Green Fleurdelith

Impressee: T'zen (Temizen)

Name: Code of Conduct Green Fleurdelith
Pronounciation: Fleur-duh-lith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 009900
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 27' length of 45' wingspan

Description: Code of Conduct Green Fleurdelith is perfectly proportioned, with an average length body and matching wings, neither too thin nor too chubby. Her hide is a smooth and pristine green, exactly what one would think of when they imagine a green dragon. The only deviation in her hide is a darker green marking around her neck, almost as if a kerchief has been tied there. Just below this, on her chest, is a small pale leaf-like marking with three points. Fleurdelith takes great care with her appearance. She is not vain, but considers it important to be well-turned out. In her opinion, a sloppy appearance demonstrates a disorganized mind.

Personality: It will be difficult to find a more honourable and upstanding dragon than Fleurdelith. She obeys rules unfailingly and will be quick to admonish others for failing to do their duty. Not only that, Fleurdelith also tries to go above and beyond what is required of her; arriving at lessons early, helping out whenever a demonstration is needed, and practicing extensively in her free time. Her favourite motto is: Be prepared, and she tries to apply this to every aspect of her life. Fleurdelith is a proud supporter of female rights. She believes that gender should be no limitation to what you can do. The only thing that is important is making the right and honourable decisions. Males and females are entirely equal in her eyes and she will try to persuade anyone who thinks otherwise that they are wrong.

As a weyrling, Fleurdelith’s idealistic views will often upset her. She will view the world as a wonderful place where everyone does their duty, and any demonstration to the contrary will result in a fit of rage. The rage will never be directed at whoever did the dishonourable thing, but rather at herself for not working harder to prevent it. Following one of these outbursts, Fleurdelith will work even harder for the next few days and become very quiet, only speaking when necessary. In all of her lessons, Fleurdelith will be a model student, which may cause some to label her as a ‘teacher’s pet’. She will pay close attention to their teachers and carry out the exercises assigned carefully and accurately. Although she is a quick learner, Fleurdelith will never become bored with lessons. She will be happy to repeat the same exercise over and over until everyone gets it right, even if she has already mastered it. After all, it is better for the Weyr if they all know how to properly fight and defend it.

Growing older, Fleurdelith will begin to realize that not everyone in the world is as honourable as she. Bad behaviour will still bother her, but she will deal with it without a tantrum, simply working to help the other dragon or person become better. She will grow into the perfect dragon; courageous, helpful, loyal, and talented. Some may even say she is too perfect. The ease with which she fulfills all expectations will make her enemies among her classmates. Any jealousy will not bother Fleurdelith however. She will consider it her own fault that she has not set a better example for others and helped them move away from that sort of behaviour. Fleurdelith is a perfectionist and always thinks that everything is her responsibility to fix. It is also her duty to help others, no matter what.

Although Threadfall does not consume her life like some other dragons, Fleurdelith is very dedicated to preparing for it. She considers it extremely important to be prepared and will encourage her wingmates to practice for it as well. For a green she is average in terms of stamina and agility, but the hours of time she spends working on her flying make her an asset to her wing.

Fleurdelith has a very romantic idea of love and when she rises she will always be looking for the dragon who could be her lifemate. However, being practical, she realizes that this will likely not happen. Unless she finds that special dragon, Fleurdelith will not put much stock in flights, considering them just another duty. When choosing a winner she will not want a dragon who has won by trickery, and if one such as that happens to catch her she will be furious with herself for days afterwards. Fleurdelith wants an orderly flight that progresses exactly as it should, with the most honourable and deserving dragon being the one to catch her.

Inspiration: Girl Guide
Dragon Credit: Adina

Hatching/Impression Message: The Creeper Be Creepin’ Egg rocked in its hollow, its red dots seeming to glare at the Candidates around it, many of whom stepped back. It shook harder, the huge furry-looking shell begin to crack to pieces. Then, with a small thump, the dragon inside broke the egg apart and black pieces rained down on the nearby sands. And in its wreckage sat…a calm, dainty green. She stepped carefully out of the shell and looked around with brightly whirling eyes. The Code of Conduct Green took a moment to flick her wings and shake sand off her legs before examining the Candidates. She walked along the line of Candidates, giving each one a cheerful nod, as though providing encouragement. Despite having just hatched, the Code of Conduct Green gave an impression of complete serenity as she placed each careful foot in front of the other. At last she came upon a male Candidate and looked up at him a moment longer than the rest before sitting down at his feet with her tail wrapped around her and her eyes a whirling rainbow. “Hello Fleurdelith,” T’zen said, a small smile creeping onto his face. “I think your duty right now is to eat as much as you can.” After a moment’s pause, Fleurdelith stood up and led T’zen off the Sands.

Egg Name: Creeper Be Creepin’ Egg
Egg Description: This egg be creepy, yo. It is big. It is dark. It is a little bulbous. It looks like it could scuttle across the sands if only it had legs to crawl with. The matte black of this egg makes it look both glistening and furry at the same time. It is not its size nor its shape that really makes it creepy, but the eight dark burgundy red spots that shine with life. Those aren’t normal spots! They’re eyes! Eight little beady eyes that follow you no matter where you may move to try to escape them.
Egg Inspiration: Giant Spider made o’ leaf bags
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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