brimming on the surface.

Hatching Message:
The Simply Put Egg shuddered, as if suddenly overcome by a chill, before its movements paused. But it quickly moved again, this time more violently and with a sense of urgency, and it rocked harshly back and forth until it toppled and rolled over into another egg. A break splintered the egg shell in half, though still intact, and a small tooth appeared to crack at the top of the break. At first the effort to break through was slow, almost calculated, but then after few moments, the dragon seemed to lose patience and started hammering away with tooth and limbs. Finally one half of the egg was shoved aside, sent flying by a forceful kick from the dragon within, and the other half shattered under the pressure of the dragon tumbling onto the sands.

The Hot N Cold Green laid prone for a few seconds, one wing trapped under her recumbent body and the other stretched straight up. The green took awhile to get her bearings, and even longer to untangle the mess of limbs that seemed to be caught every which way. Then somehow she managed to right herself, sand plastered onto her left side so as to hide the dapples on her hip, but the red fiery marks were hard to miss as they appear to be bloody scars marring her right forearm. But she stood tall, though with slight uncertainty, as she gazed at everyone gathered before her, regarding them with a cold curiosity as she looked each one over.

Public Impression Message:
Finally after much contemplation, the Hot N Cold Green moved with dramatic strides – slightly slow and uncoordinated – and somehow managed to trip over one of her trailing wings. That sent her half-tumbling and half-skidding towards the line of boys, her momentum carried her straight into Reijo. The collision with one, or perhaps more, bodies caused her to stop, but she was quick to jump unsteadily back to her feet. Wings flared around her, head lowered, she hissed angrily at the boys, how dare they get in her way?

A movement on the other side caught her attention, and the Hot N Cold Green momentarily forgot the vengeance she wanted to bestow upon the boys. A small and slender figure caught her eye, the pale complexion easily noticeable against the darker hue of candidates in the vicinity and against the golden grains of the hatching sands. That look of ignorance and innocence pulled at her protective instincts, and the Hot N Cold Green was quick to stumble her way towards this vulnerable soul. She failed to notice the murmurings of disapproval around them – or perhaps she did but chose to ignore them – and nearly crashed into someone who was smart enough to move out of the way before her claws could tear them aside. Then she was there, standing in front of the one she had chosen, who she would protect from all the contempt and cruelty that was everywhere around them.

Personal Impression Message:
Tamlin! came the passionate cry, though the voice was sharpened with heightened emotions. The green was staring at the young woman with fiery adoration, wings flared around them both like dark flames enveloping the pair in a warm and protective embrace. I am your Firceth,// she announced lovingly, her mood settling as her mind finally found safety and comfort within Tamlin’s thoughts. She ignored the commotion behind her, those boys were not important enough to attract her attention anymore, because she had found her weyrmate. Firceth leaned forward and rubbed her head affectionately against Tamlin’s leg, longing to be touched – but her hunger was so great. The green looked up with appealing eyes, I am hungry!//

Dragon Credit: Starr
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Simply Put Egg
Egg Description: Does this egg need any bright colors or extravagance? Certainly not! It is proud to be off-white with the occasional splotch or spot of pale brown or yellow. In fact, it almost seems to have a special glow about it because it does not stand out like the others. So simple and yet the statement is so easily grasped. There is the ‘what you see is what you get’ and the ‘tell like it is’ mood is exuded from this egg. Excess is not necessary unless it is explicitly called and this egg is proud to be the most simple among its fellows.
Egg Inspiration: Minimalism
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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