Gold Flame x Bronze Sargasso P8 T20

Flight - 9th June 2018/Early Spring, T20, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off Camera
Hatching - 18th July 2018/Late Spring, T20, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Flame (O'rez)
Sire: Bronze Sargasso (Loryell)
Totals: 11
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 3
Blue: 3
Green: 4

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: Helium Bronze Mellow to K'shad (Ren)
Colour: Bronze #52503C
Adult Size: 17" wingspan of 28"


The Helium Bronze is an agile figure. He is skilled in the air, and it seems almost effortless for him to fly. He has muscles, he has the figure of a bronze, but it’s more lithe than average, less bulk, leaner, faster, and more agile. His wings are in proportion to his body, nothing exceptionally outstanding about them, except for his coloring.

The Helium bronze is a bronze without the color. What this means is he looks to be a dark metal, but without the typical orange color that makes it bronze. His wings, in particular, look almost transparent, even though they aren’t really. Yes, they’re the same shade as his hide, there are no markings to break up the color, his wings just have a transparent look to them.

The Helium Bronze is a marvel of consistency. He is spot on, always the same, every single day. Sure, his first Turn of life he’ll have to figure out what his consistent life will look like, but it won’t take long, and it will be heavily influenced by how his person reacts to him. Some things that will never change is his happy go lucky attitude. In others it might be called airy, he might be described as an airhead, but the Helium Bronze has too much intelligence behind him to be silly in his happiness.

Reactions to the Helium Bronze will vary, as he’s not a typically serious, studious, and especially not aggressive bronze that most people are used to seeing. Regardless, those reactions don’t bother him; he doesn’t let them. In fact, he doesn’t react to anything really, the only reason he will be a good partner for his person is that he cares about his person and will do what they need him to, again, without reaction.

Inspiration: Periodic Element : Helium
Egg: He Egg
Credit: Wunderingmind

Name: Bromine Brown Tyl to Skailarika (Sigyn)
Colour: Brown #800000
Adult Size: 15" wingspan of 24”


The BROMINE BROWN is on the larger side of average for a brown, and relatively plain-looking in appearance. There is no doubt he’s a strong fellow, with a stocky and muscular build. His legs are perhaps a bit shorter than average, as is his neck – but it’s really not that noticeable and won’t impact his movement or coordination at all.

His hide color is all one uniform color, but its reddish undertones are what make him stand out in a crowd. Almost, in direct light, it looks like he's colored all red, but once he's out of the direct light his hide takes on the brown tones that indicate his true color.

The BROMINE BROWN can be a bit “hot and cold” personality wise, and has the tendency to switch between emotional states rapidly and with little warning. He’s usually a very pleasant fellow to be around, and enjoys simply lounging around and relaxing with his bonded whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, his mood can change quite unpredictably at times and become irritable – and, at times, explosive. It will be a challenge in the beginning for his bonded to determine exactly what triggers such volatile behavior in the brown; but it will quickly become clear that one such trigger is other people being around his bonded. Indeed, the BROMINE BROWN tends towards being somewhat possessive and over-protective, and he will often act out and irritate those that dare spend time with his bonded in an effort to drive them away.

Interestingly enough, this behavior does not seem to apply to any other fire-lizards his bonded may have, and he not only tolerates them, but is able to work with them surprisingly well - especially if given a particular task or job to complete for his bonded.

The BROMINE BROWN is particularly senstive and in tune with the needs and emotions of his bonded. This is the most apparent when it comes to his bonded being in any sort of pain. He will not want to leave his bonded’s side during this time, and in fact, will go out of his way to try to make his bonded comfortable or try to fix the pain and make it go away.

When it comes to mating flights, the BROMINE BROWN will perhaps be a little more picky about which females he chooses to chase than others, and will prefer to chase the same select few females. If the right green or gold came along, he might also be willing to devote himself entirely to her.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Bromine
Egg: Br Egg
Credit: Ren

Name: Fluorine Brown Prufrock to B'agi (Sola)
Colour: Brown #856E10
Adult Size: 15" wingspan of 24"


Almost at odds with the Fluorine Brown’s temperament, his form is a perfect brown. He’s solid, in proportion to his size, almost. His wings are a tad larger than perfectly in proportion, but not enough to really make it difficult for him. Because of his proportions and size, the Fluorine Brown has good stamina, not a great agility flier, and is handy for all the things a brown is handy for, if you can get him to stay on track.

His coloring is a bit odd though, he’s definitely a brown, but his coloring is almost yellow enough to be a dark, oddly shaded gold. His wings though, they are an odd, almost sickly yellow color. It’s not that he’s sick at all, but the yellow, especially when he’s flying and the sun is on them, looks weird. That same yellow color is apparent on his hide as well in odd swirls that come off his wings, like mist or fog drifting through his hide.

The Fluorine Brown is a bit of a conundrum. While a brown, and definitely smart, he has mood swings like the most flighty of blues. He reacts to everything around him. Weather, people, perceptions, firelizards, dragons, the moods of others, it’s all going to affect how the Fluorine Brown behaves. This, of course, means that his moods change at the drop of a hat, and that can sometimes affect how he completes a task.

Yes, the Fluorine Brown is good at doing what you need him to, but it’s always best to send him off with a treat and kind word, and from point A to point B by going between rather than letting him fly there, because chances are he’ll encounter something that will change his mood and possibly cause him to forget the task that was set. He'll feel properly repentant afterward, because of course, you'll be upset, but it won't change the fact that what you asked him to get done didn't.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Fluorine
Egg: F Egg
Credit: Wunderingmind

Name: Gold Brown Cuddles to Fey'n (Shouriko)
Colour: Brown #FF721A
Adult Size: 17" wingspan of 23"


The Gold Brown is a curious little fellow. At first glance one might mistake him for the rare gold firelizard. That is until you notice that he’s not got the SHEEN associated with being a metallic. His hide is a beautiful red-gold. The only hint that this is a brown is the fact that his wingsails are tinted a dark brown that stands out against his brilliant hide.

This little guy looks pretty stout but his Pet will be quick to realize that this is just an illusion as The Gold Brown has a near uncanny ability to bend and practically change his shape, getting into places and situations he probably shouldn't; to say he is malleable would be an understatement. The Gold Brown is far from perfect, his tail looks a bit too short and his neck a bit long, but he’s all adorable.

The Gold Brown is eager to please and willing to become, or do, whatever his Pet needs. He is good at adapting to his surroundings and the personalities in it. He's not easily offended by any slights and, really, the only thing he will ever insist on will be frequent oilings. He tends to be on the vain side and wants everyone to be aware of just how darn pretty his hide is.

When not running messages or helping out, his ideal place to be will be wrapped around his Pet in some way; acting as jewelry. He's friendly with everyone and no one is a stranger. Anyone - human, dragon, or otherwise - will be hard-pressed to find anything that will upset this brown. In flights he will be an amorous chaser - full of compliments for the object of his current desire. Due to his loveable nature and need to please everyone he won't be the monogamous sort.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Gold
Egg: Au Egg
Credit: Sigyn

Name: Oxygen Blue Atmos to Fa'sh (Rhee)
Colour: Blue #7FACD7
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 16"


Upon hatching it is immediately obvious that the The Oxygen Blue is…well…blue. All over. His overall hide is a bright shade of pale blue; almost like he’s lit from within. The lower half of his weeks are a gradient of blues from a light-grey blue to a bright sky blue. He is small compared to others of his colour with wings that are slightly wider; giving him a just vaguely unbalanced look when he flies. His musculature is very slim, giving him a very sinuous look.

The Oxygen Blue is a friendly sort and gets along with most everyone and everything; but his especial friends and companions will be other blues. Despite any training from his Pet he will always be easily drawn in to the schemes of other blues - for a fellow blue would never steer him wrong…right? This blue is pretty smart all things considered and will be quick to learn how to do simple tasks. The real trick will be doing them in a timely manner. It’s not that he procrastinates - oh no! He will set out immediately to do whatever is asked of him. But he’ll get distracted by a friendly face, or oh! Doesn’t that flower look pretty? I’m sure my Pet would enjoy it. Oh, I’m hungry. I should take care of that. He’ll show back up, days later, very proud of himself for doing whatever it was his pet asked of him and expect to be treated accordingly on his job well done!

He will absolutely love giving chase in Flights and will happily go until his little wings just can’t go anymore! Chasing is a way to meet others and make friends, right?? Sadly, he’s not like to win many Flights and if he does he’s very likely to forget there’s even a clutch until sevendays after they’ve hatched - then he’ll show up to see the Dame and check on them, like the proud papa he is.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Oxygen
Egg: O Egg
Credit: Sigyn

Name: Potassium Blue Keigh to Emblia (Michi)
Colour: Blue #B1C9D1 and #C8A2C8
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 18”


The POTASSIUM BLUE is a striking shade of silvery-blue, that almost seems to take on the glimmer of a metallic fire-lizard – though he is, most definitely, a blue. His hide is silvery-blue all over, except for his feet and the tip of his nose – which look like they are dipped in a purple-y, lilac-colored paint. His wingsails are also this same shade of lilac. He will never stand out because of his size, and will be a small blue even when full grown, with a long and lean build.

The POTASSIUM BLUE is curious little fellow. Most notably, he is a very active little guy, always needing to be doing something to keep him occupied. He hates sitting still, and his bonded may have a difficult time getting the blue to be content during times of rest of relaxation. However, he will also prove to be a very handy fellow to have around as fare as fire-lizards go, being as industrious as he is. He will enjoy being assigned any tasks – no matter how big or small – and thrives off of being helpful and useful. The POTASSIUM BLUE also enjoys bringing gifts to his bonded and others – usually in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables. Indeed, the POTASSIUM BLUE seems to have an obsession with fruit and vegetables, and incidentally, this will be his preferred treat as well over meat.

Unfortunately, the POTASSIUM BLUE has a very strong aversion to water. He will avoid it at all costs – which will make getting him clean quite the task for his bonded – and he reacts very strongly to water itself coming in contact with him. Perhaps in time he will get used to it – but at least in the beginning, he will react almost violently and aggressively towards water and do everything in his power to get away.

The POTASSIUM BLUE may not be fond of water; but air is a different story. He will be a natural, skilled flier and take to his wings more quickly than other firelizards. This will also make him a very skilled and strong Threadfighter – as well as give him an advantage during mating flights. He will not be picky about the females he chooses, simply enjoying any and all opportunities he can get to take to the skies and show off his skills!

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Potassium
Egg: K Egg
Credit: Ren

Name: Sodium Blue Cecil to Khaleiya (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Blue #3648CD
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 20"


The Sodium Blue is a mottle of blues, from the light, almost colorless blue to the dark, deep ocean blue. The lighter colors adorn his body with darker mottles, but his wings are the deeper blue tones, broken up by lighter blues here and there.

Physically the Sodium Blue is a perfect blue firelizard. He’s lithe, agile, and very good at moving sinuously around and through obstacles. This makes him a great clinger and very adept at flying acrobatically. The Sodium Blue is slightly longer than is proportional, but that only makes his agile motions more beautiful as he twists and turns through the sky.

The Sodium Blue is a friendly creature, in fact, he requires other people around him to be stable. All by himself he’s a complete mess and won’t be able to do anything. His person better have firelizards, or plan on getting them, soon, or the Sodium Blue will be a permanent fixture somewhere about their body. The Sodium Blue isn’t annoying in his clinging to others, in fact, all he wants to do is work together, whether that’s play, work, or just hanging out. The Sodium Blue could very easily be talked into any scheme, including those that are not nice, so it’s always best to keep a close eye on what he’s involved in or assign a watcher to him.

He’s a serial chaser as well, what is more, the perfect example of working together than a Mating Flight? All he wants to do is be the perfect partner for the green, or gold. He’ll also want to watch the firelizard eggs, at least for a little bit while he remembers he was the father, or another, a better project comes along that he can be a part of.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Sodium
Egg: Na Egg
Credit: Wunderingmind

Name: Aluminium Green Elira to Cersia (Neena)
Colour: Green #9EB5A8
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 18"


The ALUMINUM GREEN is a pretty-looking thing. Her hide is a soft, muted shade of green with almost silvery undertones that give her an almost metallic appearance. She is a rather average-sized green, with a sleek, slender body and slightly longer wings in comparison to her body.

One will also find that her hide is unusually soft to the touch, and her bonded will find that they can perhapws go a little longer between bathings and oilings and the ALUMINUM GREEN’S hide will retain is buttery-soft and supple nature. Indeed, she is a very flexible creature, capable of contorting her body in ways that seem almost impossible and fitting into spaces that other firelizards would even think of.

The ALUMINUM GREEN, bless her heart, is not very bright. She sometimes lacks basic common sense, and her bonded is going to have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she stays out of trouble. Unfortunately, this means training is not going to come very easily to this little green, and her bonded is going to have to work extra hard with her in order to get any training to stick.

The ALUMINUM GREEN is also a very simple creature, and to put it blunty – not very charismatic. On the upside, her simplicity will make her very easy to please. Indeed, she will be a very laid-back and happy-go-lucky sort of flitter. As long as she’s provided with the basic necessities and gets a little attention from her bonded, she will be quite content with her lot in life. Furthermore, she is not one to get easily agitated and is pretty much immune (read: oblivious) to snark and sarcasm. This could prove to be frustrating to others that may be trying to insult the ALUMINUM GREEN – only to find that their insults have had no impact on her whatsoever and she’s as happy as ever!

When it comes to mating flights, the ALUMINUM GREEN will be a fairly frequent riser, and her flights will be quick - but very challenging. She uses her flexibility to her advantage during flights and will be prone to all sorts of gravity-defying acrobatics. The males that chase her better be up for the challenge, and ready to try to match her air-gymanstics. As with many greens, any clutches the ALUMINUM GREEN produces will quickly be forgotten about; So if her bonded hopes to keep any of the eggs, they better be prepared to watch her closely and act quickly to save the eggs from predators.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Aluminium
Egg: Al Egg
Credit: Ren

Name: Beryllium Green Bold Beauty to H'dr (Ldypayne)
Colour: Green C3DDC6
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 16"


In coloring, the Beryllium Green is a very pale green. She is obviously green, it’s just paler than you would expect on such an adamant and strong firelizard. On her wingsails, and along the underside of her neck and belly the Beryllium Green has darker stripes, striations if you will, that are very straight lines. Of course, for the neck and belly, you would have to get her to lay completely still and completely flat for you to see this, but they are there.

Ther Beryllium Green moves and behaves in a way that makes you think she has the personality of a brown, or a bronze, head on, always wanting to take things on immediately. She’s muscular, for a green, and usually has a smirk on her face. Her posture almost dares you to try her strength, dares you to see just how strong she really is.

The Beryllium Green is a tough character. She is strong, capable, and ready to face anything Pern might throw at her. She doesn’t have much of a temper, so when someone tries to antagonize her she’ll just brush it off, but beware the moment that her protective armor breaks. Once the Beryllium Green has reached the limit of her strength, or her determination to face the world, she will go to pieces. There won’t be much of a warning either, one moment she’ll be facing down that angry firelizard, threatening the person who tried to hurt hers, and the next she’s in pieces and inconsolable. It will take a little work and a little time, but eventually she can be put back together and be ready to face the world again.

When it comes to Mating Flights the Beryllium Green shows the other aspect of her personality. She’s a reacher, she wants the best, she wants to do things no other firelizard has done and knows that it isn’t totally possible. She keeps this part of her mostly under wraps, but in the throes of total passion it shines through. She’ll pick the firelizard that will take her the furthest, will promise to help her achieve her dreams. She will also be a very good mother, watching her eggs, wanting them to go further than her, and waiting for their hatching. She’ll still need help, but not as much as other greens.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Beryllium
Egg: Be Egg
Credit: Wunderingmind

Name: Chromium Green Viri to K'shem (Ivy)
Colour: Green #558527
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 22"


The Chromium Green will explode from her shell almost as if it’s too small to hold her any longer and will amaze any who see that such a large green could’ve fit in such a small egg. Her almost foot in length is double by her wingspan, making her one of the largest greens. Her hide is a medium, almost, acid like green and her wingsails have the appearance of green metal starting to age and rust. All of these combined make her into a rather intimidating looking green, but don’t let that fool you.

The Chromium Green is patient. The Chromium Green is stoic. The Chromium Green, like the majority of others her colour, isn’t all that bright. Because of her size and colouring many assume that she is an intimidator by nature - but it just isn’t true. She’s really more of an introverted green and likes to keep to herself. She’ll have a few close friends among her Pet’s friends and some firelizards and dragons that she adores but, for the most part, she is content to sit there and watch. Silently.

She’s not loud and rarely makes a peep and doesn’t care about insults that may get thrown at her, her Pet, or her friends… She’s too slow for you? She startled you? She’s a pest? Well, that’s fine. You’re allowed to think that. The words and thoughts will just roll off her back like water…until one day it doesn’t. Once in awhile, something snaps and all the insults or attacks against her Pet or Friends will manifest into quite an angry ball of green. When that happens a wise person will do their best to placate her and hope she doesn’t have any firestone handy…or remembers where it’s kept. Once her anger has fizzled, she will return to her normal self; her anger forgotten.

In Flights she prefers to make them quick and get them over with; generally favouring those from the tight group of friends she has. Outsiders are suspicious intruders to her sanctity. Her Pet will want to keep a close eye for when she does rises, and watch for when she clutches, as she’s like to leave the eggs somewhere and forget where entirely.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Chromium
Egg: Cr Egg
Credit: Sigyn

Name: Iron Green Heme to Indria (Shelacula)
Colour: Green #367268
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 17"


The Iron Green is whipcord thin, delicate, but so strong. Her physical shape is actually deceptive in that way, she is capable of quite a bit more than what she looks capable of. She is quite agile though, in that her physical shape does not lie.

Her coloring is a deep breen, but not solid. The deep green color is patterned, almost textured with lighter and darker spots all over. Unlike most other firelizards, her wings are so dark in color they do not have a level of transparency to them, though they are still just as thin and fragile.

The Iron Green is a volatile firelizard, when you can get her past her self control. Her self control is actually pretty epic, and you really don’t want to push her past it. The Iron Green in a temper is scary, very, very scary. Most people would rather face down a hungry feline than deal with the Iron Green in a temper, and it’s a good thing it takes so long for her to get there. She will put up with a lot, patiently dealing everything, but, there’s that magic moment when she’s had enough, absolutely enough, and she loses all sense of self control.

She works better with other firelizards, usually those of another color, and enjoys working with them too. She recognizes this fact and will actively seek out a partner for any job that she’s given. Mating Flights are the epitome of working together, and the Iron Green enjoys them most of all, so much that she’ll rise as often as possible. The clutches that come after the Mating Flight are usually ignored, but if her person makes a big deal over them she’ll take a mild interest in caring for them.

Inspiration: Periodic Element: Iron
Egg: Fe Egg
Credit: Wunderingmind

Notes: Theme is elements of the periodic table.

Credits: Wunderingmind, Ren, Sigyn

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